Raids week 35

This time I’m posting the raids blog a bit earlier than the last two weeks. This is the raids post for yesterday, week 35 of me hosting the raids since legendary was introduced in U29.

Jedli was online this time and joined me for TS reaper 2, which I posted for at 9.05 pm GMT+2, or 3.05 pm EST. My first joiner had both str and int for us, so I was able to change the lfm right away (it said “need str and int”).  There was another TS post up, but they had posted for hard.. and were for some reason not filling. As people were joining my lfm, some if not all of the people in the other group joined mine instead. We filled quite quickly.

As we did fire & ice two people died, and I assumed they were in ice, since I didn’t see them in fire where I was. I ran towards ice and got killed by a giant, before I realised they hadn’t actually made it to fire & ice, but were in the previous room. I got a raise, helped kill trash, looted and then went to raise. We jumped off to the short cut and one person flew too far and died and before I realised they were missing we were already on our way to the end. I figured we’d go rescue them after completion, but it proved to be difficult and the person decided to release instead of waiting to be rescued.

I told the party I was going to post for Riding the Storm Out next, and most wanted to stay. As we filled someone noticed they couldn’t enter, and I remembered someone else telling me a few weeks ago that you have to be at least level 27 to enter this raid. The person was 26, so they had to drop. We waited a bit and, probably less than the week, before we managed to fill the party. Bron got to lead west side, I took east. My side was a bit slower on the puzzles, we only did 6 while the other side did 8, and we met up at the shrine. Generally things went pretty well.. someone was missing sheath and dying, but other than that I felt like we had quite a few deaths this time. I feel like the end fight is the hardest part, and so it was this time as well, but we had fewer deaths and the dragon didn’t hop off. We completed in 31 minutes. No named item dropped this time.

I asked the party what other raid they’d be interested in, and shroud was suggested. I asked which diff and they said they were ok with hard. I posted for hard. One player wasn’t flagged so they dropped another joined only to realise they forgot to turn in last time. It didn’t take too long, though, before we were ready to get going. The run was pretty basic. We had a lot of dps, the raid progressed quickly. There were a few deaths in the end fight, one death in p4, most likely due to some lag we experienced. The raid completed in 43 minutes, of which several minutes went to waiting for someone to enter.

It was around 11.30 pm for me when Shroud finished, and I was feeling strangely tired, so I suggested we do my 100th ADQ instead of something that takes longer. Jedli and Deviltoy as well as Olympus were up for the run. Two more joined off the lfm. I did bats in the pre, didn’t really need to help with the other rooms as the party was working efficiently. We got to the ned, quickly killed Lailat and finished the pre in 11 minutes.

Then off to the raid itself. I remember when this raid was difficult, when we needed a full party to do elite. Now-a-days, running it 6 man feels easy, and even though I haven’t attempted it, I feel like Thaz most likely could solo it. We gathered, killed stuff and completed the raid in just under 4 minutes. I will post more about Thaz’s 100th in the next blog.

After ADQ I didn’t really feel like running more, and everyone except Jedli left the party to either log off or do something else. I did my normal sell & repair, then logged off for the night.

That’s all for this week’s raids. Thank you for stopping by.


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