Thaz vs Cerge, a comparison take 2

This life Cerge is a morninglord fvs, 1 cleric/ 19 fvs, and I’ve been feeling like he’s pretty good, does well in ee’s and I can solo stuff. So I decided to solo ee Outbreak at lvl 24 (one level under level), which went fine. I have, though, been feeling like my cleric is just better, she has more spells and things die faster. So, to do a proper comparison, I took Thaz into ee Outbreak at 24 to see how she’d do.

The result? Cerge has much less wisdom and lower spell DCs than Thaz, but he killed the red names faster, his spells did more damage per hit. Cerge also took less damage and didn’t need to heal quite as much as Thaz did. Cerge finished the quest in 19 min, for Thaz it took 24, which includes one death. Cerge used 11 mana pots, Thaz 12. Technically Thaz is better than Cerge, better geared, higher wisdom, but I think it’s the Angel of Vengeance enhancements that beat her.

Cerge’s enhancements look like this:

Thaz’s enhancements before the last eTR, now I’ve changed all universal spell power and crits for light, and force for fire (in divine disciple tree):

Cerge also has his shoulder cannon that’s constantly doing additional damage, While Thaz’s radiant aura keeps her healed for the most part. I wonder, though, if I could up her damage by dropping radiant aura for tier 5 divine disciple enhancements?

Here are the videos:



I think I will next test it, give up aura for Divine Empowerment, and see if I can get higher numbers from divine punishment.

Currently I have no interest in changing Thaz, as I like her as she is, but I am missing the smiting enhancements, so maybe I’ll change her in the future?

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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