Project Nemesis – figuring out the mechanics

The second raid of Sharn has a lot of things going on and it’s been a lot of fun trying to (together with other raiders on Orien) figure everything out. This is what I have so far.

When you enter the raid, the rune panel is lit up. There are 5 runes at the bottom, each with a different symbol and 3 runes next to the head with what I consider the “lock” symbol. When the lock symbols are lit, the locks on the door can be opened, which is part of the failure mechanism.

The “lock” runes, the head and the rune panel
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Orien Raiding

We have a new player run discord server dedicated to Orien raiding. If you’re on Orien server and are interested in running raids, feel free to join:

The server is intended for everyone, no matter skill level. We have a calendar where anyone who wants to schedule a raid can create an event, and we are planning to do more learning runs.


How to flag for the raids

At some point I decided to record myself flagging for the different raids, and for most of them I also did a blog. Here is the whole collection of blogs and/or videos.

The Chronoscope

No flagging

Tempest’s Spine

No flagging

The Vault of Night & Plane of Night

How to flag for The Vault of Night

The Twilight Forge & The Titan Awakes

How to flag for the Titan raid

Zawabi’s Revenge

How to flag for Against the Demon Queen

The Reaver’s Fate

How to flag for The Reaver’s Fate

The Shroud

How to flag for The Shroud

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About grouping

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I’ve often been pugging i.e. grouping with random people on the server. From my raids I’ve gotten to know some regulars who recognize my most played characters, but with Orien being default server we also have a lot of newer players.

Over the years I’ve come to regard some things a common courtesy when pugging, and when people don’t follow them.. depending on what kind of day I’m having, it might agitate me quite a lot.

Here’s my list:

  • If you don’t know the quest, please say so when you join. If you don’t I’ll assume you know it, and will not help you out/ will get annoyed with you for piking.
  • Do not summon a hireling without asking the party leader for permission. A hireling takes up a party slot reserved for human players. Also, if we are running elite or even reaper, I could tell you that a hireling will be more of a nuisance than benefit, and I do not want to have to deal with it.
  • The quest is not over until it is finished or the party leader has called forfeit. Rage quitting/ recalling/ releasing before the party leader has said so may lead to you being black listed. I hate quitters. Especially if I’m running reaper and the party is not full this is a dick move because it will prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Please know your limits. If you have not run a quest before or not run it elite, either do not join on reaper, or send the leader a tell asking if you may join anyway. Most people posting for reaper know the quest inside out and prefer to keep a high pace. If you join and need to be babysat, you might find yourself blacklisted.
  • Listen/ follow the the party leader. Most likely they have a plan for how to run the quest, and unless you’ve got skills/ knowledge that will make the run easier, attempting to run the quest your own way will only lead to problems.

Then when it comes to reaper

  • Most of us who’ve been playing for a while have gotten used to self-healing. Everyone in my party is expected to have some level of self-healing, even on reaper. I also expect you to carry some buffs and be able to raise people. In reaper 1 you are going to get very little heals from the party, unless we happen to have a dedicated healer.. which is rare. In R2 and up we help each other with a bit of heals, but you’re still expected to be able to do some self-healing.
  • Reaper is intended as en additional challenge for people who’ve been playing for a while, have many past lives and find elite to be rather easy. It’s not really intended for new players. If you’re new you’re really better off learning the content on a lower difficulty.
  • Reaper locks entry to the quest if anyone recalls, so please don’t join if you haven’t run the quest elite. R1 is only slightly harder than elite so if you’ve completed the quest elite you know if you can handle R1. Don’t join only to rage quit when we run into a challenge.

That’s my list for now.
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P.S. Did I say I hate quitters? I f’ing hate it when someone joins my group and quits at the first challenge. Especially if I’m soloing reaper and the person then forces me to either restart or finish solo.

P.P.S. I forgot, DO NOT TAKE LEVEL without asking for permission. First of all, you may be slowing the party down by going to level mid questing, second, if you become the highest level in the party by doing so, you may be affecting the party’s xp.

Riding the Storm Out map

I finally finished it. After about 4 runs of taking screenshots of the pillars and puzzles in Riding the Storm out, I finally managed to complete my map.

It turns out I was wrong. There aren’t 12 side area puzzles, but 14, 6 west, 6 east and 2 north. There is an equal amount of pillars, i.e. 14. Check out my map below.

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How to flag for The Fall of Truth

Finally I have finished my last flagging video. Now I have a full set of YouTube videos of how to flag videos. Of course, I did things my way, I didn’t do them the fastest way possible, I did them running elite at level (most of them anyway). Check out the spreadsheet here.

As for the flagging, here’s how you flag.

The flagging for FoT is exactly the same as for The Reaver’s Fate, except for one little detail, the quest givers are different. First you have to flag for Return to Gianthold Tor by picking up, running and turning in the following quests, as well as talk to the chain giver Draznok ar’Athad:
Return to Cabal for One
Return to Madstone Crater
Return to Prison of the Planes

After this you pick up and complete Return to Gianthold Tor to flag for the raid.

I ran this flagging EE at level on my new ranger Cerge. I died twice in Cabal (stoned by one of the reds), once in Madstone (disintegrated by the end boss) and 4 times in PoP (1 time in fire room, 3 times in end fight). I used only 1 cake. Check out my videos below.

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How to flag for Caught in the Web

I started the recordings on April 4th and finally finished them last Monday. And now I finally have the videos appended and uploaded to YouTube. The Caught in the Web flag is I’m sure the longest flagging in the game, unless you count farming for sigil pieces in Necro 4.

To flag for Caught in the Web, you have to run the following quests:

Web of Chaos chain + Beyond the Rift (level 16 heroic normal, 21 epic normal). To flag for the Eveningstar chains you can run them heroic or epic. After you’ve run the 4 quests, you can use the rift to get to Eveningstar. I always run them heroic, so for these videos I ran them again on epic.

The Lords of Dust
Servants of the Overlord
The Spinner of Shadows
Beyond the Rift

The first time you run The web of Chaos chain + Beyond the rift, the quests have to be completed in order as each quest run flags you for the next one. The other 3 chains, the quests within the chain will flag you for the final quest, which then opens the next chain. The 3 quests within each chain can be completed in any order. To flag for the final, you have to return to Eveningstar and pick up the quest rewards.

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How to flag for the Cannith raids

I did the videos about 3 weeks ago, when Cerge had just hit 20. I didn’t get around to appending them and uploading them til last week.

To flag for The Lord of Blades and  The Master Artificer, all you need to do is run the three quests Power PlayBlown to Bits and Schemes of the Enemy in the House Cannith Manufactury and turn them in, and you’re flagged. The quests are only available on heroic difficulty, while the raids come in heroic and epic.

Watch me flag in the video below.

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How to flag for The Shroud

I finally got to going through my Shroud flagging videos and uploaded them. This is how to flag for The Shroud.

  1. Head to the Tower of the Twelve and talk to Gustavine Kyerrh. He will give you the quest Finding Meridia
  2. Either run throught the Vale or use a level 3 guild ship navigator to get to Meridia.
  3. Talk to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven to complete finding Meridia.
  4. Run the 5 quests out in the Vale and pick up the Shavarath stones from the end chest. Failing to collect the stone will prevent you from flagging. The quest you have to run and the stones you have to collect are:
    1. Running with the DevilsShavarath Stone of Battle
    2. Rainbow in the DarkShavarath Stone of Foresight
    3. Ritual SacrificeShavarath Stone of Might (purple)
    4. Let Sleeping Dust LieShavarath Stone of Strategy
    5. The Coalescence ChamberShavarath Stone of Victory
  5. After turning in the 5 quests, talk to Valairea Satnarine to start and complete the greensteel crafting tutorial.
  6. Talk to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven again to pick up the raid.

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How to flag for The Codex and the Shroud

The flagging for the legendary version of The Shroud is a lot shorter and easier than the heroic version. The legendary version only requires that you complete two quests; Creeping Death and To Curse the Sky and turn them in. The quests can be complete on heroic (level 15 on normal) or on legendary (level 31 on normal). If you are completing the quests while you yourself are below level 20, the quest giver for the raid will not be there. He will only show himself to someone who qualifies to run the raid, that is an epic character (20 and over). The only difficulty here is that the quests themselves are quite a bit harder than any of the older quests at the same level. Among other things the mobs are tougher and have more hp.

Check out my flagging video:

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