Sunday; something different

After going to bed at 7am, I woke up at 2.30pm and logged back into DDO. Found Cleazy on, but as he’s on -10h from me, and he had plans later in the day he was just going to bed. I checked the lfm but there was nothing interesting on, so I decided it was time to clear my last MotU maps: King’s Forest, Sschindylryn, and Underdark. I brought Andaro with me and headed over to King’s Forest. I realised I was only missing 5 messages, so used wiki to locate them and found them rather easily. I was also at 1.3k kills, and was considering working on getting it to 1.5k, but soloing I wasn’t getting enough spawns, so I gave up quickly and headed over to Sschindylryn, where I was only missing 2 messages. These I found quite easily, even though I had to fight a bunch of mobs to get there.

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Epic elites and ADQ

This is my late Sunday post. 🙂

On Sundays I usually sleep late and write my Saturday blog while having breakfast, usually in early afternoon. This Sunday I decided to log on to DDO instead to check if Cleazy was on. He was, but was busy getting an eADQ group together. I only have one epic toon, Thazara, and she ran eADQ on Saturday, so no go. I was just hanging around for a while, then saw an lfm for The House of Death Undone, epic elite looking for healer. I sent a tell than I just capped Thaz yest and that I could run.

Sschindylryn Epic Elites
I told the party that I’m unsure about where the quest is, so pls don’t enter before I get there. Found my way fine. Start was a bit messy and I didn’t know that freedom of movement was needed until someone complained “omg. ee and no fom”. I replied “sorry, I didn’t know”. Well, duh, maybe say something before we start, then? Party was ok, we had some deaths, including me, but I think we managed pretty well.

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