The solo raids project – update

Solo raids is a project I started a little over 3 years ago, when Maidae was a monkcher. I believe the idea came to be when I decided to try soloing The Fall of Truth. Here’s the list of raids I’ve done so far and the date when I uploaded the video.

Epic Normal (level 25) The Fall of Truth May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Against the Demon Queen (pre raid quest) May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Zawabi’s Revenge May 22, 2016

Elite (level 22) Tower of Despair Jun 5, 2016

Epic Elite (level 23) The Chronoscope Jun 24, 2016

Elite (level 19) The Shroud Jul 15, 2016

Elite (level 12) Tempest’s spine Aug 31, 2016

Legendary Normal (level 32) Tempest’s Spine Aug 31, 2016
– in this one I cheated and used an alt for int rune

Elite (level 16) The Reaver’s Fate Dec 30, 2016

Elite (level 13) The Titan Awakes and The The Twilight Forge Jan 28, 2017
– I cheated and used two alts

Epic Normal (level 24) Caught in the Web Apr 23, 2017

Elite (level 20) Hound of Xoriat Nov 4, 2019

Elite (level 20) A Vision of Destruction Nov 4, 2019

Epic Normal (level 30) Defiler of the Just Nov 5, 2019

I love running raids and while leading raids and figuring out how to get parties through is it’s own challenge, having to do the same thing solo is a different kind of challenge. When you’re running a raid solo, if you die it’s usually over. So staying alive is key – as well as being able to complete all the objectives solo.

Here’s to more solo raids.

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