About my solo raider; Maidae life 6

I was asked about my build and my gear setup for the character I’ve been running solo raids on. The build plan up to lvl 28 (cap when the plan was made) can be found here: Maidae 6.0, for feats at level 29 and 30 I took Deific Warding, Shot on the run and Scion of Arborea.

Here are my current enhancements:

My current gear list:
Goggles: Visions of Precision
Head: Mythic Emerald Gaze; augments; Topaz of Power +250, Topaz of Blindness Immunity
Neck: Shroud of Ardent
Trinket: Epic Litany of the Dead
Armor: Outfit of the Celestial Avenger, Mythic Armor Boost +4
Cloak: Greensteel (heroic); Concordant Opposition, +45 hp
Bracers: Dumathoin’s Bracers
Belt: Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance; augments; Sapphire of False life +35, Diamond of Insightful Con +2
Ring 1: Strange Tidings, Mythic Ring Boost +3
Ring 2: Circle of Malevolence
Boots: Boots of Blessed Travels
Gloves: Sanctified Gages
Weapon: Complete Thunder-forged Longbow; 1st Degree Burns, Dragon’s Edge, Mortal Fear

Note; my gear setup isn’t optimised. I am sure I could improve my character by switching some things out. The items I really like, that I do recommend getting are the armor and the boots. The rest may be available on random loot. The only new thing my character has gotten the last year or so is the armor. The bow I made before mortal fear was made to not work in legendary content. It still works great in other epics, though.

I am running my character in Fury ED, but Legendary Dreadnought might work just as well.

That’s all I can think of for now, any questions?

Regards, Micki/ Thaz

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