One by one they leave

Thazara has been in a total of 5 guilds during her existence. Hopefully Phoenix Clan is the last. The funny thing is that if I look at the guilds on DDO Oracle Wayback machine, there is no mention of Legends of Orien, where she was before she met Cleazy. I first started playing DDO with a colleague of mine, and he told me to join the guild he was in. I’m guessing that was Demon Knights, mentioned on Wayback. The guild died out pretty quickly, no one maintained it, no one logged on, and eventually the ship buffs expired. I left and joined Legends of Orien, where I was until some time in the late 2012 when I joined Disorderly Conduct.

Summer of 2013 I joined Gimpfest with all of my toons, which only lasted about 6 weeks. I was guildless for a while, even created my own, before joining Osi’s guild Gli Egypt. I really enjoyed Gli, it was a small guild with mostly European members, most of them online during my hours, and even though we did’t play much together, it was nice to have someone to talk to. Then Osi quit and I got the lead of the guild. We decided to rename the guild to Phoenix Clan. Osi came back a year later, got lead back, then left again. In Osi’s absence I have been trying to keep the guild active, been trying to recruit more members, and even offered to host guild raids.

Some members only stayed for a short amount of time, others longer. Of the people I invited, or brought in, Miri was the first one to leave in October 2015. He was one of the officers. Then Kottil, the longest time member after Osi left some months back, and dropped us a whole level. Osi came back for the third time and brought with him a friend, so the guild is not quite dead yet.. and we do have a few newer recruits that still play actively. Yesterday Jedli left to join a friend of his in another guild. Urgan is taking a short break from the game due to rl stuff.

Anyway, one by one they leave. I feel like, if people don’t want to help me recruit the kind of people they want to run with, then there really isn’t anything I can do. I don’t have time to host guild activities, especially if people are doing their own thing anyway. I do the EEraids, and of course anyone is welcome to join, guildies and non. I don’t really care anymore about what guild we’re in, as I don’t do guild runs anyway. I did do a titan raid with just guildies and that was fun, but I tried to make it a regular thing and that didn’t happen.

Phoenix Clan is my guild and I’m gonna stay, even if everyone else leaves. Hopefully I can recruit a few more people in my timezone, though.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Ty for stopping by.


Thaz’s 100th ADQ raid

Thazara is my one character that will never TR. Thazara was born on the first week of August 2011, and my goal has been to make her as strong as I can with gear, build adjustment and the last few years epic reincarnation. This means, that Thaz’s list of raid completions has never reset. Of course, I don’t raid all that much, especially not of late, and raids like ADQ really don’t offer anything anymore.. but I still wanted to finish getting to 100. Here are some screenshots from Thaz’s 100th.

We faught Lailat in The Court of Lailat (the pre-raid).
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Raids week 35

This time I’m posting the raids blog a bit earlier than the last two weeks. This is the raids post for yesterday, week 35 of me hosting the raids since legendary was introduced in U29.

Jedli was online this time and joined me for TS reaper 2, which I posted for at 9.05 pm GMT+2, or 3.05 pm EST. My first joiner had both str and int for us, so I was able to change the lfm right away (it said “need str and int”).  There was another TS post up, but they had posted for hard.. and were for some reason not filling. As people were joining my lfm, some if not all of the people in the other group joined mine instead. We filled quite quickly.

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CitW with static group

My static group, Valdayanie, Schoan, Jarvanna.. and my piker Evilynnn have been doing our very first EEs of late (the characters’, not the players’). We just finished up the demon web last night, and I suggested we do a Caught in the Web. I decided on normal, as our characters aren’t maxed out and we’re running in off EDs. I had just switched to Grandmaster after capping Sentinel. I posted for the raid on the lfm, but we started just the 3 of us, well I did park Evilynnn at the start too, so she’d get a completion, xp and give us more loot.

Things were progressing nicely, the first Lolth fight, the legs.. even the optionals. We got a few joiners and things got easier. Ana was getting a bit beat up though. As we get to the end area, I figure since it’s only normal, we can fight up top. I forgot to tell the party to gather behind the rock. “It was only normal”, caused chaos, ppl died, fell off, we lost Ana and someone had to bring her back. The person leading her back got her as far as the ramp before he fell off. I grabbed her so she could activate Lolth and then went to fight Lolth, while the rest of the party was fighting trash and getting back up. Once most of the trash was taken care of, ppl came to help me with Lolth and we finally got the raid to progress. Getting the portal keepers prepped was a bit of a challenge, but not really as difficult as getting the trash taken care of, and finally Ana went through and we could gather in the end area. I also got Evil there.. but forgot to open the chests on her until after most had left. Luckily she didn’t get anything but trash, so nothing to pass to other players. A few comms dropped and Valdayanie got the rapier.

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Raids week 34

I had asked about raids in channel a few days before Saturday, and when it arrived, I was a few min late. It didn’t take too long, though, to get enough joiners for me to feel confident in starting. Someone sent me a tell asking me to reserve a spot, but I guess they didn’t realise how long the quest they were doing would take or how short the TS runs usually are. I posted for reaper 2, and at 3.38 pm EST, we were ready to start the end fight.

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More reaper

On Monday I attempted to run A small problem R1 and that didn’t go so well, even with an almost full party.. so struggled through Lords of Dust instead short man. Wednesday I posted for Servants and started solo. I was level 20, the quest is lvl 21 on normal, so I was at a somewhat good level for reaper, but I felt weak and under-powered. After the first wave a melee monk joined me and I was happy for the help. He may have had many more past lives than me, but he seemed surprised at the difficulty of the quest and was impressed with my build for not dying all the time, lol. I was happy for the compliment of course, but I didn’t really feel like my build is that good.. it has its quirks and it is a kiter build. I feel like that’s my thing.. I kite. I guess that’s why I’ve come to like ranged characters a lot of late. How not to die? Don’t get hit, which of course is quite hard when you’re a melee. For melees you just need a lot of prr, mrr, dodge if you can manage, displace, and enough heals to stay alive. My build has evasion, dodge, some prr and some heals, I survive by running backwards while I shoot, or by perching. For my build perching makes things take longer, as I use adrenaline in combination with improved precise shot to do as much damage as possible, and it’s hard if not impossible to ips when perching.

Anyway, the quest was long with a lot of deaths, but we eventually finished. I’ve decided to hide the monk’s name, while I kept Niv’s name in the screenshots.. as Niv only joined and got to us as we were in the end fight, fighting the last two mobs – the priestess and the hezrou.

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About grouping

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I’ve often been pugging i.e. grouping with random people on the server. From my raids I’ve gotten to know some regulars who recognize my most played characters, but with Orien being default server we also have a lot of newer players.

Over the years I’ve come to regard some things a common courtesy when pugging, and when people don’t follow them.. depending on what kind of day I’m having, it might agitate me quite a lot.

Here’s my list:

  • If you don’t know the quest, please say so when you join. If you don’t I’ll assume you know it, and will not help you out/ will get annoyed with you for piking.
  • Do not summon a hireling without asking the party leader for permission. A hireling takes up a party slot reserved for human players. Also, if we are running elite or even reaper, I could tell you that a hireling will be more of a nuisance than benefit, and I do not want to have to deal with it.
  • The quest is not over until it is finished or the party leader has called forfeit. Rage quitting/ recalling/ releasing before the party leader has said so may lead to you being black listed. I hate quitters. Especially if I’m running reaper and the party is not full this is a dick move because it will prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Please know your limits. If you have not run a quest before or not run it elite, either do not join on reaper, or send the leader a tell asking if you may join anyway. Most people posting for reaper know the quest inside out and prefer to keep a high pace. If you join and need to be babysat, you might find yourself blacklisted.
  • Listen/ follow the the party leader. Most likely they have a plan for how to run the quest, and unless you’ve got skills/ knowledge that will make the run easier, attempting to run the quest your own way will only lead to problems.

Then when it comes to reaper

  • Most of us who’ve been playing for a while have gotten used to self-healing. Everyone in my party is expected to have some level of self-healing, even on reaper. I also expect you to carry some buffs and be able to raise people. In reaper 1 you are going to get very little heals from the party, unless we happen to have a dedicated healer.. which is rare. In R2 and up we help each other with a bit of heals, but you’re still expected to be able to do some self-healing.
  • Reaper is intended as en additional challenge for people who’ve been playing for a while, have many past lives and find elite to be rather easy. It’s not really intended for new players. If you’re new you’re really better off learning the content on a lower difficulty.
  • Reaper locks entry to the quest if anyone recalls, so please don’t join if you haven’t run the quest elite. R1 is only slightly harder than elite so if you’ve completed the quest elite you know if you can handle R1. Don’t join only to rage quit when we run into a challenge.

That’s my list for now.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Did I say I hate quitters? I f’ing hate it when someone joins my group and quits at the first challenge. Especially if I’m soloing reaper and the person then forces me to either restart or finish solo.

P.P.S. I forgot, DO NOT TAKE LEVEL without asking for permission. First of all, you may be slowing the party down by going to level mid questing, second, if you become the highest level in the party by doing so, you may be affecting the party’s xp.

LN TS with static group

The static group characters don’t get a lot of love. We run together at the most once a week, and currently we’re running in off EDs to try and cap them out. I suggested we cap all our EDs before TR, but we’ll see if that actually happens. This time I wanted to attempts a short man Legendary Tempest’s spine. I spent a while crafting a str item for Jarvanna so she could do the str levers (yes my gimpy druid didn’t even have 47 str), and I brought in Godscraft for the int rune and Evilynnn just as a piker/ raiser.

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Raids week 33

This is the raids post for last Saturday. I’m again a bit late writing it, but at least I managed to get it done before the next raids 🙂 If you’d like to join my Saturday raids on Orien, feel free to join the channel “/joinchannel EEraids endgame”. Currently I/ we do reaper 2 legendary Tempest’s Spine and a normal Riding the Storm, after which ppl get to suggest what they want to run. If I don’t get any suggestions I pick something I would like to run. I post for TS at about 3 pm EST, sometimes a bit later.

Anyway, last week we did TS and RSO as per usual. For some reason I completely forgot to get the group picture of TS group, I only got the experience report. It seems like we finished at 3.48 pm, so filling the group and running the raid took 48 minutes. This time I also didn’t die, and killed a few trash mobs in fire & ice. It looks in the experience report like we didn’t have a full party, but we did.

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