Wrath of the Earth farming

I was doing some farming runs on Maidae and decided to record a few of the runs. First I was running EE, then I figured I’d try an R1 run and then R2. The R2 did feel a bit tedious, though, so for a solo farming run I think I’d stick to R1 or EE – depending on the quest. Check out the videos below, or visit my youtube channel.

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Maidae doing reaper 2

It’s been a while since I epic reincarnated Maidae, and due to the release of Ravenloft Maidae’s leveling has been going slow. I added a sentient gem to pinion and a few filigrees (still haven’t found all that I wanted to add) and I feel Maidae has been doing quite well since. This week Hamster and Maidae started running Wheloon on R2, at level 26. I screenshotted the quest report from Friends in low places as I was surprised at Maidae keeping up in kill-count with Hamster.

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Maidae does reaper

It’s been a while since I eTR’d Maidae, and she’s mostly been neglected while I’ve been doing the Ravenloft quests. The last few weeks she has been getting some playtime, though, and last night I added the first filigrees to her weapon, Pinion. This week I was doing Gianthold on reaper 2 with Hamster. See some of the screenshots below.

I found a nice perch spot in Foundation, after a bunch of deaths
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Reaper 10



Yesterday me and Darth were at one of my colleague’s birthday party, and when I got home I wanted to see if there possibly was a post up for the new raid, as I’ve been seeing it up a few times already. There was one, but it wasn’t filling, so I joined Doobrey for a quick run of Into the Mists. As we finished another group that was running the raid just finished their run and put the post up again. Both of us decided to join that group instead, but only Doobrey managed to get in. I switched to Cerge to run a quest on him, and as I was checking my gear Max sends me a tell asking if I could come heal some high level reaper quests. I asked which quests and then decided to switch and join. They of course were asking for Thazara, not Cerge.

I was kind of tired and had had a few beers, also I’ve never done anything above reaper 3, so I was quite intimidated. I quickly learned that it was all about the CC, as well as avoiding aggro. If I got aggro of anything that wasn’t a reaper, I pretty much died right away. We did Memoirs of an Illusory LarcenerTavern Brawl and Subversion on reaper 10. Since I was there as a healer, I only did a minimum amount of dps, and mostly focused on throwing heals if anyone took damage, as well as throwing raises. In Tavern Brawl we ran into trouble, when one of the orthons turned out to be a champion that couldn’t be cc’d. We ended up dying about 3 times there. The rest was quite pleasant with the wizards cc’ing the mobs and the melees doing most of the dps. The quests gave me a lot of reaper xp.

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Mists of Ravenloft – the quests

On Friday I finally finished flagging Thazara for the new raid. I’ve been running the flagging quests on legendary R1 with Doobrey since the pack came out, a quest or a few per night if I’ve been able to log on. Here are some screenshots from and commentary on the runs.

Into the Mists

This is the short intro quest everyone has to do before getting to Barovia. I failed to get any good screenshots of it.

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Epic crucible on reaper 2

For you who don’t follow me on twitter or youtube, here’s a short post about the crucible run we did. I eTR’d Thaz some time back, and I’ve been running epic sagas on reaper 2 with Misanthropic, as he’s an instakiller build and it’s been making getting some reaper xp so much easier for me (and of course, I enjoy the company). I post on the lfm as well, and interest has varied. For gianthold, though, we’ve been getting a full party. A few days ago I wanted to do the crucible, and record the run. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do reaper 2, but as it turns out my worry was in vain.

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Epic Lost in the Swamp reaper 2

A week ago I posted a blog about soloing Detour on reaper 2. That time I had an lfm up, and just didn’t get any joiners. The next quest in the chain that I usually run is Lost in the Swamp, and that one I consider to be the easiest of them all. I’ve almost solo’d it on reaper 1 before (I got my only joiner just as I was killing the boss), but I don’t believe I’ve even run it on r2 before.  I decided to try r2 and record it while doing so.

My first attempt was bleh. I struggled with the wolves, struggled to keep my hire out of harm’s way.. and attempted to use the shrine as a safe spot which did not work. Giving up on the run, I decided to look for a proper safe spot before trying again. Second try I placed the hire in my newly found safe spot, and then activated the first wave of wolves. I tried using the safe spot, but realising it was more of a hassle than benefit, I skipped using it and just stayed on top of the little roof in the second room. After a bunch of kiting back and forth I finally got rid of all the wolves so I could continue.

Taking out the druids wasn’t an issue and the few vine horrors that popped up wasn’t an issue either. I got to the roots that block your path and I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t break them. I had killed everything up until that point. Running back and forth, moving my hire to the roots and still nothing, I decided to turn off the recording, as I was about to give up. Running around some more, I happened to activate the optional “Free the three lost spirits”, and suddenly a bunch of vine horrors popped up as well as a champion wood woad. Killing off all the trash the roots became breakable, and I started the recording again.

The rest of the quest was a lot easier than I expected. The vine horrors move quite slowly, so I was able to range them without an issue. The earth elementals were also easy to kite, as they could only really harm me if they manage to hit me with their firsts. The earth elementals were a pain mostly because I didn’t have the right arrows or weapon for them, so I was seeing a lot of yellow numbers and killing them was slow. When it came to killing the medusa, it proved a lot easier than any previous run I’ve done. Her flesh to stone range is rather short, so as an archer I could easily keep out of her casting range. The only thing she was able to attack me with was her arrows. I finished this quest in 73 min, with zero deaths. Yay me. 🙂

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Epic Detour Reaper 2

Yesterday I posted for Detour again, or well first time since the last eTR. The post was for max level 24 for max reaper xp and R2. Even though the post was up and I was hoping for joiners, I had somewhat of a plan for in case I have to solo.

I go in, talk to Bensen, activate the first mobs, then realise I forgot to summon my raiser hireling. I run back to the door to summon him. Bensen apparently kills the mobs, then follows me into the room. Retry, I park the hire at the door and rush onwards to the first mobs. Lots of backwards running and switching between improved precise shot and archer’s focus (ips for groups of mobs, the other for when I had just one). I make it to the gate, jump up on it and take the first short cut. Things are progressing nicely, and when I get to the shrine I jump up on it and shoot from a safe-ish spot (some of the mobs did jump up to me).

Bensen helping out for once, holding the wolves
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The Battle for Eveningstar reaper


The other day I wanted to do a reaper 1 Battle for Eveningstar at level, meaning max level 21. I posted and left the lfm up while I started. I have done this quest EE at level before, but never attempted to solo reaper. I spent most of the time jumping on roofs, trying not to die from the casters, which failed a few times. Luckily my deaths were close enough to a shrine that I didn’t need to use a cake. I parked Albus as a fail safe and at a couple of times parked him near me on a roof so he’d throw me heals, but he turned out to be completely useless for this. Parked he didn’t heal me and he didn’t heal himself either, so he ended up dying. For the end fight I just left him at the shrine.

The quest took me a while as I was clearing most of the trash, but things progressed better than I had expected. I even managed to take out the priestesses without them healing more than once of twice. As for the end fight, it took me a while and when the driers spawned I had to stop attacking the boss to take care of them, but I managed to do this without taking too much damage. I finished the quest in 53 minutes solo, as no one had joined. Hamster offered to join to help me out, but I was at that time more than half-way through the end fight, so told him I was almost done.

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Raids week 34

I had asked about raids in channel a few days before Saturday, and when it arrived, I was a few min late. It didn’t take too long, though, to get enough joiners for me to feel confident in starting. Someone sent me a tell asking me to reserve a spot, but I guess they didn’t realise how long the quest they were doing would take or how short the TS runs usually are. I posted for reaper 2, and at 3.38 pm EST, we were ready to start the end fight.

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