Raids week 28

On Saturday we did quite a few raids for once. I started with reaper 2 TS as has been routine, and after we did a normal Riding the storm. TS filled rather quickly, RSo a bit slower, but the wait wasn’t too long. I was going to finish taking pictures of the pillars and puzzles, but realised later that my screenshots had failed, and I hadn’t even taken pics of all of them. The raid itself went pretty well, and we even had a named item drop (Discerning Gaze). Apparently I forgot to screenshot the quest report for RSO…

After RSO I wanted to do reaper MOD. I lost a few party members because they weren’t flagged… and after a good amount of waiting I suggested we short man hard. This sort of continued for the rest of the raids. I chose the difficulty based on how many party members we had, instead of waiting to fill the raid. We did Defiler hard after MoD and then a Fire on Thunder Peak hard. I was surprised at how easy fotp felt, I remember how hard it was when it came out. Mod dropped 3 named items (2 x Litany and 1 x Eternal Knives with mythic +2). Defiler dropped Strange Tidings.


That’s all for this time.
Thank you for stopping by.


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