Soloing raids

I’ve never cared much for attempting to solo raids. I did a couple of attempts on Tower of Despear with Thaz back before she had her EDs done, and failed horribly. Soloing raids have felt like a waste of time pretty much. But as I was soloing the U31 quests LE on Maidae, I started thinking that maybe it would be worth a shot. Maidae was doing better than I had remembered.

I started with Fall of Truth eN. I had joined a couple of friends in that raid some weeks ago, and it felt easy, so figured a solo eN wouldn’t be impossible.

After a semi-easy completion of FoT, I decided to continue with ADQ.. a raid that has been solod many times before. I ran both the preraid and raid on EE. ADQ is a raid I have done hundreds of times before.. though maybe not as many on EE.

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the videos.


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