First mabar experience

Tonight when mabar finally went live I joined a lvl 16-20 party on Maidae and was running around Delera’s Graveyard killing things, piking once in a while to send tells to a friend. 🙂 I got enough motes to pick up base item of Cloak of Night and Wraps of Endless Light, but what annoys me is that u cannot get the item at the level u want, but have to buy the base and then upgrade.

I stayed on long enough for the Summoning Chamber to open, went in with my party, but ended up in lvl 20-25 instance instead. Lag is bad, but when the dragon arrives it gets really bad. I can’t move at all, and we end up failing. I was told that the one before had had exactly the same problem.

If turbine doesn’t fix this lag problem, I guess I’ll only get items to level 8 (which doesn’t require any scales).

Mabar pt 2


🙂 Maidae and Cerge will be participating in the event, and I plan to skip other activities for Mabar this weekend, most likely the next as well. I will possibly postpone my weekly raids, except maybe Thazara’s weekly elite shroud.

I have not decided exactly what gear I wish to get from the event, except that I do want at least wraps and cloak for Maidae and a cloak for Cerge. I have not decided what level, though, depends on how easy/ hard mats are to get. Look me up on Orien if u want to do Mabar with me.

Peace out.

CC again

I was complaining a few days ago about how I don’t like Crystal Cove. 🙂 Well… I ran 7 lvl 20 CC yesterday with Thaz and 5 of them went very well (met not only mandatory quota but optional as well in about 10 mins), 1 failed and 1 barely met minimum quota. It was sorta funny when on the 6th or 7th run one of the party members said that Thaz’s gotta be a lucky cleric, since all runs he had done with Thaz, had gone very well. 🙂 Well, I’d still say it was because of a good party, good map and good torcher.

I got determined to get the epic ornamented dagger, fully upgraded. I have no idea what other stuff I would want, but I’m at least running until I get the dagger upgrades (I have the dagger lvl 20 and the greater cunning trinket already, I just need about 1,500 dragonshards – or something like 1,200 more).

epic dagger

Now, a weapon for melee, or a shield would maybe not be too bad? Or the Greater Nimble Trinket for blurry, or the Greater Stalwart Trinket? An archmage hat for buffs would also be good (to be changed to minos after buffing)

And what could Maidae and Cerge use? Any suggestions? Maidae could at least use a dex item, and Cerge the dagger lvl 8 🙂

Only 7 more days to run CC, so if I want to get some good stuff, I have to run it more or less every day…

See you around Orien, take care.