Raids week 27

This week (last Saturday), I was almost on time, but the interest for the raids was quite low. I posted for reaper 2 TS, and it took a while to fill, but eventually we got going. I felt a bit distracted, and didn’t help much, and as we got to end fight, one player had taken the wrong turn and got killed by fire ellies. Half way through the end fight I decided to go get them instead of helping with the fight, and before we got back the raid finished. A few named items dropped.


Then on to Riding the Storm Out. I posted for hard or normal, but quite soon decided on normal as we had a few first timers. This proved out to be a good choice during the run, as both groups seemed to need a leader during the side area puzzles. We did finish without too much issues and if I’m not mistaken one named item dropped.

Some ppl in the group had to leave early, so I decided to do Fire on Thunder Peak next as it’s quite fast. EE of course (RSO we did normal). I don’t have much to report from this run, I didn’t die, so don’t have a list of deaths. The dragon kiters died a few times, which is usual, but dps was high and the raid was over quickly.


After fotp I suggested Mark of Death or Deathwyrm. I got one vote for wyrm, one for mod. Jedli threw a d2 and the result was Deathwyrm. We lost about half the party right away, but I felt confident that we’d get joiners once we started. I started solo and was soon joined by Jedli and a couple of others. Though, once we had finished the red light-green light room (we were unlucky to get that one), I wanted to wait for a few more joiners. A couple of late joiners got stuck in the jumping puzzle and Zergh recalled to go help them out. As I stepped through to the shrine room I noticed someone had hit the lfm as I was afk, and I hadn’t noticed. I told them they can pike a completion if they like.

I had a plan for the end fight, but it didn’t quite go that way. I suggested I park the dragon while a couple of people deal with battle ragers and the rest with trash. But, ragers got lose and we almost wiped, Jack Jibber’s blade was used. We got back up though, and we got things under control. A bit adjusted tactics and things were progressing nicely… until the real phylactery refused to show up. Jedli did shadow side solo several times and was then joined by Iwillhealyou for several tries in a few different ways. After something like 20-30 tries, I and someone else decided to go try, while Jedli took dragon and Iwill worked on trash. Still nothing. After about 2.5 h in there, we decided to give up.

That’s all for this week.
Thank you for stopping by.


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