No more raids blogs

I very often do the raids blogs on Saturday, which I had planned to do today as well. As I opened up WordPress to edit the blog I started some days ago (Raids week 217), I noticed the classic editor was gone and no where to be found. The modern and new editor does not have the option to add images from a URL, only to upload them to WordPress. Since the free storage on WP is only 3GB and my raids blogs are mostly pictures, that storage wouldn’t last long. I believe I could add the picture links in the html code, but since the new editor also adds a lot more tags than classic, that doesn’t feel like a practical solution either.

I did look at starting a new blog on a different site, but in the end the raids blogs have felt like a chore for a while and are too time consuming, so I’ve decided to stop doing them. I do plan to keep the blog and update my characters’ info and such, but will stop doing the weekly raids blogs.

That’s all for now.

Thank you for stopping by.

4 comments on “No more raids blogs

  1. I did find an option that looks like it could let me add pics from an URL, but over all I’m finding the new editor difficult to use and I’ve been doing the raids blogs for so many years that I feel quite good about stopping them here. Fewer blogs with less pictures means more time for other things.

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