Saturday; bad and good runs

My night didn’t start off that great. I was a bit tired, yes, but that’s not uncommon since I do often let DDO come before sleep. I joined a group for HoX and we went in on hard. Here’s what bothered me about it. 1. the person with the star wasn’t leading and didn’t even have voice. 2. things went south, and at least 3 people recalled (including the second healer – we were only 2). I’m incredibly stubborn and will fight until there’s nothing left to fight for. I was out of mana, but I started running around raising people with scrolls. We got mini beholders, then large beholders, bees and what ever you can think of. The beholders kept uncharming the puppies and people kept dying. Our tank stayed on mommy, while me and the ones still in, were running around killing beholders and renders. Or, I was mostly running around raising people and trying to throw a heal once in a while.

I blame me. I tried, I know. I’m proud of my effort, but if I hadn’t died, I think we would have finished. I stayed in center with the beholders a little while too long, instead of running off, and died. The only one left was our tank. She, though, did a great job. Mommy had been made vulnerable already and our tank was beating on her like crazy. Got mommy down to 1% before she dropped. 😦 Meh. I didn’t want to go again, since I had spent a lot of scrolls and time on the quest, and didn’t feel like doing it again.

I lfm’d for Running with the devils normal “a quick run for gs stone”, and got some people for it. Was a nice and quick run. Then I joined someone doing Weapons shipment elite. First time. We get to the second room/ area without any problems, then I quickly start getting annoyed. Group’s a barb, pally, wizard, fvs and bard. I don’t know what the wizard was doing, but he for some reason was meleing and kept dying. I told him to go shrine at least 3 times before he did. But he still kept dying and I didn’t want to raise him anymore. And then for some reason the fvs decides to pike in the shrine room. I’m running around with aggro from casters, trying to stay alive and raise. The fvs comes back, enters the area and I pick up 2 stones to take them to the shrine. The fvs follows, and it’s a fail. No one left in the same area as the NPC and it’s over. I’m so annoyed with both the wiz and the fvs that I don’t want to rerun.

So finally I do my saturday elite shroud lfm. I get two healers I know from before, and a lot of dps. Seems good. But I get a halfling wizard named Herecomestrouble or something similar, who’s getting on my, and probably the other’s nerves as well starting with phase 2. He was throwing disco and sleet storm around, not listening and not communicating. Two things that I can’t stand (people not listening and not communicating). πŸ™‚ Phase 2’s a bit messy, I belive we have 2 failed attempts before we manage to get the crystal, and I’m not aware that we were done, because I was trying to get people to listen to the basic rules. Then I felt sorta embarrassed that I was yelling out orders after we were done. Let’s blame lag, ok?

One of the other healers dc’d and people open the chests before he returned. Not cool. Also someone clicked on the altar to start the timer on phase 3 before our dc’d fvs had come back. Again, not cool. At least I know that that guy who dc’d has maybe 8 lvl 20 toons and run raids every day, so I don’t think it mattered to him that he didn’t get the chests, but it’s about principles, people! πŸ™‚

Anywho, phase 3’s fine, phase 4’s a bit messy again, with some communication problems. And I die! 2 others die as well, but I’m the third to go down, and in my own raid. 😦 I’m pretty disappointed. Before phase 5 the wizard isn’t responsive, and doesn’t rest to get his mana back. I don’t know what’s up with him, but who cares? Phase 5 goes sort of smoothly, even though we have a few deaths. And I decide that I’m not gonna pot this time. I run out of mana close to the end, since I’m offensive casting (DoT’ing) as well the whole time, but I don’t pot, use a few scrolls, but let the fvs who still had mana do the healing just before the end. So yay! Thaz’s 14th shroud completion.

The fvs who dc’d earlier, he swaps to another of his toons and puts up an lfm for eVON hard (or he did have eVON5 normal, eVON6 hard, but I persuaded him to do eVON5 hard as well, lol), so me and a barb from Shroud join. I don’t know VON5. I haven’t counted how many times I’ve run it, fewer than Shroud anyway, and I don’t know all the objectives or where you’re supposed to go. I just follow the group and hope I don’t get lost. πŸ™‚ Well we did well and I get 81,805 xp for eVON5 (my second run of it) and something like 39k for eVON6. I didn’t get any red devil scale, though.

Then our leader swaps back to his fvs, or maybe it was another of them, and we decide to do hard eADQ1-2. This was my first time running eADQ. I manage to stay alive, even though I get hit by the traps in bat, and we do have a little bit of difficulties in some parts, but ADQ1 in maybe 40 minutes. Rebuff and then ADQ2. Now, fighting Queen Lailat I actually enjoy. πŸ™‚ Thaz can actually stand and block, and just spam her with dp (I swapped to unbreakable stance with gives Thaz the die hard feat and dr10 epic). So, I was doing that. πŸ™‚ A nice run and the xp got Thaz to Unyielding Sentinel 5.

I activated Exalted Angel, and now Thaz only has 440 hp buffed 😦 When in US – Vigor of battle stance she has 640. I’ll likely swap back to US for my weekly elite Shroud, though. I was hoping to make Thaz a hp gs item before swapping to EA, but I didn’t even have enough stuff to make the blank 😦 meh. From where do you even get the stuff for the blank? Vale quests?

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Tc and see you in game.

Peace out.

Running with the devils completed

As some might know I am currently flagging two toons for Shroud, Cerge (lvl 17 sorcerer) and Maidae (lvl 16 monk). Cerge has been duo’ing on hard difficulty with his buddy Sneakygits (12 rogue/ 5 arti), to learn the quests and keep hard streak. I had only run the Vale quests once before, all on elite with a good party when Thazara was lvl 18, which is already many months ago. Yesterday it was time for Running with the Devils. Of the other quests, Rainbow was a success on first try (also the quest I know the best since I had run it 5 times with Maidae prior to this), while both Dust and Sacrifice required 2 tries – we went in without knowing what to do, wiped and came back with tactics and a plan. Devils, was a whole other story.

Well, first it took me a while to remember where I had my spells, been several days since I played this toon (was running Keronna and Thazara over the weekend). Then the Ghaele took me by surprise. The buggers heal! I wasn’t quite sure what spells to use, and I was using my normal low level cold spells to save mana, and ended up using a lot more mana just to stay alive. We had brought with us two hirelings – a lvl 17 cleric and a lvl 17 bard (even though both of us are wf with repair/ reconstruct spell). The bard drops, the cleric drops, I drop and soon after Sneaky drops – in the second fight. Meh.

Sneaky suggests we bring in more people, but I wish to try again. “Let me try doing some cc, ok?” Second try. Heightened web and ice storm – Ghaele stick (Bralani don’t heal, so they weren’t as much of a problem). We go up the ramp and Sneaky’s pulling the opponents into my web and ice storm, everything’s well so far. Then he goes into the next room and is taking too long (imo) so I follow. I see at least four air elementals and try to shoot them. What I don’t realize is that there are also Twilight stalkers (Invisible Stalker). Again, my hire goes down, I go down, Sneaky’s hire go down, and shortly after Sneaky as well. Alright, I give up! We can’t do it.

I pick up a few scrolls of true seeing and put up an lfm for “Devils hard for hard bb”. Lvls 16-17 (I believe you can’t be higher than the quest level to get bravery? I.e lvl 17 for a lvl 16 quest hard?). We’re soon joined by a rogue and a paladin. In we go again and at first we do the same as before, pull the ghaele into my web and ice storm. Later I realize that we do just as well without my cc, I can just use Snow Swarm, Niac’s Cold Ray and Sonic Blast (my 4 sp or less spells). Of course I am out of mana way before the first shrine and have to manage on echo. Two of my repair wands also break and I have to manage with pots, and hope that Sneaky’s cleric hire throws me a heal once in a while.

Half way through we’re joined by a wizard. That’s another story. A pm wizard with a great sword? Those you don’t see every day. Anywho, I manage to die twice, I think the hire died a couple of times, and in the end fight we had one or two more people die, but we managed to finish without too much problem. πŸ™‚ Without ship buffs, but with Voice of the Master, a lesser tome of learning and 50+ hard streak, Cerge got just over 20 k xp from this quest, and level. But he won’t be taking it until after he’s run Coalescence Chamber. I’m expecting it to be a lot easier than this one πŸ™‚

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.

Ritual Sacrifice completed

Ritual Sacrifice hard take two.

This time we went in me (Cerge 17 sorc), Sneakygits (12 rogue/5 arti), and the two cleric hirelings Alyon Stalia (lvl 17) and Natasha Thorson (lvl 16). Sneaky was carrying summon monster 5 scrolls, I summon monster 7 scrolls and we both had stoneskin scrolls. Killerog fight turned out to be a lot tougher this time around with one more hireling, and I and my hire ended up as soul stones. No prob, Sneaky did well without us… πŸ˜€

We also remembered to use the first shrine this time, and I was at good mana in the devil assault fight. Rest of the run went somewhat smoothly, even if not easily. Protecting Paetus was two hirelings on protect and me throwing web, disco and ice storm, while Sneaky was shooting away with his crossbow. πŸ™‚

So, yay! Take two was a success, even though we were all out of mana in the end. πŸ™‚

Here’s our/ my quest report (click for full size):

Only two more quests to go before we’re Shroud flagged (Running with the devils and Coalescence Chamber)

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. Yes, Cerge might have a bit more dps than Sneaky, but Cerge doesn’t have enough mana to blow through all opponents. πŸ™‚ I did run out before both shrines, even though I was doing my best at saving mana (Cerge’s got about 2200 sp). Sneaky didn’t have that problem with his crossbow, lol.

Vale flagging

It took me forever to flag Thazara for Shroud, because I was doing everything else instead πŸ™‚ I had to turn down at least 3 Shroud runs because of not being flagged, as well as guild runs. Now Thazara’s been flagged for a while (11 Shroud completions, one run a week or every other week), and I’m currently in progress of flagging both Maidae and Cerge. The big difference being that Maidae’s running elite with pugs, while Cerge’s duo’ing hard with his friend Sneakygits.

So far Maidae has only run Rainbow (5 times) and Cerge has done Dust and Rainbow. Thazara (my main) still needs to rerun the quests for another gs item. Seems like the only one I’m so far enjoying running is Rainbow – with a total of 8 completions of it, lol. With time issues, flagging is going slow, but soon I’ll have 3 toons running Shroud πŸ™‚

So, Maidae has 5 green Shavarath Stones… I’m guessing they can’t be transformed into something else (It’s not likely I’m gonna make 5 gs items.. but who knows)?

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. omg! short post from me! lol

P.P.S. An alternative would be to make gs blanks and sell them πŸ™‚ Or move them to another toon.


Yesterday I (Maidae lvl 16 monk) joined an lfm for Rainbow in the dark “1xelite + norm farm”. Leader was talking breakers for devils and I was like shoot, I’ve got nothing, I’ll just carry the staff. Party was 2 multiclassed monks lvl 17, rogue lvl 16, fvs and wiz. The wizard took the staff. Maidae was using her Vampiric stonedust wraps, and strangely enough, she did really well. She was taking the least amount of damage of all (well she was the only pure monk), and I didn’t notice any problem with damage against devils and gnolls. Stonies gave me yellow numbers though, and I did manage to get disintegrated by the optional beholder in the elite run, but otherwise Maidae did really well. We did a total of 5 runs.

But, help me out please. I wish to be tanking Harry soon. What wraps do I need for breakers? I’ve got Holy wraps of bleed, fire wraps of maiming, and some ghost touch. I guess I need to get smiting and banishing as well, but what do I need for shroud?

Note: Maidae is dex based dark monk ninja spy. I need to check her stunning DC, but she does a good amount of stunning anyway. πŸ™‚ Alignment: lawful neutral.

I, or Thazara that is, has a crafting level of 43, so I can craft things like +3 holy wraps of lesser vampirism. But I guess I need silver for Harry? Any named I should go for, or should I craft something?