Dragonscales farming

So… I decided that I want the blue dragonscale robe for Thaz, although someone told me that dragontouched armor is better due to the fact that you can choose what you want on it. 🙂 But, since to me dragontouched requires planning, and I do have problems making up my mind concerning what I want, I figured some scales farming would, if nothing else, require less planning (I need to start planing a GS item soon). But, the only place you can get blue scales is in Gianthold Tor (well, and action house, but who’s paying 1 mil + plat for scales?). I ran Tor 4 times last Saturday on normal, and got a total of 2 scales, non of which blue. I think in the around 10 times total I’ve run Tor, I’ve collected 2 blue scales. But, since a lot of people are asking for black scales, I figured why not farm Mired in Kobolds for black scales and trade for blue? So, I ran Mired 2 times on Elite yesterday and collected a total of 3 black scales. 🙂 After some trading and a couple of donations, I now have 12 scales, 8 to go before I can get the robe. Running Mired in Kobolds seems like time better spend compared to running Tor, but Tor’s fun too 🙂 A fem more runs of Mired and I should have enough black scales to trade for the blue ones I need.

I do plan on switching to some epic armor at some point, but at the moment the blue dragonscale robe seems like my best option. 🙂 I should also farm for tapestries for Minos Legends.

Just a short update from Thaz. See you around Orien 🙂