Favor: 5585

I finally did it. It only took me a bit over 5 years, but I finally have a complete set of elite runs of all the non solo quests in ddo. Legendary Shroud and The Mark of Death were my final two.

Total Favor: 5585

Of course, as new quests and raids have been released, I’ve waited a bit to get the completion… especially if the quest or raid didn’t have a heroic elite version. My next plan is to run all the quests epic elite that has an elite. That is the ones I only ran heroic elite for favor.

Anyway, here are the lists.

Currently, if I wanted more favor, I would have to o better in the challenges, but I don’t really like doing challenges.. except a few specific ones when I need mats.

Ok, that’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by.



7 comments on “Favor: 5585

  1. orly? i had 5605 since first day as Slave Lords were released (still 22 to max possible in cannith challenges, but i’m lazy )

    • Congrats.

      My plan has been since 2011 to run all quests and raids available elite on this character.. and I finally got there last week. My initial plan didn’t include challenges at all but I eventually struggled through it.

      To add to it, almost every single quest/ challenge here have been done with a pug or solo. The raids where the biggest challenge because we’re a small server, with not a lot of ppl EE raid ready.

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