Raids week 80

So, we have reached week 80 since I restarted EEraids. I posted for EE/R1 baba’s at maybe 10 past 9 pm my time on Saturday and quickly got joiners. I reserved the last spot for a tank, and when someone hit the lfm and said they could tank I accepted.  About 20 minutes after I put the lfm up we were ready to start. Bruder felt we should do EE, not R1, I listened and stepped in on EE. I soon noticed that we were a bit low on dps, beating baba down the first time around took longer than it usually does. As we head towards puzzles, hamster points out to me that the tank is low on hp, and we soon realised that said tank didn’t know what his job was in the raid. We get through the puzzles ok, but getting to the end fight, we have a bit of issues coordinating and when the shamblers do their debuff we wipe. There is the question if we should try using jibbers or not, I decide that we should try it once. We do, manage to not really damage baba much before it’s a wipe again (everyone did get up for a few seconds, some lasted longer than others). I call a wipe and release. I’m not really keen on waiting for a tank, so we decide to do hard instead – I feel confident that we can handle hard.

Some people switch characters, including me and I suggest we stick to the same teams, not realising my side ended up with 3 warlocks. We get through the puzzles, kill wisps, struggle a bit on coordinating again, and when the shamblers spawn I want us to kill them. I get aggro of one, and I’m not sure if I should kite him to stay alive or park him and possibly die. I end up dying while I’m trying to decide. We finish the raid in 44 minutes and get skunked on loot.


Some party members leave and I put the lfm up for Strahd. We quickly fill and get a trapper. I have a bit of a headache, and I’m forgetting to coordinate the raid, thankfully people are making their own decisions on trinkets and sunsword. I write down the card order and head in to the shadow fight. I get hit with two dots in the first fight and end up piking for most of it, get a raise right before we head to the stairs. Stairs go quite well, I manage to fall down, walk slowly through the spikes, stopping to heal myself and see two other that also fell. We kill off the trash on our way to the group. I rush ahead a bit and aggro the shadows and die before the rest of the party has joined me in the fight. The heart fight goes really well with only one death, Cimp stays behind, the rest of us shrine and place ourselves by the doors. Cimp talks, we open doors, I don’t find a card in one of mine – run forward and find a room with a torch and no person. Bruder finds the first one and we start lighting. The doors part finishes quickly. For the end fight Cimp is tanking Strahd, someone is to do brides, but dies so I attempt to take over. I struggle a bit to get aggro, but eventually I get them pulled to the side and away from the rest of the group. As Strahd goes down the brides are prepped – we kill them and finish the raid in 23 minutes. Calamity, a Brush with Death and Flow, the Piercer of Hearts dropped.

I ask if we should do Defiler next, but since Lujaan has to go I post for LTS instead. We fill somewhat quickly and step in with two spots left. We fill right after stepping in, but last joiner realise they’re on timer and can’t go. The raid progresses really quickly, fire & ice is over in a moment, as is rust monster fight. We get to the end, I place myself next to Pomfer in the safe spot and keep shooting at Sorjek. His hps are going down quite fast and no one is dying – until we get one death. Strangely enough this week we only had that one death in the end fight. The raid completes in 14.5 minutes and a few named items dropped.

Next the party is interested in doing a hox – I’m always hesitant to do that raid, since it requires a few specific characters/ roles. I post, we wait, and suddenly we lose several party members because a Strahd raid has just been posted on the lfm. We talk through what’s needed for the raid and realise we have all the roles/ buffs needed, we’re just a bit short on people. We decide to give it a try anyway, and shortly after starting we get two more joiners (this raid does not lock). The group is doing good, but the puppies don’t manage to get Xy’zzy down enough before the charm wears off and we need to get two more stones. I run into two mini beholders while running around and luckily manage to take them our before they neg level me to death. Puppies get recharmed, get Xy’zzy down and we complete the raid in 10 minutes.



I again ask for suggestions for raids to run and fotp is suggested. I post for R1, but suggest we do hard if we can’t fill. After waiting a while I’m getting tired and ask the group if they’re ok with doing a hard run with the group as it was. I decide to take the female dragon and suggest Osi take the male – overestimating how much damage they do on hard. We easily beat the dragons and trash down without deaths and the dragons quickly start burning and the purple named ellies spawn. I’m having no issues with my dragon even with the +400% to damage, I’ve saving against most of it and only get knocked down once. The raid completes in 11 minutes and we get a couple of named items and some phlogs.

After fotp I was done for the night.
That’s all for this week’s raid.

P.S. I promised to be more selective in the future when it comes to doing baba’s on a higher difficulty or alternatively lower the difficulty if I or the party notice that the party isn’t strong enough to handle the difficulty posted.



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