To the newly lvl 16 healers

I would like to post this from the comment section on my post Healer priorieties (@bluejadex, I hope you don’t mind me reposting your question)

bluejadex Says:
I’ve pretty much followed the priorities you mention here. Here’s my question: when you go in a quest with at least a couple people you’ve not ran before, do you tell them your priorities, or just go for it?

I’ve had cases (especially when at lower levels…just got my cleric to level 16 with the stone of experience and am a bit overwhelmed atm) where players either rage quit or had some rude comment if I didn’t keep them fully healed ALL the time. In one of the quests, the player did both – even though I kept him alive the entire time (one or people did die, but got them to Res shrines since I didn’t have Res yet).

Micki Says:
Experienced players only expect you to keep them alive, anything else is bonus (so, no I don’t usually tell people my priorities, but the quote on my profile is what I said at the start of epic Bargain of blood). Newbies, and especially those who’ve never played a healer before, might complain about a range of things. You can only try your best. I did, though, after getting tired of complaining zergers, add a list of rules to Thazara’s bio. Something like: 1. I can’t heal you if you’re out of reach. 2. I can’t heal you if you’re blocked. 3. I can’t heal you if you leave me to fight alone 4. I am not a hire and will not tail you. I will follow the party, but I am not that fast and if the party splits I have to pick who to follow. 5. I can’t heal stupid. 6. If you complain about me not healing you because of 1-4, you will only make me angry and most likely be blacklisted.

Advice on playing a lvl 16 healer? 1. use superior ardor clickes. 2. don’t over heal – use your superior ardor clickie to buff your heals/ cures and pick the smallest cure you can, that heals the player to 100% (will save you a lot of mana). 3. avoid aggro. Some people like to run through bb with monsters on their tail, but the thing is, when you get aggro it’s hard to heal the party. Only fight if 1. you can quickly take out the foe without taking damage or 2. someone else is keeping aggro (or the foe is unable to attack you because e.g. Otto’s).

Learning to play a healer efficiently and to be more than a healbot takes time and practice. It’s actually one of the (imo) most difficult roles to play. Some people expect to be able to heal shroud just because they suddenly have a high enough healer toon. Don’t go into shroud until you’ve successfully played party healer in quests lvl 17 (preferably elite, but lvl 15-16 elite works too). Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

First post

So, I’ve been playing DDO for a few months now (8) and am slowly getting a feel for the game 🙂 I’m very green, never played D&D or any MMO before, but I love fantasy and fiction, so have fallen in love with DDO (but sometimes I’m feeling a lot of hate for my Internet provider). I started playing my cleric in DDO in the same way as I played my elf in Zelda the Twilight princess on Wii, and very fast learned that it doesn’t work 🙂 Oh, and I was determined to play an elf cleric – elf because elves are cool and a cleric because they’re versatile. What happened? A few levels up and I started to hate my char. She was quite useless for anything but being a healbot, and I didn’t want to play healbot. I was determined to collect as much favor as I could with this char, so I really didn’t want to reroll. So, at lvl 11 I went on the forums for the first time and asked for help. Result? Did a greater reincarnation and turned my char into an offensive caster cleric. And now I love her. 🙂  New plan: make her into an end game toon. I’m still collecting favor, and am therefor leveling very slowly (holding levels), but when I finally hit cap, I want to run some epics. Just need to find and/or craft suitable gear. 🙂 But all in good time. I have no plans on TR:ing this toon, as I will be hitting 3000+favor and do not wish to recollect it 🙂