About grouping

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I’ve often been pugging i.e. grouping with random people on the server. From my raids I’ve gotten to know some regulars who recognize my most played characters, but with Orien being default server we also have a lot of newer players.

Over the years I’ve come to regard some things a common courtesy when pugging, and when people don’t follow them.. depending on what kind of day I’m having, it might agitate me quite a lot.

Here’s my list:

  • If you don’t know the quest, please say so when you join. If you don’t I’ll assume you know it, and will not help you out/ will get annoyed with you for piking.
  • Do not summon a hireling without asking the party leader for permission. A hireling takes up a party slot reserved for human players. Also, if we are running elite or even reaper, I could tell you that a hireling will be more of a nuisance than benefit, and I do not want to have to deal with it.
  • The quest is not over until it is finished or the party leader has called forfeit. Rage quitting/ recalling/ releasing before the party leader has said so may lead to you being black listed. I hate quitters. Especially if I’m running reaper and the party is not full this is a dick move because it will prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Please know your limits. If you have not run a quest before or not run it elite, either do not join on reaper, or send the leader a tell asking if you may join anyway. Most people posting for reaper know the quest inside out and prefer to keep a high pace. If you join and need to be babysat, you might find yourself blacklisted.
  • Listen/ follow the the party leader. Most likely they have a plan for how to run the quest, and unless you’ve got skills/ knowledge that will make the run easier, attempting to run the quest your own way will only lead to problems.

Then when it comes to reaper

  • Most of us who’ve been playing for a while have gotten used to self-healing. Everyone in my party is expected to have some level of self-healing, even on reaper. I also expect you to carry some buffs and be able to raise people. In reaper 1 you are going to get very little heals from the party, unless we happen to have a dedicated healer.. which is rare. In R2 and up we help each other with a bit of heals, but you’re still expected to be able to do some self-healing.
  • Reaper is intended as en additional challenge for people who’ve been playing for a while, have many past lives and find elite to be rather easy. It’s not really intended for new players. If you’re new you’re really better off learning the content on a lower difficulty.
  • Reaper locks entry to the quest if anyone recalls, so please don’t join if you haven’t run the quest elite. R1 is only slightly harder than elite so if you’ve completed the quest elite you know if you can handle R1. Don’t join only to rage quit when we run into a challenge.

That’s my list for now.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Did I say I hate quitters? I f’ing hate it when someone joins my group and quits at the first challenge. Especially if I’m soloing reaper and the person then forces me to either restart or finish solo.

P.P.S. I forgot, DO NOT TAKE LEVEL without asking for permission. First of all, you may be slowing the party down by going to level mid questing, second, if you become the highest level in the party by doing so, you may be affecting the party’s xp.


This weekend I ended up playing a lot longer in one session, than I had first planned. The plan was to run with my sister and Kudesnik at midnight my time, and I logged at 8pm, which gave me 4h to run raids etc before switching to my druid. I wanted to run CitW so put up an lfm for it. Things didn’t go so well, 3 h later the only thing I had done was that damn CitW. I jumped on a not so elite Shroud, just to get something easy done before switching, even though there were some first timers. I have not run Shroud as many times as some long time players, but with 40+ runs on Thaz (most on hard or elite), ~30 runs on Cerge and 7? runs on Maidae, Shroud doesn’t give me stress almost at all. I don’t care if ppl mess up, because in most cases it can be completed anyway. Fail percentage is ~0 (I have wiped in Shroud, but it has been due to lag or trying elite with a not elite party). Anywho.

Switching to my level 12 druid, the plan was to run a heroic elite VON 5-6. I have run VON 30+ times (again, not as many as some, but have still run it on 4 toons now), but I’ve never done the voice and the ring, so I was expecting someone else to do it. The first try we lagged out completely (instance freeze) and had to restart. But second try, was fine, except, I had to learn the hard way how to do the ring and the voice. I didn’t talk twice to the north and the east head and had to go back and do it.  This leads up to the topic of the blog post. First, a friend and a guildie logged as we were ip with the first try, and when I asked if he’d like to come, he replies “you’ve been in there a long time already” and “it usually takes about 30 minutes”. I know he knows VON really well, while I don’t know it, so thanks for not helping. After me getting irritated he says “I already did it, and I want to save the xp for epic levels”. Well, thanks. So, instead of telling me you just don’t want to do it, you start off by putting me down for taking too long? And to top it off, someone in the party says “this is probably the longest VON group I’ve been in”.  My response to that was (no, I don’t hold back, and I can be pretty harsh) “well, if it’s taking too long, do something to fix it”. This person did nothing.

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Instance freezes and stupid ppl

🙂 Sorry for not blogging in a while, and oh, the lack of pictures. I’m gonna post some pics soon. Well, my last week in DDO was good and bad. Instance freezes have been getting more common and it’s getting on ppl’s nerves. How many instance freezes can I count last week? We froze in Gianthold Tor (had to recall), Tharashk Arena (had to recall), Caught in the Web, ToD, only to name a few. The other week Meridia froze and on Sunday Eveningstar and the Marketplace froze. I can understand why ppl haven’t been wanting to do too many raids lately. Is this only on Orien?

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Got caught up playing… again

I was waiting all week for Saturday and time to play my main, Thazara. The plan was to maybe run The shipwrecked spy and Dream conspiracy first, then do some challenges for favor (going to try and unlock arti) before the weekly shroud at 5pm EST. (I think I’m going to divide this post into chapters, lol!)

I found a nice group for the two IQ quests, and we ran them on elite without too much problems, a few deaths, but nothing special. These were the last quests I wanted to do before taking lvl 22, so went ahead and leveled after that. Thazara has now run all quests elite lvl 1-18, except Abbot normal, VoD and HoX hard.

Elite shroud take one
A friend logged on and we ran a few house c challenges and then I lfm’d for my weekly elite shroud. Not a single regular was on. Last week we filled in probably less than 5 min, this week it took longer and I also had competition on the lfm, others were lfm’ing for elite. I got one person I knew from before, an fvs, and a second cleric. 2 rangers, 2 monks, 1 fighter, 2 wizards and maybe 2 paladins. We were doing ok up to phase 4, where it took 4 rounds and several ppl died. Then we lost the other cleric. He died in round 2 or 3 of phase 4, when I tried to res him after phase 4 was finished, nothing happened and soon after he lost connection. So, we went into phase 5 one healer short (we did wait for him to come back long enough imo). Phase 5 got messy pretty fast. I don’t know if it was because someone died, but instead of the melees surrounding Harry, like it’s usually done, someone started kiting him, which meant I kept missing people with my mass cures/ heals. People died, I died, I had to be rez’d twice, because first time I got Harry aggro as soon as I got up and I had even run out of sight into a corner.

Second raise I got up, healed up and started just blocking and raising ppl. Kept at it, while trying to heal a bit (I stopped rez’ing the fvs after a while, because she was out of mana and wasn’t even healing herself), then I ran out of bursts, wasn’t fast enough and died. Last one standing was one of the rangers, who ran into a corner and stood there shooting at Harry. He was doing ok at surviving, but wasn’t doing very much damage, so someone wanted him to try and rez him, which then led to the ranger dying and us wiping.

Elite shroud take 2
I decided I wanted the completion, so I lfm’d again and some ppl stayed on, including the fvs. I have already forgotten the set up of this group, but we had 2 monks, a second cleric, fighter, barbs, sorc, wizard and arti. Again, phase 1-3 went fine, and we had some problems in phase 4. Still not enough dps. Phase 5 went a bit better this time around, but people did die and it was pretty messy. At some point I stopped rezing and focused just on dp’ing Harry instead. Down goes harry, I touch the altar and the dead can use the res shrine. Me, who don’t like potting, must have gone through around 20 mana pots in these 2 runs. My normal is 1 pot in phase 5. I have been lfm’ing for lvl 18-25, but this is getting too expensive, so next time I’ll only take 20-25.

After shroud I was just going to organize some stuff and then go to bed, but I noticed someone lfm’ing for Eveningstar chain 1 on epic elite, and sent a tell that I’d be interested. I was allowed to join and off we go. Impossible demands was pretty much as messy this time as it was last time I ran it (on hard), although the leader was doing a little bit better job at leading. My only problem was that during runs/ quest the kept telling me how to heal. First I he told me to stay back when I was trying to spam bursts, then I was healing too slow because he died (well duh, u ran ahead and I was with the rest of the group). Then in one quest he was like “never let my hp go below 70%” (in the boss fight). Well, mr barb (and this is kinda one of my pet peeves), I do my best, but when I have 5 people running around me, none of them self healing (I mean we had 2 rangers and a sorc that weren’t healing themselves + a monk), and my masses aren’t catching more than 1-2 ppl, people are going to die. If it was just you, if I only had to worry about keeping u healed, and I myself would be safe, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But I do get pretty annoyed when people tell me how to heal, like it’s my fault that I can’t heal people that are running around lie headless chicken. (I did though, tell him when he told me how to heal him in the boss fight that I will, but I will not heal anyone ranged and I will not rez anyone, because I can’t swap target that fast – if I have to be on barb watch)

Second thing, and I’m sure a lot of u will disagree with me on this. For Battle of Eveningstar we were joined by a wizard instead of the sorc who left. He told me not to throw bb and just to healbot, because in his opinion that was what the party needed. He also thought my hp was really low at 480, so I should avoid aggro. Well, mr wizard. You do not know me. At lvl 13 running a lvl 12 quest elite and throwing bb would get me killed (I’m saying this because it happened). At lvl 22 running epics, I throw bb and comet fall – and stand in the middle of battle (sometimes meleing) to be able to spam bursts. I have put skills in balance and jump and I often jump back and forth pulling mobs through bb. Ok, so this was elite, and I was possibly in over my head, but I’d still rather help take mobs out, than waste all my mana on mana sponge barbs (they take less damage when I’m helping out).

Third thing. Before U14, running epics with a weak or semi-weak party could still be successfully done with good tactics. Since the change of the epics system, it seems like people are running them all willy-nilly. And, elite is a lot harder than hard, and people think u can just stand there kicking butt like u do every day. I much more prefer runs with a good plan and good cc. I do not like runs where people are all over the place fighting different foes and I can’t target anyone. Why is this? Well cause there are still the “blame the cleric barbs” who blame me when I don’t heal for one or another reason. It’s not the party’s fault, no, it’s the cleric who did a crappy job. Don’t u agree?

Alright, so this turned into a bit of a rant, lol! 😀

In other news, Thazara just exceeded 4000 favor with the epic elite runs. She hit the number 4000 even after Impossible demands, and was rewarded 125 TP. Here’s a picture for proof (click for full size).

Thazara 4000 favor

That’s all folks. 🙂 See you next time.

P.S. I guess I have to start advertising better for my elite shroud? lol!

P.P.S. 2 more runs to go before the cleansing stone. If I do 1 extra run on Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll get the stone on Saturday: 🙂

P.P.P.S tl;dr I’m gonna post the favor thing in a different post as well 🙂


These bloody frickin barbarians. Ok, I’m not angry anymore, but I keep running into these stupid, annoying, self absorbed barbarians. Today, I lfg’d for Acute Delirium and this barb joined and said he could lead (since I had never run it before). I have a tendency to get lost, so I try to stay close to the party. What happened? I got lost. Party scattered. I got blamed by the barb for people dying. His exact words (or as far as I can remember right now) were “my hire does a better job at healing”. Well bloody frickin hell. I’m not your hire. I’m not going to tail you to heal you. If you leave me behind, out of range, I’m bloody well not going to heal you. So I told him”I’m a bloody good healer when people don’t leave me behind” and “I got lost, you were supposed to lead. You suck at leading”. 🙂 Ok, maybe that was petty of me, but I got so annoyed that I considered kicking him from the party.

So, we had a hard time in there. And picking on me isn’t going to make things better. The only thing you’ll get by picking on me, is me loosing focus and probably doing an even crappier job. At least this same barb threw me a few raises when I died, so that was nice of him anyway.

But people, it’s simple. You want heals? 1. stay close to the healer and 2. don’t frickin scatter. If you do, I have to pick who to follow. And it’s very likely it’s not going to be you. And I’ve had it with these stupid frickin barbs who expect you to play like a hire. Maybe I’ll just start posting for byoh. Or maybe I’ll just not accept barbs anymore. But then again, I’ve met some really nice barbs as well.

K. this was my umpteenth healer rant. Hope you guys don’t mind. They’ll probably continue coming 🙂

On a side note (I always do this, lol). I ran a few raids tonight. A failed hard shroud (my first, I think things went ok until I died, then party wiped. And I was the last healer to go down (out of 3 clerics. Might have been some fvs in the group, don’t remember). Tried to raise one of the others but died before I could. Wipe during fight with Arraetrikos), an ADQ and my first Reaver’s Fate. Thaz’s got quite little sp, but I pack a bunch of scrolls, so I can heal and raise quite a long time/ a lot even after I run out of sp. Healing with scrolls is a lot slower, though, long cool down and doesn’t heal as much as spells. ADQ and Reaver’s fate went pretty well. No deaths in ADQ, 3 in Reaver’s.

Take care and see you around Orien.

P.S. Still no pics. Need to get some pics 🙂

You’ve got to be kidding me…!

I’ve got one, maybe two hours before I need to go to bed, and I had planned to spend them in the cove (it’s 10 pm here). And frickin’ DDO servers are down for a hotfix! Why do you hate me?

… for some strange reason, server downtimes always collide with my evening game time 😦

I guess I just have to go to bed, then.

Heals! Really?

Ok, here my rant for the day. Seriously people! I was running CC yesterday (that’s Tuesday), did 8 runs on my capped cleric and 2 on my lvl 10 monk. 🙂 I must admit that running the monk was a whole of a lot easier than running my cleric. I mean she took out the reds solo in lvl 11 CC (with some help from the cleric, ty for the heals).

So, the rant is… People, anybody can carry heals. And if you’ve made it to 20 and you’re not carrying any heals, you’re just f’ing stupid, ok? There was a barb running with us in CC CR20, we were 2 clerics in the group, me and Gentrixlover. Gent was torching, I was protecting center. The barb was scouting, and by scouting I mean running all over the place. And, several times he was yelling heals! and complaining “..two clerics in the group and no heals”. Well you know what? If you want heals (which you really shouldn’t be that dependent on at that level anyway), you should stay close to one of the clerics. I would have healed you if you had stayed in center with me. Kinda busy protecting center, don’t have time to run after you. F’ing moron.

Then later on when I ran on my monk, we had a ranger in the group who was yelling heals at the cleric. Where’s the healer, need heals. All my chars are self sufficient, having a healer there only makes fights a bit easier (i.e. I don’t have to fall back to heal myself, but can keep going). I was very thankful that the cleric did stay by me when I took on the red names during the runs, since in those I really needed heals, but otherwise I could have managed without the cleric. And my restoration scrolls came in handy when Jack (I’m always fighting Jack, lol) threw energy drain at me (after I took him down I restored my neg levels and healed up with a wand).

In stead of complaining when you’re not getting heals from the cleric, you should thank them when you are, ok? If you’re being a douche, you might not get any heals at all in the future. And people! start carrying heals, ok? You don’t need umd for pots.

Thanks for reading. See you around Orien.

Crystal cove

Here’s my twist. I don’t like challenges, I don’t like running slayer, and I don’t like Crystal Cove. Ironically I plan to run CC anyway.

I stink at navigating challenges and wildernesses. My brain just doesn’t want to learn maps. It considers it unnecessary information. Of course, after running a quest a certain amount of times the information sort of sticks anyway.

I did the noob thing last night, joined a CC party with Thaz, didn’t do my homework (or slayer) and wasn’t able to enter when the others did. And then I got a bad conscience from leaving the party without a healer. Oh, well. Better luck next time. And I’m thinking Thaz doesn’t need to do CC anyway.

On a side note, Thaz just got her blue robe (it’s pretty awesome) and she’s just about to get minos (ty Cyl and Wallii) 🙂

See you around Orien.