LE/EE raids week 8

I was very tired this week when it was time to host shroud.. but I wanted to do it anyway. Within 15 minutes we were a party of 10.. it took a good 20 minutes more before we managed to fill. I ate a festival candy that gives +5 prr before we started, and I managed to stay alive all through part 1, for the first time. But as we got to part 2 we started struggling, and then one of the reds died… So, after a long struggle, we realised it wasn’t going to happen, so I called forfeit.

Some of our party members were out of time, but I was up for trying again. Two of my guildies joined, one player switched character and we got a couple of other new party members and headed back in. My candy had run out and was on timer, so I felt a bit squishier this time around. We got through part 2, part 3, one rounded part 4.. struggled a bit in part 5, but managed to finish in just under 1 hour. As I was already tired before I posted for the raid, I didn’t really feel like running more this time. I would have stuck around for one more raid if people had asked me to post, but there wasn’t that much interest, so I said goodnight and logged off.

🙂 that’s all for this time.
Thank you for stopping by.


2 comments on “LE/EE raids week 8

  1. Good to see you got a completion the second time around. When its a matter of not completing and squeaking by for the completion, the chemistry of the group can make a big difference. The first group you had there looked like a strong line up. I’ll keep an eye out for you same time next week!

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