LE Shroud, finally

Last night when I logged on, some ppl had an lfm up for LE Shroud, and I was invited to join. I still intend to do my own this Saturday afternoon after 3pm EST, but I figured getting some experience would not be a bad idea, especially since I do intend to post my own. If I run the same character, I will need to buy a legendary timer bypass for later.

Anyway, I finally got my very first LE Shroud completion. I died a lot, I didn’t dps a lot, I was mainly focused on heals and raises.. as I figured I wouldn’t have enough dps to make much of a difference. I did enjoy the experience, and I am looking forward to more.

After Shroud, since I had Lubash and Nurmaso in the party, I asked if they wanted to help me get a completion of EE MOD. They did, and soon before long I had a full party. The run only took 11 min, and I got a few kills, as my sunburst insta kills vampires.

That’s all I have for this time, thank you for stopping by.



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