EEraids/ LE raids, week 3

I posted for LE shroud just after 9pm Swedish time on Saturday, and was quickly joined by a few ppl, including Nurmaso and Lubash. Then we waited. I asked ppl to join in EEraids channel, in titan channel, sent a few tells… It took about 1.5h before we had a full party and when we did, I realised we didn’t have a hurler.. that is a warlock with “Hurl through hell”. We could have gone without one, but seeing as this is a tough raid, having to do the reds in p2 more than once isn’t really ideal. So, I decided to run Darth’s warlock instead of Thazara. Since I already had 2 completions of this raid, and we also had another cleric in the party, I felt we would benefit more from the warlock than from Thaz.

So, I ended up running a character I’ve not actively run before, having Darth looking over my shoulder pointing out to use pots to keep dcs up etc. I felt much less comfortable running the warlock than Thaz but in this group I did feel the warlock was more useful, and I managed to get the crystal in one try. We completed in 63 min, and I managed to not have more than 11 deaths, lol.

After Shroud I switched back to Thaz and we did a quick LE Tempest Spine, EE Defiler of the Just, EE Mark of Death and EE Fire on Thunder Peak. I forgot to get screenshots of TS and DoJ, but got the quest report of MoD and FotP.

Unless something comes up, I hope to do LE Shroud again next week, with what ever raids ppl want to do afterwards.

That’s all, thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

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