Dungeon completed?

Here’s my nut for the day. What labels a dungeon as completed in the logs? I have several times now noticed that the logs will say that my toons have completed a dungeon, even if the quest has failed and we never actually completed it. Cerge had a failed run of Ritual Sacrifice yesterday. Failed because the npc you’re supposed to protect died quite soon after the healer hire died. But the logs claim Cerge completed the dungeon. Does it have something to do with objectives completed? If you’ve completed any objective, the logs will say that the dungeon was completed?

Also another thing. Some weeks ago I made a blunder while soloing Against the demon queen elite with hire on my main, Thazara. I had forgotten Word of Recall in my quickbar (used it when I was running Reaver’s refuge), and in part 2 of the boss fight, I managed to teleport myself out of the quest. (I know, super fail, and annoying as hell). But here’s the weird. The in game quest panel had marked it as completed and “solo”. I was like wtf? It didn’t open up the raid, though, so the quest wasn’t actually completed.

Anyone else wondered about these things?


Quick fix for broken myddo blogs

If you ever find your blog looking a bit like this:

broken blog

Then I have an easy fix for you.

The myddo blog page works like this:

The page is divided into parts; top banner, left column, center column, right column and bottom banner. Left and center columns contain widgets that you can more or less manage. When the page loads, first the top banner is rendered (i.e. drawn), then the left column from top to bottom, then center, right and bottom banner. But here’s the thing. While rendering, if any of the widgets run into a critical error, rendering stops there and then. This means that anything that would come after, will not show.

With the latest update, the logs widget does not seem to be able to display characters taking epic or druid levels. So if you notice that your blog is suddenly looking very dark, here’s what you do.

1. Look at you logs widget. How many logs do you see?

Broken Character Log

In my case I see 3. The logs widget should display the 6 last logs, which tells me that the forth log is the one causing the error. You can also tell that the widget is broken off, as it does not show the links at the bottom, which it should.

2. Run some quests. In my case I needed to create a minimum of 3 logs, which I did by running two quests and collecting the end reward (well actually I ran the same quest twice, but that’s beside the point).

Character log

If the logs are updating on your myddo page, your blog should now show normally.

3. Head over to My Admin, choose Appearance and Widgets on the left.


4. On the right, click on Character Log, press Remove and remember to Save Changes.

Widget list

5. Go back to your blog. 🙂

By hiding/ disabling your logs widget, the next time it contains broken logs, it will not cause render to fail. If you want to see your logs (you will only be able to see the ones after the broken ones), you can access it via the url: http://my.ddo.com/%5Byour name]/log/. In my case it would be: http://my.ddo.com/micki/log/

Good luck and happy questing!

P.S. No, I do not work for Turbine. I don’t have access to their source code, and I can’t do anything about the broken logs. This is only meant to be an easy fix for people who like to keep a blog on myddo.

MyDDO logs Turbine!

Dea mentioned in her post myDDO busted on ALL my toons?!?! that myDDO wasn’t updating. I noticed this week that none of my toons on Orien are updating. But, strangely enough, my baby clonk on Cannith’s still updating normally. Come on Turbine. You’re big and experienced. Broken logs is so noob. Fix them already.

Tc gamers and see you in game 🙂