Running against the clock

Last week when Hamster and Maidae were running Storms Horns, just as we were about to do A break in the Ice, a world notification popped up. Apparently the servers were to go down for a restart. Hamster looked at the forums and discord, I checked twitter, but we couldn’t find any other information about it. We decided to try and run the quest anyway, hoping that we either finish or that the warning was false.

The clock kept ticking down, we were getting more warnings about the servers, and I worried that we weren’t gonna be able to kill the boss in time. As the end boss is at maybe 20 percent, I died and have to wait out the death timer.


We manage to take the boss down just as the red warning says that the servers are going down. We loot and exit the quest, and it does seem like the warnings might have been false. After picking up the quest reward and running back across the bridge I do a jump and get stuck mid air. I turn around and see Hamster stuck as well. The connection seems to be failing, so apparently the warnings were correct. We still couldn’t find any information about it though.

I learned later that the only server they restarted was Orien, and about half an hour it was back up again. For me it was too late to play though, so my game time ended with the restart.

That’s all for this time.
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