The Night Revels 2017

This year I have a special treat for you. As I was running The Night Revels, I remembered someone asking me to do more Thazara videos, so I decided to 1. record a run of each of the quests in The Night Revels and 2. screenshot all the bosses and mini bosses in the quests. I also screenshotted the entry to the quest, where you can see the maximum amounts of mats I have gotten (the number in parenthesis next to the stars). To get the maximum amount of mats, you need to run at 5 levels above your own, and you may not have someone in your group who are several levels above yours, as that will give you a penalty. 1 level above your own did not seem to make a difference, but you do need to run 5 levels above the highest level player for max mats. Any challenge reward bonus will increase your mats. On to the quests.

23 Black Apples, my average ~3 min
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Raids week 48

Last Saturday (Oct 28) I logged on early, because I wanted to do some Night Revels farming before raids. Thaz was 24, so she wouldn’t be running the raids, but she is the best char I have for undead, so I was running her (I will be doing a separate blog about this). A few minutes to 9 pm (3 pm EST) I logged on Cerge for raids. This time it took about 30 min to fill, but getting int and str didn’t prove to be difficult, and there was enough interest in the run. Fire & ice was a bit easier this week, we didn’t have to kill them several times to get the timing down. I died twice though. The rest of the run was standard, the party kept together and no one got lost and had to be rescued. We got lucky with Sor’jek and he didn’t reset. We finished the raid in 20 min. The armor I was looking for didn’t drop.

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Maidae eTR 9

Today I eTR’d Maidae for the 9th time and selected Colors of the Queen for the 3rd time. Here are her before and after pictures.

Before                                                                       After

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P.S. I just realised Maidae hasn’t reincarnated in almost 2 years, the previous being a TR in December 2015

Raids week 47

Last Saturday I was on at just after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and posted for LTS. There was a good amount of interest this week as well, and I quickly had both str and int for the run. I was running Cerge, as Thaz is still not capped after the last eTR. The first screenshot from the run has the time stamp 9.25, so it took about 20 min for us to fill and get started. This time the run wasn’t as smooth as the week before and we struggled quite a lot in fire and ice, to the point where I felt we needed to change tactics. I died twice there as well. We got it done and were able to continue. The rest of the raid was pretty smooth and we had a good amount of dps for the end fight. We finished in 30 min. A few named items dropped.

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Thazara and the Raven

Thazara is wearing Red Reaper’s Platemail and Red Reaper’s Helm cosmetics, she is holding a Short Broom of Mystery cosmetic with Barovian Mist Glamored Weapon Aura, and is showing of her new pet raven.

Raids week 46

I was excited to do raids last Sat, as I missed them the week before. I was on at a bit after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and as I logged Max sent me a tell asking about raids. I barely got the lfm up for LTS, before we had a full group. It filled in a few minutes. Since I eTR’d Thaz last week, this time I decided to run Cerge for the first time. I was worried about forgetting to turn off my bravery between raids, so I turned it off before, which means I didn’t get bravery bonus from LTS. We did R2 and the run was somewhat quick and easy. We had some deaths but I didn’t die this time, and fire & ice was much easier than last time. Sor’jek reset once during end fight, but we still finished in 20 minutes.

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Thaz eTR 10

Yesteday I eTR’d Thaz for the 10th time, got the 3rd Brace past life, and also sun domain. Here are Thaz’s before and after pictures (even though she looks almost the same).

Before                                                                         After

I will add some more pictures from Thaz’s reincarnation in the next post.

Raids week 45

On Saturday, I and Darth were over at a friend’s place playing the  D&D board game Wrath of Ashardalon. I figured we’d play a dungeon or two and I’d be a bit late for raids (I had intended to post for them anyway), but it was closer to midnight (my time) when we got back. Yet, I wanted to log on and post for raids, starting with R2 LTS. I was surprised at the interest. Within a few minutes of posting I had both int and str, and then I just needed more people. A few minutes after midnight (6 pm EST), I had full party and we were ready to get started.

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Silly, silly mimic!

The other day, when I and Hamster were running Lines of Supply, one of the end chests turned into a mimic (The mimic event was and is active, turning chests at a random into mimics). But, instead of attacking us like they usually do, this one decided to run away and up the rock to our left.

The mimic running off

There, he found a hole which he fell or dropped down into. Hamster followed and ended up having to use /stuck to get out. I had forgotten that you don’t get your loot from the mimic, but from the pile of gold where the chest was, and as I was standing there trying to click on the mimic, I also ended up in the hole and had to /stuck.

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