Cannith game night: epics and raids

After only 3-4 h sleep the night before, and working a long day, I was kind of tired and a bit testy during our game night. I took offence to ppl saying that our group is low on hp (well u do better on a 1st toon on a server with no gear or pls, and Ker is even only a 28p build). I thought Ker was doing just fine, I’ve seen worse. At level 20 she was ~380hp unbuffed, and that is with only con+6 and +20 false life. I can easily get that higher once I get some gear. But we only run a few hours once a week, so we’re not exactly gear farming.

Anywho, plan for the night was to run first Eveningstar chain, and we decided to lfm for help so we could run on eH. I think we would have been just fine the 3 of us with hirelings too. Our toons are very much underdogs, but I was pretty pleased when my level 20 clonk with almost no gear managed to insta kills a few mobs with destruction and implosion in a level 22 quest. πŸ™‚ Now, that impresses me a lot more than loads of hp.

Anywho, here’s the pictures from the night.

Keronna was sad after Ness killed a deer.


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1 week, 4 toons; quests and raids

How about instead of writing a long boring blog about this week’s happenings, I just show u some pics? πŸ˜› Ok, I’ll add a little bit of text just for clearification. Since I haven’t blogged all week, this is gonna be pic heavy, but I’m trying to keep it short.

Running Maidae with TorGrimorde and Andy. We did Made to Order, Dreams of Insanity, Purge of the Fallen Shrine and Chamber of Kourush. I got a pug for the first one, but got tired of the noob level, so we ran the rest with hirelings.

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This week in Stormreach

The end of the year is always busy at work, since projects needs to be finished and customers want to pay their bills for the budget, etc. This means we suddenly get a lot of work that has to be finished “yesterday”. I’ve been working over time every day, sleeping little, drinking too much coffee, and trying to make a little bit of time for ddo.

Here’s this week’s run down

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DDO Sunday

After Saturday’s marathon, it took me a while to get anything done on Sunday. Wrote my sat blog, did laundry, went for a jog and took care of the degus. Then logged on to DDO. I was a bit indecisive, I saw a group for LOB eH, and some groups that I could have joined with Cerge. I sent the LOB leader a tell that I am just that, indecisive, but that I’d love a LOB completion, and he sends me an invite.

I tell the group that I only have one try of LoB before on heroic hard and that party was just bad. One of the guys is using voice and he tells me he’s run it 4 times last week and all were completions, so I trust him and the party leader that they know what they’re doing. Well, just like last time, we don’t get an experienced dog kiter, and only a semi good tank (intimi monk). So far I’ve learned that if u don’t have a good dog kiter, u’re sort of screwed. The dogs mess everything up. I believe I am going to have to read up on LoB a bit, though, because I’m still not sure about all that’s required to beat this thing. I manage to die 3 times and on the third one something exploded and most of us died… and soon after everyone else. And it’s a wipe.

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DDO marathon

Note: marathon, means marathon. This is going to be long. lol

Friday was a night off from DDO for me, due to work xmas party (yes, kind of early, I know). Saturday I did a bit of household chores, then logged on to DDO at 7pm, which is a lot earlier than I usually play on Saturdays. Plan was to play til early Sunday morning. πŸ™‚

Early evening
So, I logged on and checked the lfm. Nothing good on. Alright, so I was missing some mats (four) for the gs scimitar I was going to make for Thaz, and they all drop in Let the sleeping dust lie, so headed over there to do a quick normal. On the way there I saw an lfm for The Chronoscope epic elite, and sent the leader a tell, that if they need a healer I’ll join once they have a bit more ppl, that I’ll run vale for mats until then. I got a reply a while later asking me how long, and I replied that I’ll drop the quest and join.

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Raids and the High Road

And then it was Saturday again and Thazara’s raid night. I was a bit late on again, didn’t get on til about 10pm my time (gmt+2), which means 2h until my weekly shroud. I was just on the guild ship contemplating what to do when Cleazy logged, which is still pretty early for him on a Saturday. πŸ™‚ Well he didn’t want to do U16 content, but raids, so I said, ok, anything is fine. First pick was ADQ.

Cleazy lfm’d for eADQ preraid eN, raid eH. I think we had a 6 man group for the preraid, but someone dropped, and we didn’t get a replacement. Then after the preraid someone had to leave and we ended up 4-manning the raid on epic hard. Wasn’t too difficult though, and Thaz got a raid token. πŸ™‚

Here’s what Cleazy/ Shysty got from the scorpion chest in ADQ (think he got some other stuff as well, but still, no one passed him anything):


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Sunday gaming again

I had planned to play all day this Sunday, but, didn’t log on til 8pm Fin time. Didn’t have definite plans for my time, but figured I could finish the Sschindylryn chain and lfm’d for The House of Death Undone saying I need a guide. Sent Neugash a tell about Thaz’s new robe, and he replied as always “lame”. πŸ˜€ lol.

Neug suggested Dreaming Dark runs on Maidae, and he said he had a PLIS for me, to get what Shards of Dreams I had on Thaz, or if I had a crystal, I could upgrade right away. We ran DD 4 times, and on the 4th I was able to upgrade the ioun stone.

After, I suggested shroud, since I’ve planned to run a few on Maidae before TR. Neug joined. Took a while to fill, and I accepted everyone who hit the lfm. I got a cleric and a bard for heals, a wizard, a sorc, 2 monks, 2 fighters, a rogue, a ranger and a sorcerer. I had a paladin, but he kept dc’ing already before we entered, so I kicked him and invited the fighter who had hit the lfm earlier. One of the monks told us before we started that he’d have to leave early, so he left after phase 2. But no prob, we had pretty good dps.

In phase 4 I was thinking we’d be able to 1 round it because of good dps, but no. 2 rounds. But, I did notice after round 1 that I was fighting with a scroll! πŸ˜€ lol! Fail. The sorcerer was only lvl 16, but a multiple TR and did well. In phase 4 she was close to dropping, but didn’t. In phase 5 same thing. Phase 5 went very well, and I’m not sure, but I think the healers didn’t even run out of mana (unless they potted). I was only watching my own hp bar and once it dropped low enough for me to get worried, other than that the healers did an excellent job.

This was Maidae’s 5th shroud, first as lvl 20. I might run it 1-2 more times before I TR her (for fun and mats for the other toons).

Ty for reading and have a great day.
Peace out.

Thaz’s Sat

I was going to log on early to run Eveningstar stuff with Zendikar, but real life stuff took longer than planned, and didn’t log on til 9 pm, Fin time. Zen was running VON, so I joined Neugash for ToD instead. Took a while for us to fill, but was a good run. I told Neug that I could prolly solo heal it, with a good party, but that I wouldn’t want to. Luckily we got a second healer. πŸ™‚ My only problem if I was to try and solo heal ToD is that u have 2 bosses in end fight and I would have to which between the one tank and the rest of the group, but I think I could do it, if I had to.

After ToD I wanted to run second Eveningstar (Sschindylryn) chain with Zen and we got a nice group for it. First quest (The House of Rusted Blades) was fast, second (The House of Broken Chains) took longer, but it was a good run. We did them on epic hard. After the second quest it was already a few minutes to midnight (5pm EST), and time for me to lfm for my weekly elite shroud.

Weekly elite shroud
This week we don’t fill super fast, but not super slow either. I get a few regulars, and healers I know, and actually have to turn down one healer. I feel kind of bad about it, this one cleric has hit my lfm before, and I always turn him down. But he does hit it when I already have 2 healers + me, and at that time I want dps, and not more heals. Yes, I am aware that divine can do some dps too, but if I’m accepting a divine as dps, it’s gonna be an fvs and not a cleric.

Here’s this week’s group (taken at the end, not start):

Shroud group

I wanted a caster in the last spot, and we ended up waiting for a caster to join. We had a nice group, but lag was crazy this time. This has got to be my laggiest run ever. We have one death in phase 4, and we take out Harry at the start of round 3. We were close to 2 rounding it, which is pretty cool for elite. Good dps.

But phase 5, omg. I’m healing and dp’ing as normally, and suddenly I (and everyone) lag badly. I’m throwing mass heals, blocking with aura running, and boom! Half the party is dead, including me. Wtf? Thazara is that sturdy in US ED, that she can take fire balls to the fase without flinching, and this time she just dropped like that. I get a raise and run around one of the corners to hide, while I raise, heal and buff. Then I sneak back in range and get back to it. I help raise some and heal, and throw some buffs. I also drink a few pots so I can continue dot’ing. The rest of the phase went smoothly.

Weekly ADQ
I want to start running at least one ADQ a week on Thaz, to try and get her the torc. I had Cleazy put up the lfm and Zendikar joins too. Nivelatorix still hasn’t flagged for it, so he can’t join (Niv, we need to get u flagged). A friend of Cleazy’s starts a second group and we do the preraid on eNorm and then the raid on eHard. Preraid’s a bit of a mess and I end up dying twice. πŸ™‚ Cleazy forgets to check quest objectives and reads the wrong Glyph twice and ends up in the penalty box. πŸ™‚ I’m keeping an eye on order and tells ppl which is next. I help out in monkey, wolf and octo, while I avoid bat. Bat has got to be the most difficult one because of traps and the crazy amount of mephits.

The raid it self is pretty smooth, and we’re 4 healers. Crap loot, though. And no torc.

Weekly eVON
Cleazy runs eVON all the time, and I had already decided to join him in one run on Sat. We do VON5 on eNorm, which is smooth, Cleazy knows it well. Thaz gets repetition penalty and only gets about 40k xp from it (compared to some getting like 80k). We enter VON6 on eHard and getting to the dragon is pretty smooth. But in the dragon fight we notice that we’re low on dps. Taking Velah out is taking too long and eggs spawn. πŸ™‚ But it wasn’t that bad, we take her out soon after. Thaz get’s an epic shard, but no token and no scale. 😦

eVON quest report

I got 1 kill, but the only thing I was attacking was Velah with dp. Wonder if I got the kill?

With this Saturday’s runs Thazara got Exalted Angel to level 4. She is now Unyielding Sentinel 5, Exalted Angel 4 and has 3 twist points. Oh, and Cleazy bought Thaz a spidersilk robe from AH (crazy since they’re so over priced), which means she now has (with ship buffs) in EA over 500hp and over 2500sp, in US over 700hp and 2035sp. I’m pretty pleased.

Here’s Thaz in her new outfit:

Thazara in her new robe

πŸ™‚ I think she looks so tiny.

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.

P.S. Yeah, Cleazy, I think you’re great and awesome and what ever. πŸ˜€ But you did die in eVON. haha! (Oh, yeah, I had to.)


Jarvanna has been neglecting Xenaya for about 2 weeks so the first thing she did this Saturday was help Xen get to lvl 8. I wanted to teach Xen what window farming is all about so we did a few runs of Caged Trolls hard. After I wanted to do a quick run of Depts elite for the last bit of XP, because I like Depts. πŸ™‚ Well, we managed to wipe in the second quest and turns out Xen only needed a tiny bit more for lvl 8, so I said let’s just do slayer for the last bit. Xen and Jarvanna took their lvl and headed over to The Tear of Dhakaan elite with the druid Manhas and the rogue Lawion. Half way through they were also joined by the lvl 1 rogue/ lvl 6 fighter Sneakybot. Heals were mostly the hireling Flower. Everything’s well until we get to the open area with the closed door and the optional clay golem. Jarvanna and Lawion head for the optional, the rest for the door, and then everything goes sideways. The people by the door go down, Jarvanna tries to go help and goes down. Same story for Lawion and it’s a wipe. I was out of time, so said, ty, but I have to go lfm for my weekly shroud now.

Jarvanna in House K

Jarvanna in house K. Yes, I saw a similar photo on krissonofpark‘s blog, and wanted my own. πŸ™‚

Weekly elite shroud
I put up the lfm at more or less exactly 5pm EST. It’s interesting, every week’s different. Sometimes we fill very quickly, other times I end up waiting a long time. The first to join is a sorcerer, then I get a fighter (I think) and a ranger. One friend is doing a ToD (we end up waiting so long that he join in the last spot), so can’t join, the other is on timer. I don’t get an arti this run either, but 3 casters, an fvs, a second cleric, a rogue and then some melees (this time I actually forgot what classes I had). Things are pretty smooth in phase 1 and 2, someone dies in phase 1, but that’s what happens when u lag while jumping over the spikes (I never jump over them). Spikes hurt a lot on elite. Phase 3 is also smooth, in phase 4 I get a bit annoyed with the cleric. He was trying to take the lead, wanted to do heal turns. Ok, I’ll try it this once. I have run raids doing heal turns, but most of the time we don’t. See, I’m not a healbot. I heal and DoT. I also lag. Which means, if we are going to do heal turns, I will have to healbot and hope for no lag. 2 people die in phase 4 and I drink 1 pot. Well, at least I tried heal turns and know that it’s much smoother when we’re 3 healers healing, than one healing until out of mana, then someone else takes over. This might have been the way to do it in the old epic raids, but in elite shroud, and especially when it’s my run, I do not want to do it that way.

Since I have a cleric in the party with more mana than me, I let him do all the mass buffs and someone else do fire resist and freedom of movement. As always I make sure everyone has gotten the important buffs and that everyone’s gotten their mana back before we take down the ellie. Harry arrives and the melees start beating on him. Melees do a good job at keeping Harry put and I keep DoT’ing. I do drink maybe 3 pots to keep at it, and we have 2-3 deaths, but everyone’s standing when Harry goes down. πŸ™‚ Oh, and for the first time someone actually does not finish. Who leaves an elite shroud anyway?

Afterwards the cleric asks me if I do this run weekly, and tells me he’s got 4 toons available for the run, that I could have one of them for my weekly Shroud. πŸ™‚ It was rather strange, in my opinion, until I later on found out who the person was. Same person who ran with Thazara in her very first epics around last Crystal Cove, and who asked me to join Definitely’s weekly eVON. πŸ™‚

Weekly eVON
Well seems like Thazara has added at least one raid to her weekly raid list. My raid plan for Saturday was Shroud, eVON and ADQ (did ToD on Friday). Cleazy (who invited me to join the guild Disorderly Conduct) wanted to join my Shroud, but he got distracted and didn’t hit the lfm before we filled. My bad that I didn’t invite him before that, but there was some miscommunication, and I got a bit annoyed with the fact that he told me while I was waiting to fill “I’ll join and then a lot of my friends will most likely join”. So I kind of didn’t want him to join just because of that comment. πŸ™‚ I found it a bit condescending, like I couldn’t fill my own raid? πŸ™‚ But after Shroud I joined his eVON in the last spot as the second healer. πŸ™‚ Cleazy has gotten a bit obsessed with running eVON, since he badly wants the eSOS shard (I think it was shard and not seal, might be wrong though). He’s running eVON on several toons, probably every day. So, eVON with Cleazy is smooth. I guess I’ll be running it with him at least once a week from now on. I had planned to do Definitely’s weekly eVON, but he usually puts up the lfm at 3am my time, which feels like a bit too late.

Later on Tristian the paladin (who turns out was the cleric in my Shroud), asks me if I want to join Definitely’s eVON, that they have a spot open for a healer. πŸ™‚ I reply, “sorry, but seems like I’m a Cleazy follower now, just ran it with him a moment ago”. πŸ™‚ Definitely has joined my Shroud before, and I don’t know his toons, lol! So might be that he was there too this week. Tristian and Definitely use the Dark Prophecy channel and I think I could get some shroud recruits from there as well.

eVON Quest report

Interesting thing about eVON. It says “You have repeated this adventure 6 times, -40%”. Well, this is the 3rd time in a row at least that it has said that. πŸ™‚ This was I think Thazara’s 9th VON.

πŸ™‚ After eVON Cleazy wants to do eADQ. I have to ask him, did u know I wanted to do ADQ, or did u come up with it on ur own? (I wrote on Twitter that I was gonna do ADQ this Sat). πŸ™‚ And he replies “Don’t u worry about that”. πŸ˜€ Meh! Such a tease. There seems to be a lot of ADQ’s on the lfm and we have a difficult time getting anyone. We end up running both on eNorm, me (Thazara lvl 22 cleric), Cleazy (fvs lvl 25), Cleazy’s friend on her paladin and a guildie of mine on a barb. I mess up a few times, and die and in ADQ when the Marilth targets me I call her an “evil bitch”. πŸ™‚ The paladin replies something like “yes, she’s moody isn’t she?” (Of course I go down when I get aggro, since I’m currently leveling Exalted Angel. In Unyielding Sentinel Thaz would have done better). We take her out and hope for good loot, but most of it is junk. No Torc. At least I get an epic raid token.

Alone at last. πŸ™‚ Pally and barb leave and it’s just me and Cleazy. It’s sort of late, but I haven’t seen C all week, so I’d like to run some more. (omg! Does Thaz have a new crush?). He gives me the star, but I don’t want it, so give it back. I check Thazara’s quest panel and the only heroic quests she hasn’t run are Murder by Night, The Riddle and Raiding the Giants’ Vault (solo). Cleazy do the lfm and we head over to do Murder by Night and after we do the Riddle. With that Thazara has enough purple dragon knights favor to get Key to the City – Eveningstar. As a last quest before I have to go to bed we do Don’t Drink the Water on epic hard. This was also a pretty good run, even though our cc guy wasn’t always responding to requests (haste, disco, open lock).

The riddle

The Riddle


In don’t drink the water we met some interesting creatures called Yuan-ti.

Tharmalos Green dragon

The green dragon Tharmalos

πŸ™‚ Aussircaex seen in the second dragon pic is Thazara’s new winter wolf pup companion.

After this it was time for Thazara and Micki to turn in for the night.

Ty all for reading and see you on Orien or Cannith.
Happy questing/ raiding.

tl;dr Just look at the pics. πŸ˜‰

P.S. Thazara just exceeded 4100 favor. Woop woop. Cleazy was bragging a bit about everything he has and has done (well yes, you were!), πŸ™‚ but at least I beat him on favor. πŸ˜€

Raiding Saturday

I basically only had raid plans for this Saturday, wanted to run ToD, Shroud, ADQ and VON. Thazara flagged for ToD a few weeks ago, and also got her boots, but I’ve been too intimidated to join random pugs. Wanted to run with a friend. Still, when I logged on I put up an lfm “1st tod, need someone to lead. got boots” (or something like that), then went into the battlefield to try and locate the ToD cave, which u have to do one time, to later be able to teleport there. Someone sent me a tell that he was on timer, but he could walk me through it. Well, ok, but I’m still not gonna lead a raid I don’t know. πŸ™‚ Another person sent a tell saying “you don’t say on the lfm that it’s ur first tod!” πŸ˜€ Haha! I replied “I’m a cleric, I can”.

Found the cave with the help of some tells from a friend, and then my net died, so had to restart. I get back on, and put up the lfm again. Only a minute or so later I get a joiner who is willing to guide and lead. Yay! πŸ™‚ She was really cool, walked me through all the phases, and led the raid. Was an easy “hard with optionals”, since she lfm’d for lvl 23-25, Thaz being the only lvl 22. Got a radiant ring (someone gave it to me), 3 named necklaces and some crafting mats.

Thaz's first ToD

Then it was time for Thazara’s weekly elite shroud, and her 20th run. πŸ™‚ Got a few friends/ acquaintances to join, still took us longer than a few weeks ago to fill. Just looking at the party member list, I figured we had a good group with enough hp and dps. But the thing with pugging shroud is, you never know what ur gonna get. We’re ok up to phase 4 (and yay! solved my 5×5 this run), in phase 4 we notice we’re low on dps. This run we’re 2 clerics and 2 fvs, I didn’t want 4 healers, but I figured the fvs could do dps too, so we should be ok. Well I’m DoT’ing away while healing and I quite soon have to start potting. Round 4’s over and we’ve lost about 5 ppl, and Harry’s not dead yet. But we take him out at the start of round 5.

I’m thinking, this is going to be hard. Phase 4’s like the test, it tells u how much dps u got, and if phase 5’s gonna be easy or hard. I expected a hard run. And yes, took party a long time to take out Harry, and I ended up drinking about 12 pots all in all, which is a lot, seeing as I’ve done elite shroud without potting before, the average being one pot. A few ppl kept dying as well, especially one of the fighters. He complained “4 healers…”, but I just replied, “hey, this is elite”. πŸ™‚ Call me elitist, but when u keep getting 2 shot killed, it isn’t the healers fault, but your own. Also, to not waste mana, I don’t raise ppl much either, especially if someone else might do it. πŸ˜€ It’s kinda funny, I used to feel a lot of stress about ppl dying, like I was a crappy healer, but now, if ppl die in my shroud runs, it’s because they didn’t have enough hp and dr. πŸ™‚ I don’t healbot, I heal and DoT, and if ppl die from 1-2 hits, then they suck and not me. πŸ˜€

Alright, so we finished after a difficult run, and Thazara got her Essence of cleansing. πŸ™‚ Cleansed her goggles and was finally able to swap to gs + eveningstar gear. Here’s Thazara’s current gear setup:

Armor: Blue Dragonscale Robe
Head: archmagi pirate hat, concentration+15
Neck: Symbol of the Shining Sun
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket
Cloak: GS +45hp, heavy fort, +5 protection minII cloak
Belt: Belt of the sun soul
Gloves: Purple Dragon Gauntlets
Boots: Boots of propulsion
Bracers: Bracelet of Madness
Goggles: Concordant opposition gs goggles (+150sp, blindness immunity, con-op)
Ring1: Epic Ring of the Buccaneer tier 2
Ring2: Signet of the Shining Sun
Shield: Epic Swashbuckler (Light) tier 2
Main hand: Epic Ornamented Dagger tier3 / Epic Brigand’s Cutlass (Scimitar) tier 2/ healbot weapon (devotion +102, heal lore 12%)

πŸ™‚ After this we 3 manned heroic ADQ, preraid casual, raid elite. I should have swapped to US ED before this, because in EA she’s kinda squishy. I also joined a group for a hard LoB, but I was ready to quit on the party around the time when I ran out of mana. LoB was at maybe 80% still when I had to start potting/ scroll healing, and ppl were running around silly. In the raids I run, I usually prefer to have the melees on the boss, surrounding him so he stays put. Here it was just crazy. I started off focusing on the dog kiter, which I was told to do, but then ppl started getting hit and dying, so I started throwing heals at different ppl and raising. I was ready to quit long before we wiped, but I kept at it. Used almost all my pots and resurrection scrolls.

πŸ™‚ You sorta know ur gonna fail when the healers have to start potting when the boss is at 80%. I actually said over voice “so, are you guys like supposed to kill him now?” Ppl were kiting the boss, kiting dogs and I was just trying to figure out who the hell to heal.

πŸ™‚ During the run I was getting tells from a friend, so after the wipe, I told him so and then joined him in eVON. It was a very smooth run, and Thaz got some xp for her ED. After he was asking if I don’t want to join his guild, we talked for a while and I sorta gave in in the end, offering to move Maidae and Cerge, but not Thaz. πŸ™‚ I said I could move Thaz if I like the guild more than my current guild, Legends of Orien.

Alright, so in conclusion, Thazara’s Saturday was: 1st ToD (hard), 20th Shroud (elite), 9th ADQ (heroic elite), 1st LoB (hard – wipe) and eVON.

Ty for reading and see you on Orien or Cannith

P.S. Gear I still want for Thaz: +5 silver holy burst scimitar of greater evil outsider bane, minII gs scimitar, spider silk robe, tier 3 of the ring of Buccaneer so I can add greater false life.