Give me my Shroud completion! … and epics

After yesterday’s Shroud wipes, I put up a new lfm for “hard or elite depending on party”. I’m about to take the lfm down when a couple of people join, and then a few more. I get a nice amount of hp, and I’m expecting the dps to be good, so we decide to do elite. Everything’s pretty good, until part 4. People die. Too fast. I mess up my buttons, and die. Harry’s not even down to 50% and it’s a wipe. Meh. This run I was the first healer to go down. I’m not used to that. πŸ˜€ haha. Thaz still has over 500 hp, and the other cleric was on less than 400 (3 healers in elite shroud). So I suggest we try again on hard. Both runs I get to do a 5×5 puzzle, second run I had to solve down 3 times, but we got it done before the rainbow was up πŸ™‚ Oh, and this was probably my first shroud were 1. no one died in part 4 and 2. I was offensive casting the whole time in part 4-5 (+ healing of course). No one died in part 5 either, it was a very good run. An yay! Finally Thaz’s weekly Shroud completion. That’s 10 completions (5 normal, 5 hard) and 9 fails (8 wipes – 1 normal, 6 hard, 2 elite). Yeah, I know, she’s a baby Shroud runner. But she does so much else too πŸ™‚

Thaz made a new friend, and got an invite to join another guild. πŸ™‚ She’s not really ready to move at this point, but who knows. He was on his lvl 25 fvs and I gave him the star for running something else. New lfm and 2 runs of VON3 hard. Total about 113 k xp, 1 rank + level in the epic destiny and lvl 22 (which I will not be taking for a while). Thazara’s now got 569 hp in Vigor of Battle stance. Unbuffed.

I didn’t get very good shots of the Jungle of Kyber runs, but here’s the ones I took:


These are from the second run. Thazara was very much the underdog, with at least 4 lvl 25’s πŸ™‚ (I don’t know what lvl Theseas was). But in the Marut fight she was able to just stay put and block while DoT’ing him. He hit her for maybe 50 hp? With every punch, so not much at all, I just once in a while threw a burst. πŸ™‚ I took the second picture just before the Marut went down. Oh btw, Thazara’s a pretty good caster sometimes. πŸ™‚ I threw Energy drain + Destruction at the beholders and saw a few of them go down with one shot.

Alright, that’s all for now. Tc and see you in game.


Sort of a meh night

Saturday’s Thazara’s night. I run Thazara on Saturdays.. and well usually Sundays as well. I log kinda late and first spend some time doing inventory. So I want to run Shroud. Thazara usually runs one weekly Shroud on Saturdays. I see one on the lfm, but they’re doing multiple raids, so I put up my own for hard, and a couple of ppl join. Then I get a tell from the other group, if I don’t want to join them instead. Sure, me and the other two join and a guildie who had asked me to save him a spot.

I think the party leader was the same one who led my first VoD. He’s a pretty good leader, even though his toon’s rather squishy. We go in on elite πŸ™‚ I’m not worried, since the party leader thinks we have enough dps and heals. In part 3 we get stuck on a 5×5 puzzle, I go in and am unsure about if they want me to do it or not. I mean I love doing the puzzles, but I don’t want to mess it up if someone is already solving. Someone was solving, but stopped, so I continued, he then pressed on something and I had to more or less start over.. and then the rainbow came up. Party leader tells me to put on divine intervention, and I do, but also tell him “I’m almost done”. My heart’s racing like crazy, but a few clicks, puzzle’s solved and me and the other person water the fountains and we’re done! XD

I have been wanting to do elite shroud for a while, and I wasn’t disappointed in my toon. She’s got pretty good saves (for a cleric), she’s unbuffed at 519 hp, with some buffs way over 600 (See her stats in shroud here). Other healers were an fvs at 300 something hp, and the same amount of sp as me (2011 with the sun soul belt and ship buffs) and a bard. I was just healing away but people started dying. I’m like “what the hell happened?” Fvs’s still standing though, but drop in round 3. Left are, I think are our fighter, a wizard, arti, ranger and me. I’m doing my best at healing, and DoTing a little, but I manage to get aggro and get hit a few times. I believe we get to round 4 when I manage to drop and left are a wizard and arti (I might be completely getting this wrong, so if any of my co-runners read this, you’re welcome to correct me). Wizard drop and arti is alone with Harry. Doesn’t take long and it’s a wipe. Apparently harry was down to 30-40% Which is still pretty much for one person.

So, we lose a few people, among them the arti and a ranger, but they get replaced and we go in on hard this time. I feel like it takes us longer than last time to take down the portals in phase one, but phase two is a lot smoother. First run we had to do it 4 times because the killing was off. This run we only did it once. In phase 3 I again get to help someone with a 5×5 πŸ™‚ I’m pretty pleased with my puzzle solving skills XD

We get to phase 4 and people are discoing alike crazy. See pic:

Shroud disco

I’m bit fuzzy on the details, but people died. And at some point I was getting hit a lot, and several times got close to dropping. You know, if you want the healer to heal the melee, you don’t want the healer to have aggro. Well I didn’t. The raid leader who was a sorcerer was using me as a shield. And then he was asking for heals. I was too busy trying to figure out where everyone was and who to heal. There basically was only one melee on Harry. I save myself from the brink of dropping at least 2 times, but then I drop. The fvs and bard had dropped a lot earlier. Left were only a fighter and a wizard. They got Harry to 5%. Then the fighter drops and soon after the wizard. Bleh. Second wipe. After which almost everyone leaves.

I see an lfm for elite shroud, I join, but since no one else was joining, the leader decides not to wait. So no Shroud completion for Thazara.

Instead I log with Jarvanna and me and Xenaya run Freshen the Air, Chamber of Insanity and Archer Point Defense elite. I was telling Xenaya, that I don’t think we’ll be able to duo the quests, but I was very much mistaken. Runs went very smoothly. In Chamber of insanity I was using the druid DoT spell Creeping Cold on the wraths and the boss. Worked really nicely. But oh, tell me, how is it possible that I’m able to use potions of lesser restoration like a spell? I was able to cast it on Xenaya to remove ability damage? But they’re potions?

Here’s the party in Archer Point defence:


In the back you have a summon lion and wolf, then from the left: Xenaya, hireling Arias Oreth, Jarvanna and hireling Kendra Estleton.

Ok, ty for reading. See you around.
Peace out.

VON6 wipe

The hard life of a cleric. You work your ass off and get nothing to show for it if you fail. Sometimes if everything goes well you might get some credit from your fellow party members, most of the time you get nothing.

I just leveled Thaz to 16, reset/rechose her enhancements and decided to jump on the VON raid as their only healer. Big mistake. Everything was fine until we got to the dragon. I have run VON before, and have been told to stay behind one of the rocks, which I did this time as well. I targeted one player with F+number, healed him to 100%, went on to target a second one and the heal wouldn’t take. The target was probably blocked. So I tried a couple of more times… and then people started dying. No problem, let’s get them back up. But when I was focusing on getting people back up, I wasn’t healing the ones fighting, and more people started dying. Someone said “we’re not getting any heals” and “stop trying so hard” and “heal me, I’ll take the dragon out myself”. I threw a heal, a mass heal on the ones close to me, since I always mass heal targeting myself, and kept trying to resurrect the dead until I got dead.

Now, one of the party members, a tank who apparently never played a divine, was giving me a lot of crap about this. Said, they weren’t getting any heals, that a mass heal would have saved the situation and that “this one’s all on you”. While another player who has a divine as an alt said it wasn’t my fault. Well, it was my fault. And I was angry and annoyed and discouraged to rerun VON.

But you know what? 1. The person giving me shit is an a-hole who hasn’t played a divine, and doesn’t know how much work you have to put in healing a party of 12 (or 11 as we were), especially as the only healer. 2. I am still learning. I made some bad choices and I can learn from them. As a divine you have to make choices at a second’s notice. To raise or not to raise? Who to heal? And you have to pay attention not only to yourself, but to the whole party and the opponents as well. One thing about the mass cure/heal though. I’ve been targeting myself. What I realized after that player told me “a mass heal could have saved us”, is that I can target other players and mass heal from them. In that way I can be close to battle without being in it, and heal multiple targets. That is something I need to start doing in quests like VON6.

Although I love my cleric, I must admit it’s nice to do the other roles once in a while. I especially like playing the monk for the fast moves, evasion and survivability. But the cleric is fun because it’s a challenge. You can’t just run around killing things, you have to pay attention and make hasty choices. I also love doing the offensive casting thing inbetween heals πŸ™‚

The thing is, though. Reputation is important to me. I want Thazara to be known as a fun player and a good healer. And I really hate it when I mess up and fail miserably. But maybe I’ll get a second chance at proving my worth? πŸ™‚

Until the next VON…