That ee Zawabi’s Revenge

October 22, 2013 Thazara (1st life lvl 28 cleric)  and Osiride (20+ life lvl 28 fvs) completed ee  Zawabi’s Revenge as a duo (see 2 man ee Zawabi’s Revenge). We both ran in Unyielding Sentinel ED for better survivability, Osi tanked her and kited trash and I mostly dot’ed Lailat. Since then we have been running weekly ee Zawabi’s (ADQ2) with different groups, sometimes with a full party, sometimes 6 man, sometimes less. Our weekly raid night usually contains one run of ADQ. I’ve usually been running one of my levelling toons for xp.

This Saturday we were running ADQ as normally, Osi had an lfm up and we only got one joiner, a lvl 25? swashbuckler bard. Or maybe he was 24, I don’t remember now. Osi was like “I don’t run hard”, and then says “Thazara: we’ll try ee and if we fail we do hard”. Sure says I, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I recently eTR’d Thaz, and she was only 23, but I had done one 6 man ee Zawabi’s on her already, and I trust Osi. So in we went, Osi in Sentinel meant to tank her, me in Angel since Thaz is now a divine dc caster, and always runs in Angel.

We get through the hallway, buff and start the Lailat fight. I’m not wearing any perma blur item, but I have a few displace clickies. I know I cannot handle Lailat aggro, but I keep casting my spells at her anyway, stealing aggro from Osi over and over, since his dps is a bit lower due to being in the tanking ED. The bard gets scared and recalls after the second death, while I and Osi per usual do not recall unless it’s a wipe. So we continue.

I decide to try and not pull so much aggro, so I help Osi kill off the efreetis that he’s kiting through bb’s, before focusing on Lailat. Osi is pulling her aggro and is tanking her, but over and over as he’s tanking her, I do a crit and she turns and slashes me to pieces. Running doesn’t help much. As she hits her rage mode (at ~20% hp), I switch to heal mode and let Osi finish her off. With the death penalties I’ve suffered, I’m taking quite a bit of damage from the blades and archers and I die twice because of it, and Osi has to throw me a raise. But it the end we succeeded. Yay!

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Raiding and more raiding

Friday I was planning to finish flagging Maidae for CitW, but @HouseDJ2010 caught me on Twitter and told me he wanted to run with me, so I suggested we do some favor runs. It was  pretty good, Maidae is a Cetus build and DJ was running a Cetus build too, so House D favor for the House D vendor is useful for us both. 🙂 When he logged I asked Osi to help me run CitW flag, and we did Sshyn ee.. before Osi was tired. I can now not remember if I ran something after that, lol.

Saturday I spent all day doing houshold chores and then logged on at 9pm for mine and Osi’s raid night as usual. I ran most raids (except FoT) in a levelling ED, to finish them off. Osi chose for us to start with ADQ (eH/ eE) and then gave me star. I typed 1: CitW, 2: FoT, 3: ToD, 4: VON, 5: Chrono, and then rolled d5 /roll d5. It gave me 2, so posted for FoT. As usual, I just typed in party chat what we were running and lfm’d for the last spots. Quickly we had a full party. I put our paladin on SR tank, but I kept stealing aggro fury-shotting him, lol. But it worked out fine. Me and Osi always have a lot of fun during raid night. After FoT I posted for ToD, and then gave Osi star for CitW… but we did VON first. He threw it back for me for Chrono, lol. I have no problem lfm’ing, but we both give the other the star if we wish to go afk for a moment. I was running in a leveling ED, still I was the 1st in in ee Chrono and had started it, lol. Osi logged after Chrono and I posted for Deathwyrm and then Thunderpeak. I can’t remember now how many runs we did, but I was tired after a while and went to bed.

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Glada Vappen

Today is last of April, which is celebrated in Finland, and some other European countries (see Walpurgis Night). In the lower grades in school, they organize a carnival/ masquerade/ parade, which I always disliked, lol. Like I dislike getting dressed up for Halloween (which for us is a much newer thing). Anywho, ppl burn bonfires or just party on last of April. A couple of years I just went to a rave style club, last year I did nothing. 🙂 This year a friend of mine wants to party, so party it is.. and no ddo.

I felt like it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, so here’s my blogging, lol. Last weekend I ran Cerge a lot. Saturday night me and Osi did our Saturday night raid marathon like always, we did eH/ eE ADQ, eH CitW, eH/eH VON, elite ToD, eH FoT, and eE Chronoscope. During Chrono Kudesnik sent me a tell, and I asked if he wanted to run VON, so after Chrono, I posted for another eH/ eH VON, and Cleazy joined. I had planned to post for Thunderholme raids when Osi logs, but since Cleazy wanted come, and he was not 26 yet, we ran a Jungle of Kyber too.. and then Thunderholme. Osi and I don’t drop group and repost like Cleazy used to, but we tell the party what we’re planning to run and ppl can stay or leave, and many ppl usually stay, so we had a full group for all the raids.

Sunday has been my xp’ing day, so when I logged on on Sunday I posted for xp runs, starting with VON1-4 eE. My guildie Jedli joined me, and then Cleazy, Shao and someone else, I forget now. After VONs we did Demonweb eE, Don’t drink the water, eH/eH ADQ and then over to eStar 1-2 chains also eE. Cleazy was getting really tired so he dropped group at some point and was replaced. Deli and Shix joined us in eStar. \o/ 🙂 And after those runs I posted for eE Chronoscope, and Thunderholme raids eN. I usually switch to Fury ED for Thunderholme, but this time I completely forgot and ran them in Crusader. Turns out it wasn’t that big of a deal and I got Crusader to level 5. Cerge has most ED’s capped and this week I’m expecting to finish capping them. A few more raids and then I plan to eTR + TR again.

Okidoke, ty for stopping by, I got to get back to work.

Happy Vappu and cheers.

Easter weekend and ddo

Easter Friday and Monday are national holidays in Finland. I still decided to pretty much play my normal hours, except for on Saturday logging on a couple of hours earlier than I usually do. It was a very good Saturday and Sunday for me. On Saturday I got to run with Crush and Deli in Vale and Lords of Dust chain (we were all lvl 18, I was running Maidae), and those guys I just have a lot of respect for, and it pretty much made my day. I did switch to Cerge for my and Osi’s raid night at 9 and we ran eH/eE ADQ, eH CitW, eH FoT, eH/ eH VON, ee Chrono and elite TOD. I was talking to a friend during some of those runs, so I was rather distracted, but I enjoy running the raids and it just feels good having Osi there. ToD did not fill this time, so we short manned it (only 7 ppl) and the run was a bit slower than usually. When Osi logged off, even though I was super tired I still decided to post for Deathwyrm and Firepeak raids, only eN. Deathwyrm has slowly become a pretty routine raid for me, even though I still don’t know the puzzles off by heart. My guildie Jedli has been learning them, and he’s now helping me do them (if he’s online). The run wasn’t super fast, but we completed, and then I posted for Firepeak. The Firepeak run was going annoying. We lacked dps, ppl weren’t listening, and at some point I for a moment feared we were gonna wipe. But we pulled through and completed. I did apologize afterwards for the run to someone.

Sunday I logged at 1pm with the plan to xp my ED’s on Cerge. I posted for eH/ eH VON again, and Osi and Jedli joined me. I was in no hurry to start, I was cleaning my inventory and having a cup coffee, and we slowly filled. I started when I had half a party, and like always I did the voice and the ring. I managed to fall down off the bridge on the left side north, but got back up with my boots of propulsion. And when I was going to talk to the head east, I notice the puzzle isn’t done (person working on it had only gotten 1/3 of the way), so I spend some time working on the puzzle while the rest of the party is waiting south (can’t continue until the head is read). I usually don’t do the puzzle since I have to wiki it and it’s just slow, others are faster. But after a few min I got it done and we were able to continue the raid. I as always asked Osi to do the bases, and he put ppl on fire and ice… I solo ran to air and though I was able to prep and kill the djinn myself, my arrows only showed 0 damage on the pillar, so we had to redo it with more ppl on air.

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It was a raid heavy weekend

I used to do these weekend blogs where I gave a short run down of every run that I did during the weekend, but I can’t imagine ppl finding it that interesting, especially not since I usually do the same raids.  I’ve been doing my weekend raid marathons since spring/ summer 2012, and Osi’s been running them with me since a little while after I joined Gli Egypt. Since I recruited Jedli into the guild, he’s been raiding with me too. 🙂

Anywho, sometimes I lfm for the raids, sometimes Osi, sometimes we just throw the star back and fort “u do it, I’m gonna go afk/ relog”. Me and Osi’s raids this Saturday were: eH Citw (this one I recorded, see DDO eH CitW with pug (on lvl 27 bardcher) ), eH/ eH VON, elite ToD, ee Chrono, eH/ eE ADQ and eH FoT. After FoT I wanted to do Firepeak, so I lfm’d for that and Osi logged off. Since I wanted to keep Cerge’s hard streak, I lfm’d for hard… and then sat down outside the raid to wait for joiners. It was slow going, I was bored.. but then we filled and got going. It was a good run.

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Doing stuff, weekend post

Time again to talk some about the weekend. And post screenies! 🙂 I love my screenies. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, Saturday is my raid night, when I usually run as many raids as I can before I’m too tired, while Sunday is more of an xp day. When I logged this Saturday, I asked the guildies if they wanted to raid, I suggested VoN and I posted for eH/ eH. I took anyone applying with the “first come, first served” rule. This was almost like a Gli Egypt guild raid with 4/6 members being in this run, lol. I was doing voice and ring, but asked Osi to do bases, as I don’t really like doing it (I worry too much that I’ll do it wrong).

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Busy busy Cerge

Osi told me I should have skipped some of the raids due to it being bonus xp weekend. I told him, I like the raids, so I wanted to do my weekly raid night. He said “you could level 1-20 in 5 days”. I told him I don’t want to kill myself. I don’t like running heroic content, like said, and even though I’m fine with farming, I get bored. I enjoy raiding. 🙂 So this Saturday I ran Cerge only. I think that’s a first in a long while where I didn’t switch toon at all in the whole time I was playing. To not bore you, this time I’m just posting some pictures.

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Raids, epics, what else?

I don’t know how many times before I’ve said it, but I sleep way too little. I spend a lot of time at work, and playing ddo, some with the degus and exercise and cheat on sleep… and try to keep myself going with coffee, and more coffee. When I do have time to sleep, I just can’t too much, because of stressing over wasted time. I got an overworking mind. Oh well.

I was running with Andy (I’ve missed you, been too long) and Luri on Friday. Ran the last quests in Sorrowdusk with Andy (on Maidae), and then 3 quests from Necro 3 as a trio. Luri’s toon was 13, Maidae 12, Andy’s guy 11. I took 13 and switched to Cerge to join Matrix’s/ Storms’ FoT. Luri joined too. I ran FoT, Shroud and eVON with Storms after which I was feeling way too tired to run anything else and logged off for the night.

Saturday I was very tired. I had to go get my car from service, and had planned to go to the gym and grocery shopping after. I walked ~2.5km to get to the car service and while waiting for the manager to fill out the car’s service book, and explain what they’d done, I was starting to feel worn, and decided to just skip the gym. Had a bunch of chores to do at home before I finally logged onto ddo at 10 pm. Osi had his raid mode on, so as soon as I was present and ready to go, we did adq. Well, basically Osi did one group for the pre, and let Luri (Luriana) do the other. I just tagged along. Osi as always didn’t want us to tell the group that the raid would be ee. He just wants to scare ppl. lol! It was a smooth and easy run. Osi gave me star to host CiTW, Luri got to host FoT and Osi did eVON. I ran Thaz in FoT and eVON, since I did them on Cerge on Friday. I was very happy with the CitW run especially, since it was the first CitW pug run in a good while that has gone that well for me. 40 min, and very smooth. A few deaths in the leg fight, but no lag. Osi did another ADQ with me a bit later, and that one was more of a mess. We had several ppl pulling aggro, caster, barb, and even me on Thaz, so it was hard do keep ppl alive and healed. Osi was meant to tank, but with ppl pulling aggro from every direction, he didn’t get much of a chance to do so. For a moment I got worried we were gonna wipe, but everything turned out well in the end.

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Sunday; a lot of questing

As I was writing my weekend post, starting with Saturday raid night, I noticed it was getting pretty long, and decided to split it into two. Another post for Sunday. I went to bed at 4 am, and was wide awake at 10 am. Probably because of the 4 cups of coffee I had on Saturday evening/ night. So, I moseyed myself up after a while, made more coffee and logged on Cerge. The plan was to run VON quests for xp. I posted for VON 1 (Tharashk Arena) 2xeH, 1xeN, and had just started running the first run when Cleazy posted for VON raid. His guildie joined my group only to tell me to come join Cleazy’s raid, lol. I told him Cerge was on timer and I wanted to xp. Before the quest was over I had a full party that stayed on for the 2nd run. I decided to skip the normal run since the quest wasn’t giving me much xp, and switched to VON 2 (the Prisoner). I had a full party for the first run, lost some, lfm’d got new ppl, etc. After the 2 eH runs, I wanted to do a norm run, and left were only me and a lvl 20 cleric. I started solo, and before the end of the quest had a full group again.

After a normal run of VON 2 I switched to VON 3 (Jungle of Kyber). VON 3 was giving me awesome xp, so I ended up doing it 2xeH, then 3xeN, and was getting over 40k xp with -80% xp penalty. Some ppl switched to alts, some left and were replaced, but I never had any problems getting joiners. And after all of that I still decided to do VON 4 (Haywire foundry). The cleric stayed with me until the first run of VON 4 and then had to go. I started the last run of VON 4 as 2 man, and was having a lot of problems soloing one side on my crappy caster, worked a lot better when I got a monk to come help. And again, before the run was over I had a full party. In total I did VON1 x 2 (eH, eH), VON2 x3 (eH, eH, eN), VON3 x5 (eH, eH, eN, eN, eN) and VON4 x2 (eH, eH). Cerge got shiradi to a bit into lvl 4, and he got lvl 27, which I took. He’s only missing ~1.1 mil for lvl 28. If I get the CoV and Karma before I start itching for TR, I’ll do ER + TR.

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Saturday is raid night (usually)

Every year my work place arranges a “little xmas” party (technically little xmas is Advent Sunday), usually in November, and every year I attend and drink a bit too much. This year it was this Friday, and as usually I went, and had a bit to drink, after which I was hung over for most of Saturday. (Omg, I just admitted to that… seeing as how I don’t drink, lol!). I had planned to spend Saturday playing ddo, but instead spent most of it watch tv series. I logged onto ddo at 7pm.

As Saturday is usually raid night for me, I decided to start the night running raids on Cerge. I picked VON eH/eH to start with, and it was a pretty smooth run, except for the fact that when typing bases I wrote ice twice instead of air and ice. Meh, I corrected myself, and everything was fine, but I was a bit embarrassed, lol. Then I saw an lfm for eN FoT and figured I’d give it a go, even though I didn’t recognize the leader. eN is still pretty easy, even if you don’t have anyone leading. The leader wasn’t really taking charge, which I always prefer, so I was suggesting roles for ppl, and said I’d tank SR, even though I wasn’t sure my dps would be enough. Leader wasn’t really saying much at all, except that he could kite the undead. Run was about as crazy as you can expect from a random pug where leader wasn’t leading. Ppl killed stuff randomly, later took Sr aggro and kited him all around the room, killed Sr then TO and we had to reprep. I started yelling at ppl, and writing in party chat pretty angrily. Things like “do not kill unless given kill order”, “do not run all around the room with SR after you”, and with SR and TO, “prep them both to 1-2%, then stop”. At least ppl did what they were told, when someone was telling them what to do, and we finished without me having to get too angry. eN is still quite easy, like said. Leader offered me his comm as thanks for helping with the run, but I had already excited when I noticed the tell. He told me that he didn’t know there were so many first timers in the run, I told him that it’s sort of his job as raid leader to tell ppl what to do. Anywho, everything worked out so it was fine.

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