How to flag for the Titan raid

This is a raid that is not run a lot anymore, but I figured I would do a video of the flagging process anyway. First head over to the Restless Isles. If you do not have a high level navigator on your guild ship, you must first complete the Hiding in Plain Sight quest to be able to travel to The Foothold.

In the Foothold, talk to Karn Cold-Trail twice to pick up the raid/ preraid. You are able to pick it up before running the quests/ acquiring the sigil, but you will not be able to enter until have repaired the sigil. Then head down into the underwater-passage to make your way to the quest givers.  I used this map to navigate.

Following the map I linked, this is how I made my way to Mul-Tong:
1. Under ground passage A -> B
2. Over ground, pick up key at B then B -> C
3. Under ground C -> E, pick up key at E over ground
4. Back down from E, as E doesn’t have a bridge
5. Under ground E -> F
6. Over ground F -> G
7. Under ground G -> H
8. Pick up quest at H over ground
To find the quest from the quest giver at H:
1. Back down at H
2. Under ground H -> G
3. Over ground G -> F

After finishing the quest, there is a navigator right outside the wall that takes you back to H.

Then starting back at the Footfold, this is how I made my way to Opu the Elder
1. Under ground passage A -> B
2. Over ground, pick up key at B
3. Back down, under ground B -> M
4. Over ground M -> N
5. Under ground N -> O
6. Over ground O -> P, pick up key at P
7. Under ground P -> R
8. Pick up quest at R
Then to make our way from the quest giver to the quest
1. Back down at R
2. Under ground R -> to quest entrance. If the gate is locked, there is a key behind the closed door closest to R.

After completing, the navigator that takes you back to R is at the junction between P and Q.

Once both quests are completed and the rewards collected (collecting the reward gives you the sigil pieces), recall back to the Foothold and talk to Ostler Caulstone and ask him to repair the sigil for you. Each time you want to run the raid you have to repair the sigil, but you will not have to run the quests again. On TR, the sigil will end up in your TR bank, so remember to grab it before you attempt to run the raid.

When it is time to run the raid, you can either greater teleport or run to the raid instance. The area outside the raid is a raid instance, but the under ground area is a quest instance, max 6 players. To run to the Volcano’s Mouth from the Foothold, following the map:

1. Under ground A -> B
2. Over ground B -> C
3. Under ground C -> L and you’re there.

And here’s the flagging video I just made:

P.S. Once the quests are picked up, there are two navigators somewhat close to the entrance (A) under ground that you can use. If you are flagging together with others, only one person needs to run to the quest givers, the others can use the navigators after the quests have been shared.

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