LE/EE raids week 7

I logged on at 9pm GMT+1 or 3pm EST on Thazara and put my LE Shroud lfm up. Within 20 minutes I had filled all but one spot, but I didn’t have a hurler, and I had to decide who to accept for the last spot. I decided to give Werehamster’s mech a spot and switched myself to Darth’s warlock for hurl, as Durk had joined the party on his cleric. As you know, I’m not that familiar with the warlock, and I mainly run around hurling mobs during p1. It might have been because I forgot to repair his gear before the run, or it might have been that I was stressed about the recording, but I was playing sloppy and died more than I would have liked. It was a good run non the less and we finished in 54 minutes.

After Shroud I posted for an LE Tempest’s spine, and some people started the raid right away… while I ended up catching up right as they were getting to the room with rust monsters. I didn’t record this run, but it was quick and easy and a lot of armors dropped… non that I wanted, though.

I suggested we give Epic Elite Defiler of the Just another try after the TS completion, but that was a bust. We managed to get through the fight at the gate, with one person surviving the lag and managing to get the rest of us up (or me, and I started raising people), but as we were killing the executioners we started lagging, and about half way through we failed as we were unable to kill the mobs due to being unable to move. I really didn’t feel like giving it another try, so I suggested we run Mark of Death instead.

I switched to my intercession ward goggles as protection from quells, and to Crusader ED for immunity to encasement before the run, then stayed in center killing vampires and helping with the archers. I had a good party with a lot of dps, so the raid progressed quickly and we only had a few deaths.

One of our party members wanted to do an LE HoX and and he said he could do the charming, but we should have someone with Rebuke foe (me), someone with Consecration (crusader ED) and a bard for songs and buffs. I posted and we got/ had the chars we needed. The first attempt we failed to get the puppies charmed the second time, beholders spawned and it was a mess. I called a restart. Second time when the charm ran out, our buffer decided to get 2 more stones (he had 1) before charming the puppies, so the risk of the puppy bugging out and not attacking the mama would go way down. This tactic worked and we managed to complete. This was the first time I posted for this raid at this difficulty.

After our nice HoX run I was kind of ready to call it a night, but I decide I wanted to do one more short run before calling it. I picked Fall of Truth, EE of course. With the party I had, I knew this run would be easy and fast, which it was. The only problem we had was that the cloud/ curse was spread to the people standing by the chests (including me), so a few of us died before we could loot, and had to wait out the timer.

We had some very good runs this week.
Until next time…


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