LE/EE raids week 17

When I logged this Saturday there seemed to be quite little people on.. but I posted anyway. I was, though, expecting to struggle to fill, I accepted anyone hitting the lfm, even though I felt like they might not have been quite ready for Legendary Shroud Reaper 1 skull. Soon I had a full party and we started. I had warned the party that the raid lags, but I don’t think some were quite prepared for how bad it gets at the portals in part 1. We were a bit slow, but I felt like we were getting things done.. until I missed that a second portal keeper had spawned right after the one we killed. I noticed it a bit late, we had about half the time you’d normally have when a portal keeper spawns.. we rushed in and failed.

I believe everyone in the party was up for another try, just on a different difficulty. We decided to give LE a try. I wasn’t quite sure about the party, but somehow we managed to struggle through. I kept an eye out for portal keepers and we killed them quickly. The biggest struggle was in part 2, where we all died and died and died. Most of us had our gear broken after p2. Luckily p3 went smoothly and we could repair our gear. I believe my bill was 139k.

P4 went really well, and p5 went well until the Codex activated. Then suddenly the trash became an issue and people were dying and dying (including me). But, we got them under control and managed to complete the raid in 97 min. This was my first LE completion without any trees in the party. One of the party members expressed a wish to not have his performance posted publicly, so I have hidden the deaths in the quest report, I’m only displaying mine. We had a total of 285 deaths this run.


After Shroud I wanted to do Tempest’s Spine. As we completed 2 skulls last week, I was interested in trying 3 this time. I left the party to repost for it, as someone wanted to stay inside Shroud to craft. A few people from the Shroud run joined and a few others. Once we were 9 people, I wanted to start, as I was getting a bit bored.. and well.. sleepy waiting. Before getting to the end fight we had a full party. I headed to ice in fire & ice and did worse than I had expected. The party worked well together, though, and we got both fire & ice down and I picked up the rune. I died once in the rust monster room, but besides that I didn’t die until the end fight.

During the end fight Sor’jek walked up the stairs and reset once, after which we kept worrying that he was going to do it again. Someone kept him by one of the pillars for a long time, and he kept trying to jump up to them. It even seemed like he succeeded once or twice. After a number of deaths, down went Sor’jek and we completed the raid. I got completely skunked on loot… not that I was really looking for anything anyway. A reaper upgrade of my armor wouldn’t be too shabby.

I was feeling really sleepy after TS, so I decided to call it after TS. Only two raids this week.

That’s all for this time.
Thank you for stopping by.


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