Raids week 72



Last Saturday I logged on a bit after 9 pm Swedish time, and posted for babas hard. I forget who it was, but someone said during last raids that we should start doing baba’s hard, since the normal runs were going so well, and I agreed. By 9.30 I had a full group of mostly people that have joined my groups before. As always I asked the party to split up for puzzles, the first run through we ended up with 5 and 7, but second time we were 6 and 6.  Puzzles completed in no time and when we got to the end fight, I wanted us to kill the wisps and the shamblers… but then said ‘why not just kill everything’. We did and as it turns out it made the end fight so much easier. The raid completed in 36 minutes with only a few deaths. Spite, the Fractured Shards and Bloodrage Chrism dropped.

I had intended to post for a normal strahd, but someone in party wanted hard. I gave in and posted for hard. The hard run was going really well until doors where we struggled a lot, wiped more than once and ended up using several jibbers. We get to the end fight and things are going well until I fail to heal the tank (I was trying to raise someone else), he goes down with long death timer, someone else picks up the sunsword to continue and before I got him targetted he goes down, after which we lose track of the sunsword. We run around for a long time, asking people to check their inventories, waiting for people to die one by one to make sure they’re not actually carrying it (it’s easy to miss), but nada. The sunsword was just gone. A couple of us sent in a ticket, but after waiting 10 minutes more after realising no one has it, we just decided to restart and do normal. This was after being in the raid for 105 minutes.

Repost on normal, we quickly fill and get started. The run is efficient with only a few deaths, most of them on the stairs. During doors we find the torches quickly, the end fight is a lot easier than the previous one and we finish in 24 minutes. Platemail of Strahd dropped.

I was feeling quite beat after the time spent in Strahd, but since Niv had been asking about TS earlier, I didn’t want to let him down and posted for a LTS, R2. We could probably do a higher diff than R2, but I found R3 to be a lot more time consuming – especially in the end fight, for very little benefit, so I stick to R2. I felt like I had barely put the lfm up before I had 7 people waiting to be accepted on the lfm – I only had 5 spots available. Before this Storms sent me a tell saying he and 4 others were joining, and since Crone and Cad told me they had hit the lfm to help me fill, I let them sit the run out. The run was really quick and easy this time, with most time spent in the end fight. We finished in 23 minutes.

After TS I was done for the night, still felt worn out from the strahd run and wasn’t really in the mood to do more. It was also past 1 in the morning for me.
That’s all for last week’s raids.
Thank you for stopping by.
Until next time.
Take care.


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