Fairwell myddo

I don’t know when exactly myddo will be removed. I didn’t even know about it until someone on twitter pointed me towards it. I’ve been busy. Busy trying to get everything done while making some time for ddo.

I went to a sports physiotherapist on Thursday and she told me I’m constantly over working my lower back, that it’s like a brick atm. I’m not using my inner abs, and my upper back is really stiff and locked up, so my lower back is having to do all the work, and it is complaining a lot lately. I’m just not giving my back any rest, and that includes all the time I sit by the computer.

Oh, back to myddo going down. I’ve loved this blog. I made some friends. I actually found a home, in my opinion. So, I really don’t have any inspiration to move to another site. Maybe if they introduce blogging on ddo.com, or if I just start missing it too much? I don’t know. My problem is that with the pictures I like adding to my blog, it takes me anything from an hour to a few to finish a blog. That’s time away from ddo and other stuff, so I’ve been finding it hard to make time for it lately, and inspiration has been down.

On a side note, Thazara did pull the epic elite Shamanic Fetish the other day. 🙂 Thaz very very happy.

I will be around (u can find me on twitter: DDOMicki or via email: mickiherexx@gmail.com).


New profile

🙂 Hi everyone. I just spent about 2.5 h taking in game pictures, photo editing (i.e. cutting and resizing) and writing html for my profile on myddo. I am very pleased with the result, but I wouldn’t mind getting some feedback. I btw linked the pictures to the full size one, and the names are linked to the toon’s myddo page. Thazara’s is broken, though.

Tc and happy questing.

P.S. Yes, this is me trying to get people to visit my page XD haha.

P.P.S. I am planning on potentially adding a html widget for some of the info I left out, like my email address and the link to Thazara’s g+ page.

P.P.P.S. Can anyone tell me where all the pictures were taken? 🙂

Quick fix for broken myddo blogs

If you ever find your blog looking a bit like this:

broken blog

Then I have an easy fix for you.

The myddo blog page works like this:

The page is divided into parts; top banner, left column, center column, right column and bottom banner. Left and center columns contain widgets that you can more or less manage. When the page loads, first the top banner is rendered (i.e. drawn), then the left column from top to bottom, then center, right and bottom banner. But here’s the thing. While rendering, if any of the widgets run into a critical error, rendering stops there and then. This means that anything that would come after, will not show.

With the latest update, the logs widget does not seem to be able to display characters taking epic or druid levels. So if you notice that your blog is suddenly looking very dark, here’s what you do.

1. Look at you logs widget. How many logs do you see?

Broken Character Log

In my case I see 3. The logs widget should display the 6 last logs, which tells me that the forth log is the one causing the error. You can also tell that the widget is broken off, as it does not show the links at the bottom, which it should.

2. Run some quests. In my case I needed to create a minimum of 3 logs, which I did by running two quests and collecting the end reward (well actually I ran the same quest twice, but that’s beside the point).

Character log

If the logs are updating on your myddo page, your blog should now show normally.

3. Head over to My Admin, choose Appearance and Widgets on the left.


4. On the right, click on Character Log, press Remove and remember to Save Changes.

Widget list

5. Go back to your blog. 🙂

By hiding/ disabling your logs widget, the next time it contains broken logs, it will not cause render to fail. If you want to see your logs (you will only be able to see the ones after the broken ones), you can access it via the url: http://my.ddo.com/%5Byour name]/log/. In my case it would be: http://my.ddo.com/micki/log/

Good luck and happy questing!

P.S. No, I do not work for Turbine. I don’t have access to their source code, and I can’t do anything about the broken logs. This is only meant to be an easy fix for people who like to keep a blog on myddo.

Mailbox still broken

My myddo mailbox is still broken, so if you want to send me a pm, please send it to mickherexx@gmail.com

Ty very much!

P.S. I have an annoying blue envelope and 3 unread messages that I can’t read. I do love getting messages, though 🙂

Page not found

To you who sent me a message on myddo, at the moment I am unable to read the messages, because…

page not found

I have reported it, but it’s been more than 3 h and nothing has happened.

P.S. Jup, to me 3 h is a very long time 🙂