Thaz’s 100th ADQ raid

Thazara is my one character that will never TR. Thazara was born on the first week of August 2011, and my goal has been to make her as strong as I can with gear, build adjustment and the last few years epic reincarnation. This means, that Thaz’s list of raid completions has never reset. Of course, I don’t raid all that much, especially not of late, and raids like ADQ really don’t offer anything anymore.. but I still wanted to finish getting to 100. Here are some screenshots from Thaz’s 100th.

We faught Lailat in The Court of Lailat (the pre-raid).

Then we entered the pathway to the Circle of Eternity to challenge her again.

We used spells on her to get her to come down from her safe spot.

And the fought her in the circle.

After defeating Lailat, we looted.

Thaz’s 100th reward list, which feels rather meh now-a-days. The epic list gives shards, heroic list items.

I looked at the epic sands items before choosing, I decided on the torc shard just because it’s rather rare.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.


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