Keronna’s story –>Jan 19, 2013

Shindurza has been waiting for this part of the series, so here it goes. πŸ™‚

Keronna now

How it started
I started writing a blog on myddo in March 2012. Yes, March. Not as much as I do now, and I didn’t have any pictures. At the same time I started reading some of the other blogs and commenting as well. I love interacting with ppl online, and I’ve for a long time been active on different forums and social media. Apparently many of my comments were just a “lol” or something similar, becuase when Shin sent me a message May 16th he started with “…girl dropping the LOL’s in our blogs? :)”. πŸ˜› teehee.Anywho, Shin told me he had made a guild on Cannith strictly for myddo bloggers and commentators, and was asking if I would like to join. I told him that I don’t really think I have the time, since I have a lot of plans for my toons on Orien, but that I’d think about it. Shortly after I learned that Domfig had made an fvs on Cannith, and I started to itch for giving Cannith and the guild a try. So, come the end of May and I made Keronna.

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Cannith night

Friday night is Cannith guild night for me. We got a nice little group who run every friday: me on Keronna (currently 2monk/11cleric), fvs, rogue, monk and druid. This friday we finished flagging for ADQ by running Chains of Flame and An Offering of Blood elite.

I forgot to take some screenshots in the first one, so my pics are all from the second one. πŸ™‚ Last week I took the second monk level and was having a lot of fun in Chains of flame evading fire damage. An offering of blood went a bit less smoothly with a bunch of deaths. πŸ™‚ But no matter. Was fun anyway.

Here we were heading for the shrine and some ppl died. I jumped up to get away from some scorpions and this one guy got stuck atacking the wall below me.

Keronna and scrop

Here’s a couple of action pics:

Action 1 Action 2

And here we almost wiped. I got stoned and dropped, later I dropped again, no idea what I got hit with.

Group is now flagged for ADQ and next time we’ll probably run the Plaza chains.

Ty for reading and have a nice day.

P.S. I forgot, I also got stuck behind an invisible wall, and had to use the “/stuck” command to get away. Lucky for me it worked.

I’m a cleric who thinks she’s a sorc. Sometimes a monk.

Keronna is turning out pretty interesting (which I’ve said before). She’s currently 1 monk/ 9 cleric and has sorcerer dilettante 2. With +4 con item, +2 wis item and a +25 sp item, she has in water stance 172 hp and 531 sp. She is one level behind on cleric spells, but with the sorc dilly she can use arcane scrolls; herosim, true seeing and rage at 100% and things like stoneskin, firewall and acid rain at 85%.

Yesterday was Cannith night. I checked my mailbox and I had a mail containing a +2 str tome from someone. This person turned out to be online so I sent him a tell “Hi! Who are you?”. We talked for a while and he told me he’s a friend of Finch’s and that he likes helping other Finns get started (he’s apparently Finnish). Not only did I get the +2 tome, but he also gave me more plat than Thazara has, and later sent me some gear in the mail (that she can’t use yet). πŸ™‚ Well I was a bit shocked, and now I don’t know how to repay him.

Anywho, I bought a few scrolls of teleport (65% chance) and went to the portable whole and bought a bunch of scrolls. Mostly stoneskin and acid rain. Or little Friday group, currently consisting of Keronna, an fvs, a rogue and two monks (all currently lvl 10) continued running the Sorrowdusk chain elite. I think we did the first 3 or 4 last week, so we continued from there. I buffed some and gave people stone skin, but then during the runs I had a lot of fun using my acid rain scrolls and greater command spell (I slotted single target command later, since greater command’s rather expensive). I really liked throwing acid rain over a bunch of ooze and listening to the sound of them taking damage. πŸ˜€

I did some healing, mostly via bursts (I am so spoiled with the bursts), but mostly did offensive casting – mostly command and acid rain, but also some dp. Group’s though that strong that dp works too slowly. πŸ™‚

After we lost most of the group (everyone but me and Xanibal left), I stayed on to stock up on scrolls, do inventory and work on raising crafting levels with the essences I had collected. Currently they’re around 18. I’ve been itching a bit to do a Chrono. Can you believe it, I have only one toon who’s ever run Chrono and that is Thazara. And I stopped running it with her after I had about 2 of every named item from there. I mentioned it in the guild chat that I’d like to run a Chrono and Shin (Shindurza) said he’d run (hope you don’t mind me publicly mentioning this) on his lvl 23 wiz.

Shin goes in on elite, I follow and Xan enters but has to go afk. I follow Shin around, on occasion throwing some spells and acid rain. Getting devil aggro and having to kite. πŸ˜€ At one point I was out of mana and swapped to wraps and fire stance and did some melee. Oops, no breakers for devils, oh well, I’ll let Shin take care of them. πŸ˜€

Xan joins us for the end fight and Shin throws us some buffs (I give Xan stoneskin as well). End fight was pretty funny. The devastator just stood there and I put dp and acid rain on him and watched him take damage from both. Something like 50-150 from dp and maybe 30-50 from acid rain per tick. Of course Shin did most of the damage, but anyway, it was pretty cool doing some damage anyway. πŸ™‚

Alright that’s all from me for now.
Tc and see you in game.

Rethinking my enhancements

It just hit me yesterday that I need to rethink my enhancements. That is Keronna’s and Thazara’s. I leveled Keronna to 8 yesterday and I was just about to take Undying Call, when I started thinking, what do I need it for? What do I need the faith based enhancements for? Keronna is a clonk, her only melee weapon is hand wraps. The faith based enhancements provide proficiency in different melee weapons to the cost of one turn, and lasts until you log off (lasts through death). Keronna has no use for this. Undying call gives you one raise dead for free every 10 minutes. But, Keronna’s already using raise dead scrolls. Undying call costs 4 AP, that I could use for something else, and the prereq, Follower of the Undying Court is 2 AP. This is 6 AP I could spend on something else.

Thazara needs Follower of the Undying Court for proficiency in scimitars (her main melee weapon’s a scimitar), but I could spend the AP from Undying call on something else. But, then it was pointed out to me, Radiant servants requirements. As follows (from wiki):

Cleric Radiant Servant I

Usage: Passive
Cost: 4 action points
Progression: 16 action points
Requires One of: Cleric Divine Cleansing I, Cleric Divine Healing I, Cleric Divine Light I, Cleric Divine Might I, Cleric Divine Vitality I
Requires All of: Empower Healing Spell, Cleric Improved Turning I, Improved Heal II, Cleric Life Magic II

Cleric Radiant Servant II

Usage: Passive
Cost: 2 action points
Progression: 42 action points
Requires One of: Bladesworn Transformation, Silver Flame Exorcism, Undying Call, Unyielding Sovereignty, Vulkoor’s Avatar, Cleric Charisma II
Requires All of: Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life I, Cleric Prayer of Life I, Cleric Radiant Servant I

Notice the “Requires One of” on RS2. The first 5 ones are sub enhancements to the faith based ones, meaning they would cost you 6 AP. Cleric Charisma II is 4 AP, but requires Cleric Charisma I, which is 2 AP so a total of 6 AP anyway. But, I think I already took Charisma II for Thaz, so repicking the enhancements would still save me 4 AP.

Keronna on the other hand already has a lot more charisma than Thazara with base 14 (Thazara 8). But, if the choice is faith based + sub that I never use, or get a few more turns, then I think I’m gonna get charisma for her as well. πŸ™‚

I use the chargen: Dungeons and Dragons Online Character Planner when planning my toons. I need to replan my clerics’ enhancements. Maybe today. Oh, if you haven’t used the chargen, I very much recommend it. It doesn’t support druids or epic levels, but for the other classes lvls 1-20, it will let you see how your choices affect you. So before you LR your toon, you can check with the chargen to see if there is any point in LR’ing (how the result will differ from you current build).

Alright, that’s all folks. πŸ™‚

Tc and see you in game.

Peace out.

Cannith night finally

πŸ™‚ Yesterday was finally Cannith and clonk night. πŸ™‚ I’ve been waiting. And yay! My blog’s working again, so I can post about it (but my mail’s still broken…).

πŸ™‚ We finished Necro 1 elite, and Keronna got enough xp to level to 8, but I’m not taking the level until we’ve run the Phiarlan Carnival on Friday. πŸ™‚ Keronna’s not the baby anymore, she’s growing up *sob*. πŸ™‚ She got Radiant servant 1 at level 7 (with the monk level she didn’t get it at 6), and I’m loving having the bursts. In necro, her melee pretty much sucked (even with monk strikes, without them she was just hitting zeros), but I saw her bursts hit one of the undeads for 127 points. πŸ™‚ Pretty nice. I believe they have changed the way turns regenerate with the update, now u seem to get 2 at a time, so Keronna with her 6 turns, could use her bursts to take out groups of mobs. Basically I waited for them to surrround me, then threw 2-3 bursts, and watched how they all dropped. πŸ™‚

The problem was casters with soundburst, though. Ker doesn’t seem to have any save again it, so she would get stunned every time. I also picked up a wand of fire ball, but that was pretty useless until the boss fight. Against the mummy it kicked butt. I saw it hit the mummy for 60 purple points. πŸ™‚ Otherwise her arcane DC’s pretty crap. Something like 1/10 mobs stick in her web, and I haven’t even tried Otto’s in a while (well, it doesn’t work on undead anyway).

Did I tell you I love my clonk? πŸ˜€ lol. I think, though, I will do a greater reincarnate with her, when she has unlocked the 32 p build, and put all the extra points in con. Current starting con 12 + 4 points would get her con to 14 (helf with base 6). I could add them to str to improve her melee, but she’s not supposed to be melee anyway. Although, funnily enough, in the current group, Keronna already has the highest hp. But, I want to run raids with her at some point, and you can never have too much hp (already got wis maxed out).

On a side note, my new druid reached level 6 a couple of days ago. I had to reset her enhancements to get Season’s Herald, but that’s ok. πŸ™‚ One thing I was missing when running Keronna, was my druid’s summons and spells. πŸ™‚ yeah, so a druid’s not that great of a caster, but on lower levels she’s much stronger than a cleric (at least imo). But maybe she’s just new. I did pick up a bunch of summon monster IV scrolls for Ker (95% chance) before necro, and she kept a summoned lantern that was drawing enemy aggro, which was pretty cool. I wonder, does the scoll chance come from Ker’s cleric levels, or from her sorc dilly? She has sorc dilly 1, which means she’s counted as a lvl 3 sorcerer. The min lvl on summon monster IV is 5, but it’s a lvl 4 (divine and arcane) spell, so Ker would get it at lvl 8. I’m guessing it comes from her cleric levels then?

Alright. Tc and see you on Orien or Cannith.

P.S. I am planning to run my sorc on Orien tonight, and on Friday we will be running the Phiarlan Carnival on Cannith. Depending on how late we run, I might head back to Orien afterwards and run something with Thazara.

P.P.S. I am trying to figure out how to balance my toons’ time. Weekends are Thazara’s time, and to make time for Cerge and Maidae, I have decided that I will run one of them per week, so this week I’m running Cerge, next week I’ll be running Maidae. Jarvanna will get random time when I feel like it πŸ™‚ Keronna’s usually run on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Thinking about my toons and about the game

I have been playing DDO for close to a year now, actively since maybe Christmas. Before this I had never played a MMORPG, or any form of D&D. I still don’t know what half of the numbers mean or how damage or resistances really work (am slowly getting there, though). I also have not played most of the classes in the game.

Thazara (of Orien)
I made my cleric Thazara in August last year. I wanted a toon that could melee and cast spells. My rl friend came up with the idea to go through all the quests for max favor and I picked up on it. That was my plan with this toon, to collect favor and to raise crafting levels. I wanted to slowly get her to 20 and then leave her there as a support toon for all the other toons I was gonna play. Of course, since I didn’t know what I was doing, and the toon was started out customized, she started to suck pretty quickly. Around Christmas I badly wanted to fix her, and was considering adding a level of fighter to make her a better melee. People on the forums, though, suggested I reroll or do a reincarnation (lesser or greater). I waited until I had enough favor to unlock the 32 p build, then did a greater reincarnate. People on the forums helped me decide on starting stats, feats and enhancements. I also learned a lot about building and playing a cleric (how to use hot keys for example).

I did go back on the forums a few times to ask about gear and other things… about how to improve my cleric, but my first goal didn’t change. To collect max amount of favor. At the moment she is sitting on 3400+ favor (maybe 3500, need to check), and she hasn’t run any Eveningstar quests yet. Of quests 1-17 Thazara is missing elite favor from (if I remember correctly); In the flesh, ADQ preraid, Shroud and Reaver’s Refuge. Of quests 18-20 she’s missing elite favor from; VoD and Hox (have run them hard), a couple of IQ quests, several lvl 19 quests (missing genesis point and invasion to flag for ToD, did MA and LoB flagging elite), then all lvl 20 quests. πŸ™‚ Thazara has and is still running quests first time elite. I didn’t use to check wiki before lfm’ing, but now-a-days I check to see if I need a trapper. I don’t really farm for gear, except Crystal Cove and Tor, but I believe Thaz is pretty well geared atm, even though she could be even better. And I’m making the concordant opposition gs goggles for her.

Maidae (of Orien)
When I was running the Baudry Cartamon chain on Thazara last summer, I met a monk. She was running around jumping high and just wailing on the kobolds. I got I guess a bit jealous. Thaz couldn’t move like that. One of the things that bothered me the most in DDO was the lack of mobility in my toon (I’ve played Zelda twilight princess on wii, and it’s all about moving. Moving while fighting, or even using weapons while riding). So, after I went vip, I made my first monk. She was a light monk drow and I named her Zilvlayna. At this point I didn’t yet know about monk prestige enhancements, but when I did, Ninja spy sounded way cooler than Shintao πŸ˜€ So, I wanted to try a dark monk. Again I went on the forums and asked for help, and made a plan with the chargen. I waited until I had unlocked the 32 p build until I made Maidae with vet 1.

I did have monk gear saved, and Maidae got heavy fort at lvl 8. She was and is still my toughest toon. Is a good fighter and has good saves, and the best thing, she’s very mobile. But for some reason, she doesn’t get as much love as my other toons. My plan is to make her an end game monk, with 3 monk PL’s and at least 1 barb. But I guess, I’m finding her a bit boring? It’s fun to not be the squishy one, yes, but it also means there isn’t that much of a challenge. Unlike my other toons, where I have to pay attention all the time so I’m not gonna end up dead, playing a monk is very forgiving, especially if you’re not gimp and have decent gear.

Cerge (of Orien)
I did want to try an arcane caster. I had learned that sorc’s have less spells, you can’t change spells freely, but that they’ve got more fire power compared to wizards. Wizards are poorer nukers, but are better at CC. So, of course I wanted to try a nuker πŸ™‚ I didn’t make a plan for Cerge, but have been following the outdated Sorcerer’s Handbook on the forums. Of course I couldn’t follow it exactly, since they didn’t have prestige enhancements in -09, and everyone needs toughness. Cerge is and was from the start very squishy (I made him as well with vet 1). But he had a lot of sp, hitting over 1000 at lvl 7. πŸ™‚ I did decide I do want to try to go for completionist with one of the toons, and I decided that I would do it with Cerge. Why completionist you ask? Well for me it’s simple. It gives me a reason to try all the classes, lol, without having to make more toons to spend time on. I am also considering first going through all the classes, then doing multiple lives as wiz, fvs and sorc, to end up as sorcerer in the end. But, I could change my mind. This is meant to be a long time project.

Keronna (of Cannith)
I was invited by someone (u know who u are), to join a guild on Cannith server. I answered that I don’t really have time, but then decided that I wanted to get to know the people over there. So I planned a new toon on the chargen, with the experience I had gained playing my cleric, monk and sorcerer. The result was a 18/2 helf clonk with sorcerer dilettante. I am very excited about this toon, since I’m expecting her to be great πŸ™‚ Keronna gets most weeks playtime a few hours Wednesdays and Fridays, and just reached lvl 7.

Jarvanna (of Orien)
As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister finally decided to try out the game. I got very excited and wanted to help her out, but I didn’t have any low level toons. I did, though, want to try out the druid class, and here was my chance. The druid is completely new to me, though. I really don’t know what I’m doing, lol. πŸ˜€ But I’m making her a bit like Thazara, caster with some melee. I did, though, realize that the druid gets more skill points than the cleric, and you could make a druid go in many different directions. To use intimidate, bluff, diplo, etc. πŸ™‚ I do wish to learn to use those skills at some point, but maybe some other time. My druid will have her skills in concentration, balance, jump, UMD and maybe some diplo.

What next?
I feel I have too many toons atm πŸ™‚ I want to get Thazara finished. I want to finish collecting favor in Eberron, and then start progressing her Epic Destiny. But I also want to get Maidae and Cerge to 20 and TR Cerge into his next life as a wizard. I want to run Jarvanna with my sister, and I want to play Keronna. I also want to learn more about the game. Mostly I feel stressed that everyone’s off in Eveningstar and I’m not.

Also, it’s summer. I should not be playing at all, but be out in the sun, exercising and socializing with real people. But for some reason, I have no interest in doing that. I do exercise, I just don’t socialize. And jup, I’m single πŸ˜€ I have no life (I just don’t have time for everything). I’m not even that interested in meeting anyone, because that would be away from my gaming time πŸ™‚ (and if you’re not into computers, games and exercise, u have no place in my life – not counting family and friends of course)

Alright. Sorry for the way too long post. Just some thoughts I wanted to get off my chest (I do think too much).

Tc and see you around.

Micki/ Thazara/ Maidae/ Cerge/ Keronna/ Jarvanna

P.S. I have a bunch of console games I haven’t touched in ages (I bought myself a used PS2 and Wii several years ago). I love buying new games (well I buy most my games used), but since I started playing DDO, the consoles have been left. I just don’t enjoy playing by myself, I only finished Zelda, because my sister was nagging me to play πŸ™‚ One exception is Buffy the vampire slayer – Chaos bleeds. I really loved that game. But then again, I’m a Buffy fan. πŸ™‚

P.P.S. I also love books and buying books. But I haven’t spent any time reading this year. When I used to travel to work by train I read a little every day, but now-a-days I mostly go by bike, so no reading time.

Clonking again

πŸ™‚ Oh, my, I haven’t posted in a while. What’s wrong with me? lol.

Had to take a break from DDO because of family visiting, but got to do my Friday Cannith and clonk night πŸ™‚ This toon’s turning out pretty interesting. She’s 5/1 cleric/monk and I can’t wait for the next level when she gets her radiant bursts. She’s at about 107 hp and 338? sp. I haven’t been using any ship buffs, but only using her own buffs (or in Proof is in the poison we used the Twelve pots). She has her 3 eternal wands, but I also just got +4 wraps and +2 str bracers, so I’m using those, fire stance and a bull’s str wand and am unarmed meleing with monk strikes πŸ™‚ I saw her punch up to a 38 (her acid splash wand hits for about 16).

We ran the first 4 tangleroot chain quests as a trio with 2-3 hirelings (2x fvs + cleric), and after, me and the rogue duo’d with hires Freshen the air and Proof is in the poison. I was wearing a new robe, +3 robe of minor cold. Has a 50% chance of dealing 1d4 of cold damage? Don’t believe I’ve seen something like that before. Gotta be new from the update. I did get a similar robe of acid from Proof is in the poison. πŸ™‚ You gotta love rogues’ (or others’) repeating crossbows. Has saved my butt loads of times. When the rogue suggested those two quests (elite of course), I said, “we’re not gonna make it, I have failed with a full party before”. “Or are you gonna kick butt for the both of us?” Well Freshen the air went very smoothly. Hires kept us healed, we took out ranged first and got through it with a lot of time left on the clock (us two lvl 6 toons, elite).


So in we went into Proof is in the poison. And man those casters hit hard and red names even harder (harder than before?). I believe they’ve also made my hire Storm more stupid since the update. He just wouldn’t get out of the way when someone was blasting him with lightning. At one point both hires died and I was out of mana for heals πŸ™‚ But, I did have a wand, and was regenerating enough for small heals, so we made it nicely to the shrine (later I managed to die because I was out of mana and had a moment of mind block, where, how, what?). But the boss fight went imo very nicely πŸ™‚ The rogue was running around with the boss after him (repeating crossbows tend to draw aggro), and I could just stand on the side and use my wand (wands don’t miss unless the object is blocked or out of range). And woohoo! The quest that is a pain in the butt in most pugs (I’ve been avoiding it since I ran it on my monk), we managed to finish as a duo πŸ™‚ My clonk def kicks butt XD (well rogue too, lol)

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. I need to get some new pics of Keronna

P.P.S I was earlier in the day soloing Beyond the rift epic normal with my lvl 20 cleric. Got to underdark, aggro’d too many foes at once (I was feeling a bit bored, lol) and managed to die. I’ll prob bring a party next time for a faster run. I still haven’t been to Eveningstar. πŸ™‚

P.P.P.S. When I started playing DDO a year ago, I was running a cleric duo’ing with a rogue friend, and now again? LOL.

Cannith night

Yesterday was Cannith and clonk night again. I finally decided to buy the base version of MotU, since I do want to run epic destinies when they’re out. So base back meant 1 learning tome per server and an xp boost pot and spidey companion per toon. I named the spidey “Arraetrikos“. Not very original and I’m sure there are many Arraetrikos’isis running around Stormreach, but he’s the single most fought boss in ddo, so he deserves to have a tiny spider named after him, lol. Or maybe I just wanted the spider to seem more fierce than he actually is? πŸ˜€ Other options I considered were Aragog, Baby (from Dirty Dancing), Tiny (Huge creatures have a tendency be called Tiny) and Milou (Original name of Tintin’s dog Snowy).

I ran a pug Swiped Signet elite and that was just crazy. I was trying to help fight with my eternal wands, but people were rushing and I was having troubles keeping everyone healed. First try was a wipe, second try we had a bunch of deaths, but were victorious. With just the level 2 cures, I just couldn’t heal with spells, but was wand healing. I had several wands of repair (benefit of sorc dilly, I can repair), but apparently only one wand of cure serious, so I ran out close to the end. Party did give me a few pots, though, and I healed them up with mana before the last mobs.

Then I went in solo to The sacred helm elite, and was joined half way through by a couple of friends (went a lot easier after that, but we did have at least one death). I realized, though, that especially when soloing, Keronna, even though she has dumpted str, in fire stance + bull’s str I get her str to 14 and with the monk strikes she does more damage meleing than with the eternal wands. Eternal wands do damage of about 10, while I saw her punch a 20, and she hits faster than she can use the wands. Wands are still great for bigger foes and bosses, though. Sound burst + unarmed fighting, even when not built for melee, works pretty good at this level.

We then ran Depts elite (me, 2 guildies = wiz and rogue) and I got Ker to lvl 6. At lvl 6 I got her one of my fav hires: Storm (WF fvs), and we ran Irestone Inlet elite. Inlet has a tendency to make u dead, but I was surprised at how well we did, even though we duo’d the first half with hires, me and the rogue. Storm was as good as I remembered him. πŸ™‚ He’s basically a thf melee that can heal, so he does a good job at protecting the casters. In Inlet I had a big problem with getting hit with feeblemind, though. One hit and I couldn’t melee anymore, 2 hits and my backpack got so heavy that I got helpless (unable to do anything but move around).

πŸ™‚ I’m actually pretty pleased with how this toon’s turning out. I am planning to do a feat swap at some point, though, and swap extend for empower. Ker’s still very undergeared, since this is my first toon on this server and I have nothing saved. She’s also pretty poor, so basically she can barely afford one wand of cure serious per a few quests. πŸ™‚ But At lvl 6 she’s at about 107 hp (toughness feat and 2 enhancements) and 350+ sp in water stance, with +25 sp and +2 wis item.

Ty guys for a fun night and see you next time.

TC, Keronna

Loving my clonk

πŸ™‚ As I’ve mentioned before, I made a caster clonk with sorc dilly on the Cannith server, to be able to run with some friends. I love my clonk. πŸ™‚ She’s atm 4/1 cleric/monk. She has 3 eternal wands (Eternal wand of spark of light, Eternal wand of magic missile and Eternal wand of acid splash) that she uses for fighting. She has extended buffs, so her elemental buffs last 8 minutes, but only just over 300 sp with a +25 sp item and water stance, so she’s got just enough sp to buff 2 people (so she mostly buffs herself).

The best thing, though, is that she can block and tumble successfully, and the wands give her great range. This means, that when the party charges into battle, she can stand at a safe distance and spam spells with her wands πŸ™‚

I was very proud yesterday when running with a couple of friends on Cannith with two hires, my cleric and one bard. At one point the others ran into trouble (I was far in the back out of harms way), and they + the bard hire died. The mobs of course started chasing me. I had put the hire on defensive mode, and while I was jumping backwards and tumbling and casting acid splash, I was calling the hire to me for heals. The proud bit was that I managed to take down all the foes chasing me without dying, and managed to get my friends stones to the shrine.

πŸ™‚ Of course, if you haven’t figured it out, later on we all ran into more trouble than we could handle and party almost wiped (luckily there was a shrine close by), I was down to 0 con, and it was all a big mess, but in the end we managed to take out all the nasty casters and be victorious. πŸ™‚ I got really annoyed with my hire in the final battle, though. I put him in a corner on defensive mode and told him to stay. The only way I could get him to stay was to put him on “do not do anything else than what I say”- mode, and that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted him to stay and heal, not do anything else, but he just kept storming into battle… all the time (so finally I just let him die and be dead).

But yeah, had a good time with some nice people. Ty for that. πŸ™‚

Until the next time…

Micki/ Keronna.