First post

So, I’ve been playing DDO for a few months now (8) and am slowly getting a feel for the game 🙂 I’m very green, never played D&D or any MMO before, but I love fantasy and fiction, so have fallen in love with DDO (but sometimes I’m feeling a lot of hate for my Internet provider). I started playing my cleric in DDO in the same way as I played my elf in Zelda the Twilight princess on Wii, and very fast learned that it doesn’t work 🙂 Oh, and I was determined to play an elf cleric – elf because elves are cool and a cleric because they’re versatile. What happened? A few levels up and I started to hate my char. She was quite useless for anything but being a healbot, and I didn’t want to play healbot. I was determined to collect as much favor as I could with this char, so I really didn’t want to reroll. So, at lvl 11 I went on the forums for the first time and asked for help. Result? Did a greater reincarnation and turned my char into an offensive caster cleric. And now I love her. 🙂  New plan: make her into an end game toon. I’m still collecting favor, and am therefor leveling very slowly (holding levels), but when I finally hit cap, I want to run some epics. Just need to find and/or craft suitable gear. 🙂 But all in good time. I have no plans on TR:ing this toon, as I will be hitting 3000+favor and do not wish to recollect it 🙂