Things change

Each time there is a new update with a new raid, I tend to wait for ppl to learn it, and then join someone with knowledge so they can teach me. I then try to join different groups to see what different tactics the different groups use… I usually select my own tactics based on what I’ve learned for when I post the raid myself. When it comes to The Mark of Death, I haven’t needed to post for the raid at all, in fact my toons keep getting ransacked, and I don’t have a toon to run that isn’t, lol. Most of the runs I’ve done I’ve done with Adenai, I did some with Cleazy and some with Matrix. Key has been doing MoD marathons a few times a week, and I’ve enjoyed them them most. The runs have been somewhat efficiently run, even though almost pure pug runs, but still quite relaxed. Conversations have been light and friendly. 🙂

So, I looked for some screenies from the runs, just for some documentation on the groups.

Maidae, with Adenai, short man attempt

Cerge helping with the west puzzle

Firetha with Cleazy

Firetha with Key, checking out my stats

Thaz helping out with the west puzzle

A year ago or so, I was following Matrix’s raid schedule, trying to join as many of their raids as possible. At some point I started running more raids with Adenai (and raid night on Saturdays with Osi)… and I’ve continued to do so. There was a while when Ad was running mostly with his guild, and I was hosting my own Thunderholme raids.. but I’m sort of enjoying the way things are now, even though the raids are not being run quite as much as they used to.

Okidoke, that’s all. Thank you for stopping by.


5 comments on “Things change

    • 🙂 the big thing for me is that he atmosphere has been so friendly, and I’ve felt accepted by some of these ppl who’ve hated on me in the past. It makes me happy.

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