Project Nemesis – figuring out the mechanics

The second raid of Sharn has a lot of things going on and it’s been a lot of fun trying to (together with other raiders on Orien) figure everything out. This is what I have so far.

When you enter the raid, the rune panel is lit up. There are 5 runes at the bottom, each with a different symbol and 3 runes next to the head with what I consider the “lock” symbol. When the lock symbols are lit, the locks on the door can be opened, which is part of the failure mechanism.

The “lock” runes, the head and the rune panel

Rune panel

Each of the 5 runes matches both the bottom rune of a puzzle and four of them match a color circle.

Rune 1 – NW left puzzle, red circle (west)

Rune 2 – SE puzzle – white circle (south east)

Rune 3 – SW puzzle – green circle (south west)

Rune 4 – NE puzzle – blue circle (east)

Rune 5 – NW right puzzle – bottom rune powers the control panel for the laser

North west right bottom circle which is not tied to a color circle does not have it’s own power source, but powers the control panel for the laser, so power needs to be routed to it to use the laser.

Each puzzle also has 2 or 3 “lock” runes – runes that match the symbol next to the head above the rune panel. These are the ones that gives the rune panel power. If any of the lock runes on a puzzle are lit, the rune on the rune panel that matches that puzzle’s bottom rune will be lit. Any of the runes on the rune panel can and will power the lock runes by the head – turns the crystal above it green and starts the timer on the fail mechanism – the unlocking of the door.

When any of the runes on the rune panel are lit you have exactly 1 minute to turn them off before one of the locks on the door opens. Each time you turn off all the runes on the rune panel the timer stops, and a new 1 min timer starts when any of the runes are lit again. The raid does not fail when the last lock opens, but when the door itself opens. This means that you can fail to turn the runes off 4 times and on the 5th it’s a fail.

The constructors seemed to spawn 30 seconds after all of them were killed when I and Osi were testing (looking at other videos this did not seem to be true). One spawns by each puzzle and starts changing it to light the “lock” runes. I’m told that cc’ing the constructors does not work – as long as they’re alive they will be working on the puzzle. It looked to me like they always spawn at the same time, when 1 is alive you don’t get more spawns.

When you kill the elemental in the color circle room, the rune in front of that circle turns off. The matching bottom rune for a puzzle also turns off and the power will need to be routed from nearby puzzles. Rudus Caskrage will give you green (SW circle and puzzle), Gish will give you blue (east circle, NE puzzle), Zulkis Crowspire will give you red (west circle, NW left puzzle) and Irk will give you white (SE circle and puzzle).

If you’ve run this raid you know that you need to prep the 4 bosses one at a time, and then fire the laser above them just as they drop to absorb their elemental energy. You then move the laser back to one of the power platforms on the ground. I haven’t tested if it works on others, we’ve been using the north west one. One player needs to stand on the platform for you to fire the elemental essence into the players. 3 random players get a color circle that allows them to enter the elemental room. Since Irk moves around a lot I attempted to map out his movement. I even made an animation based on one video only to realize Irk doesn’t follow the same pattern from run to run. He does, though, seem to stop for 17-20 seconds before moving to another spot, turns and then picks a spot where he again stays 17-20s.

And here is one of the testing videos:

That’s all I have for now.
If you’ve learned something more about this raid not mentioned here, please write it in the comments, or in #strategy-discussion on our Orien Raiding Discord:

Thank you for stopping by.

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