Jarvanna and Schoan do EEs

Jarvanna hit 30 some weeks ago and now me, Schoan and Valdayanie (or little static group) have been focused on just gaining xp for our EDs. Valdayanie has been unavailable for the last couple of weeks, so it’s been just Jarv and Schoan. I wanted to try some EEs last week and we started with Lords of Dust. I was surprised at how easy it felt compared to expectations… I expected us to do poorly and maybe even fail. We continued with Servants and later Beyond the Rift, skipping Spinner, as I didn’t feel like dying a lot.

Lords of Dust, miniboss

Servants, optional end boss

Beyond the Rift, fighting some dretches

This week I wanted to try the same quests on reaper 1 skull, forgetting that we were over level for the reaper limit. Instead we decided to do von 1-3 EE. We struggled a bunch in von 1 while von 2 and 3 went well.

VON3, end boss

Next week time we’ll probably do some more EEs. 🙂

Until then.


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