Raids week 187

Raids 187 were Tuesday August 11 (practice run), Wednesday August 12 and Saturday August 15. I again skipped doing the Friday practice run.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

I posted and we got some newer ppl, but most knew the raid well enough. I struggled a bit to get the group organized and the raid took longer than it usually does. But, we succeeded in the end. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate and The Wide Open Sky.


1. Project Nemesis LH

I forgot to screenshot this run. Most of the party was guildies or ppl from eeraids channel, but I do believe I lfm’d for the last couple of spots. Completion time: 13 min, 35 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate, The Family’s Blessing and The Wide Open Sky.

2. Too Hot to Handle LN

Everyone stayed for thth, but some switched characters, including me. Akiram was tanking. Completion time: (with some waiting inside before we started) 22 min, 6 s. Loot: 64 forge runes, 25 threads of fate, Crystalline Gauntlets and Silver Dragonscale Capelet.

3. Killing Time LH

We lost some members and I lfm’d. We didn’t fill so we did a short man LH. It worked out well, though. Completion time: 37 min, 40 s. Loot: 84 time runes, 24 threads of fate and at least two schisms.

4. Old Baba’s Hut LH

The group wanted to run baba, I posted again and brought in Darth as a piker. Since we didn’t fill, I suggested we just run hard. Completion time: 20 min, 20 s. Loot: 84 hut runes, 19 threads of fate, Savior, the Breaker of Chains and Van Richten’s Spectacles.


1. Project Nemesis LH

In Saturday raids I again started on Maidae. I believe we were guild + eeraids channel. I got green and started wondering if there is a save against the elemental damage from the circles in the elemental rooms, and decided to stand in a green circle – blowing up instantly. It’s my impression that 1. different elements do different amount of damage and 2. the only protection from them you have are absorb and mrr + your hp of course. Completion time: 16 min, 21 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate and Stickerclick, the Bitter Hail of Bolts.

2. Too Hot to Handle LN

I switched to Thazara and we continued with thth. I believe Akiram was tanking and Diestrich on runners or sunbursting (or both). Completion time: 10 min, 31 s. Loot: 64 forge runes, 25 threads of fate and Piston Boots.

3. Killing Time LH

I satyed on Thazara for KT. I think Spooky offered to babysit the dragon during rifts, and Osi got to join us in the rifts. I forgot to screenshot the experience report, but the run took about 25 min. Loot: 84 time runes, 24 threads of fate, a +7 int tome and at least one schism.

4. The Curse of Strahd R1

I switched to Thazmaniac for strahd, as I enjoy running this char, and we had divines in party. I added Darthpyre as a piker, as we were slow filling. Completion time: 26 min, 6 s. Loot: 125 strahd runes, 26 threads of fate.

5. Riding the Storm Out R1

Someone wanted to run RSO, and I switched back to Thazara. Darthpyre got to pike again and we ran a short man R1. Completion time: 37 min, 15 s. Loot: 125 kor kaza runes, 25 threads of fate, Azure Guard a +6 to +7 cha upgrade tome, Cerulean Guard.

6. Old Baba’s Hut R1

Next the group wanted to run baba, and I stayed on Thazara. I think I asked torimi to do teams again. I believe this was our first or one of our first runs doing R1 without a shambler tank. Completion time: 30 min, 16 s. loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Tremor, the Breaker of Bones, Torn, That Which Renders Despair, Echo of Ravenkind, Gulthias Staff and a +4 to +5 int upgrade tome.

7. Defiler of The Just R1

I had flagged Maidae for doj the other week and decided to run her this time. With Darth piking and some party members being a bit lower level, the raid had an exciting moment near the end when we were a bit slow on killing reinforcements, and we got near failing – but didn’t. Completion time: 21 min, 29 s. loot: 125 defiler runes, 14 threads of fate, Countenance, Sightless, Strange Tidings and Many-Hooked Greaves.

That’s all for raids 187.
Thank you for stopping by.

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