Thazara and U19

Lately a couple of friends of mine have been checking my blog almost as often as I check the stats, so I figured I owe them a new blog post. 😛 What have I been up to this week? Well, I was away Friday-Saturday, so didn’t play at all those two days, and my static group on Cannith got their hearts of wood so we can TR next week. After running the Trill of the hunt ee last week, I got very interested in trying out a shadar-kai assassin, so made one on Monday, that I was goona try out in gianthold with my sister. Well, my sister hasn’t bought the gianthold pack yet, and on Monday we found out that the guest passes were bugged. She had an active pass with 30 min left, but she couldn’t enter gianthold. I sent in a ticket and got the reply “we’re aware of the issue but have no solution atm”, so it was a no go (they apparently fixed the guest passes in U19.1). My sis switched to her lvl 12 fighter and we duo’d Diplomatic Impunity elite.

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