Solo raids; Shroud

It’s been some time since the last video, and now I’ve finally made another one. This time I decided to give Shroud a go. Soloing Shroud isn’t really anything special, and has been done many times before.. but soloing is still different than running with a group. It’s been a while since I’ve done a shroud, so I wasn’t sure I would remember every part fully, but things went pretty well.

In part 1 I forgot the order we do the portals in on Orien.. well at first, before I remembered it again. Portals were easy and somewhat fast.

In part 2 I got a bit unlucky with the reds, I got both fire elemental and cat.. which are the most difficult ones due to their speed. I struggled a bit in p2, but eventually got it done.

Part 3 I tried to hurry by shooting the crystals over the puzzles and running water. The rainbow spawned when I had 3 waters let to do, so had to mind it, but things went well.

Part 4 took me two rounds, probably because I didn’t wait for manyshot to be off timer before killing off the last of the trash.

Part 5 was quite easy, even though the blades spawned after a while. Harry moved me a few times, but that was about it.




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