Heroic Elite Crucible on gimpy druids

My sister is a premium player and not too many weeks ago she bought the Gianthold pack. We were running some gh before this, but for the last few weeks we’ve been running almost only gh. I had completely forgotten it, but we never did Crucible, while we ran all the walkups and flagging quests. Crucible is possibly my very favorite quest in gh. I always used to run it elite with a party, for bravery bonus, but at some point I decided I wanted to learn the puzzles (tests), and solo’d it on my then monk, with a hireling. I ran casual-normal-hard solo, and later on I’ve solo’d it eH on my cleric. When tree form was still working like it was this summer (long time speed bug), I ran crucible on ee on Thaz and Maidae. My biggest problem when running it ee, was the small spaces you have to lock yourself into, when doing the maze. I always wanted 2 ppl with me when doing ee – one for valve, other to help me with dps. Anywho, I know the quest pretty well, including the maze.

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to try and duo the quest with my sister. My druid is imo pretty gimp, well mostly cause I haven’t put too much time or energy into her. My sis has a similar build, but with less gear. We’re both wolf spell casters, and the only one in our party that is really survivable, is my wolf, who has evasion. My druid has a reflex save of about 4.  Anyway, we entered, tried to do the optional (only the guy that wants real high diplo failed), and off we go. The maze itself is a non issue. I show my sis the valves, and tell her to pull while I get the crests and put them in the sockets. The problem is when we get to the horn. No evasion, crap saves, trap hits me full on and I die… and drop the horn. No prob, my hire that was parked by the pit raises me and I got get the horn.

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Summer Vacation 2013

Hello boys and girls and warforged. 🙂

In Finland if you have a permanent position at a company, and you have been working for more than 1 year, you are entitled to 4 weeks of summer vacation, that you can either split up, or use all in one go. I prefer to stay away from work for 4 weeks in one go, to get a proper break from all the stress and daily routines. My vacation started July 1, and I will back at work again July 29. It’s been sunny and warm in Finland, and I’ve been trying to work on my tan a bit. 🙂

Even after 1.5 weeks of vacation, I still haven’t gotten all the things done that I had on my list. I still need to do some shopping and cleaning, and I haven’t been to the gym at all. I’ve seen my friends some, and I’ve been cycling a bit. Time flies. I have, though, been playing ddo until morning, almost every night. 🙂

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Just a short one; ee Tor

Since epic gianthold came out, I have been spending at least some time there every week. I tend to hop on ee lfm’s, especially if it’s someone I know. Usually it’s been Prison of the Planes. A few days ago I gave up trying to lead FoT. It’s not that I don’t know it, or try my best to make sure everyone knows what to do, people still manage to mess up, we fail the timing and end up having to prep the Reaver over and over…. Those damn perma dots, and people without pale lavender, etc. It’s a huge mess and I’m tired. So, while complaining to a friend about it, he suggested one of the channels he’s in. Not that it’d help me with FoT, but they run other stuff, like ee Tor.

So, yesterday I had planned to run some lowbie stuff with grim, but then I was asked if I want to run ee Tor with the ppl from the new channel and some others. They call themselves “The Tor kittens”. 😛 I’ve never run ee Tor, been meaning to, so found it very hard to say no. I felt totally lost in this group. I mean, I knew 4/5 of them, and they were all pretty nice, but I felt like I was expected to do more dps. I badly need to finish my EDs and get tree. Group leader asked “Thaz can u get tree?” and I had to tell him, I don’t have it yet.

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