Cannith game night: epics and raids

After only 3-4 h sleep the night before, and working a long day, I was kind of tired and a bit testy during our game night. I took offence to ppl saying that our group is low on hp (well u do better on a 1st toon on a server with no gear or pls, and Ker is even only a 28p build). I thought Ker was doing just fine, I’ve seen worse. At level 20 she was ~380hp unbuffed, and that is with only con+6 and +20 false life. I can easily get that higher once I get some gear. But we only run a few hours once a week, so we’re not exactly gear farming.

Anywho, plan for the night was to run first Eveningstar chain, and we decided to lfm for help so we could run on eH. I think we would have been just fine the 3 of us with hirelings too. Our toons are very much underdogs, but I was pretty pleased when my level 20 clonk with almost no gear managed to insta kills a few mobs with destruction and implosion in a level 22 quest. πŸ™‚ Now, that impresses me a lot more than loads of hp.

Anywho, here’s the pictures from the night.

Keronna was sad after Ness killed a deer.


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Sunday; something different

After going to bed at 7am, I woke up at 2.30pm and logged back into DDO. Found Cleazy on, but as he’s on -10h from me, and he had plans later in the day he was just going to bed. I checked the lfm but there was nothing interesting on, so I decided it was time to clear my last MotU maps: King’s Forest, Sschindylryn, and Underdark. I brought Andaro with me and headed over to King’s Forest. I realised I was only missing 5 messages, so used wiki to locate them and found them rather easily. I was also at 1.3k kills, and was considering working on getting it to 1.5k, but soloing I wasn’t getting enough spawns, so I gave up quickly and headed over to Sschindylryn, where I was only missing 2 messages. These I found quite easily, even though I had to fight a bunch of mobs to get there.

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First Saturday after vacation

I logged on on Saturday for the first time in 8 days and was immediately a bit overwhelmed. πŸ™‚ I wanted to say hi to everyone and prepare for Thazara’s Saturday elite shroud… and was planning to run something before that, but I never got to it. Oh, how I had missed u guys! Yes, to be honest I like several of my DDO friends better than I like a lot of people in my real life. Sorted Thazara’s inventory, and was then gonna do a few quick runs of Rainbow in the dark for gs twigs, but shortly after I put up the lfm someone sent me a tell that they would give me the twigs. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much! But of course I messed it up. 😦 I was going to make a cloak for Thaz and was sure I had made Green Taper before (I didn’t check, but believed I remembered correctly), that I was missing Filaments of Toil and Wondrous Oil, so I made those two only to notice I now had two filaments and no taper and not enough mats to make the taper. 😦 Well, at least the filaments aren’t bound so I can either give them to Cerge for his gs or sell them.

So, on to Thazara’s Saturday Elite Shroud. πŸ™‚ I have been mentioning it, but I prolly should add a notice to my myddo page as well. I had 2 friends join before I put up the lfm, and had a 3rd one promise to join. I put up the lfm at exactly 0:00 Finnish time or 5pm EST. My lfm was as usually 18-25 “Elite. Have hp, breakers. 2xheals, rest dps. No first timers”. I was surpriced at how slowly we were filling. My lfm rules are always, first come first served, unless I’m specifically looking for a healer or trapper. I got a few casters and a sorcerer at only 300 hp. I wasn’t paying attention, and when I got a tell asking if the sorc doesn’t have too little hp, and then a healer joins only to tell us “you’re gonna fail”, I throw the lead to my friend who’s got a lot more experience leading raids than I do. Yup, I chickened out.

Takes too long imo to fill, but we do and people try to help the sorc out to make him a bit more durable. Party is for sure semi weak, but I have faith, as I always do. πŸ™‚ I switch Thazara’s ED back to Unyielding Sentinel before the raid, and before phase 4 I change from my fav stance Vigor of Battle (+100 hp, heal amp, and on a successful hit stacking +10 hp for 1 min) to Unbreakable (+5 AC, DR 10/epic and diehard feat). The squishy sorc dies from the blades in phase 3 and 4, otherwise things are pretty good all through phase 4. I keep DoT’ing and we take out Harry in 3 rounds.

On to phase 5. Our monk parks the ellie, we kill the others and buff up. We’re ready, or so we think. Harry arrives and we fight and suddenly Harry teleports to me. I’m like wtf, how did I suddenly get aggro? πŸ˜€ lol. Thaz is sturdy as hell in her stance, and when people start dropping likes flies, I can still stay put, block and raise. For some reason we loose our third healer who ends up in the beginning, out of battle. The second healer who’s on a lvl 25 fvs (or, I think he is lvl 25, at least he has a lvl 25 fvs, lol) also drops a couple of times, and at some point Harry is down to maybe 10% and I say, now I’m just gonna continue DoT’ing (instead of raising people). But I get con damage and get helpless… and die. I get a raise from Niv, but Thaz get super squishy with death penalty, so I don’t even have time to heal up before I drop again. Everything’s messy, most of the party’s dead, but someone get’s the killing hit, runs over to the altar and we finish. πŸ™‚ Everyone can raise at the shrine that’s now available, to get loot. πŸ™‚ This has got to be the toughest Shroud I’ve run where we still finished, so kudos to everyone participating. Oh, and I did chug 3 pots compared to last time 0.

Sat Shroud

I almost forget to turn in the quest, and then I wanted to send a tell to the cleric who told me we were gonna fail, but he was offline. Forgot to add him to my friend list, so I could send him a tell later. πŸ™‚ I wanted to do the “ha-ha! we finished!”. I love proving people wrong, lol. I jump on a party doing eVON raid epic hard as their second healer and switch Thazara’s ED back to Exalted Angel before entering. I’m thinking, eHard with only 2 healers, and the other is a clonk with a lot less sp than me? Party is pretty weak (compared to the ones I’ve previously run with) and it’s a bit of a difficult ride to the end fight, but we get there. The other healer forgets to rest, so only me is at good mana, while he’s out, but he tells us he has 15 turns left, so I tell him to just keep spamming them and we’ll be fine. Takes us way too long to take out the boss in VON5 imo, but we get it done and Thaz get’s 50k XP for her ED, even with -30% repetition penalty (5x).

We enter VON6 and I go to the 3rd base as I’m told, even though, someone says at some point that the cleric didn’t go to the base she was suppose to and I’m not sure if it meant me or the other one. I was told 3rd base, and to me that’s the one that’s furthest away, i.e. wind. But anywho, we get to the dragon fight and Thaz gets close to dropping a couple of times. Man! She’s so much squishier in EA than in US. πŸ™‚ But we finish. Yay! Oh, and during VON5 a party member sends me a tell “Nice to finally run with u, I read your blog” (or something like that). πŸ™‚ Hi there, always nice to meet readers, but I do love getting stars and comments as acknowledgement that people have read it, so please, do comment. πŸ™‚ Or, send me a pm.

Saturday eVON

After VON I jump on a party doing Lords of Dust eNorm, looking for a divine to bless the altars. They’re almost done, only missing the altars and boss fight. So, I get some quick XP from that, and then decide to head over to King’s Forest. I put up an lfm “Just running around King’s Forest looking for commendations”. I somewhat quickly get a full party and a wizard who leads us around. We do 3 instances and in the third one we meet the second green dragon, my first time. I get a nice amount of XP, and enough commendations to get Star of Day for Thaz. Thaz got her ED to 1, that is, she is/ has now GMoF0, EA1 and US5. Also less than 300 slays for 1,500 in King’s Forest. I stayed with the group until the wiz had to leave (at around 6.30 Finnish time), then went to get my Star of Day, finally! But to my disappointment it’s required trait good, UMD 26. 😦 Thazara is true natural (I bought a change from Lawful good at lvl 18) and has no UMD. I’m really disappointed that I wasted 15 commendations on an item I cannot use. I added req good and umd 26 to wiki, but then I started thinking that maybe not all of them are that, if the enhancements are random? Maybe it was just bad luck that I got the good one? I’m not planning on farming for commendations in a while anyway, nothing I currently want.

Protect the fox rare:

Protect the fox

The second green dragon (Urklauth):


I don’t usually like putting pics of slain creatures here, but he did not disappear right away, so I took a pic. He was gone a second later.

Slain dragon

So, yup, my Saturday turned into a 8.5 h gaming session, lol. πŸ™‚ And I didn’t even get any favor, but Thaz did gain a bunch of epic token fragments and is getting closer to 20 tokens. I wasn’t farming for tokens before U14, so this is the most I have ever had. I was going to save up for 2 hearts of wood and one epic crystal for Thaz, but it seems as though I will buy the hearts and just use the tokens for a crystal for Thaz.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Ty for reading and happy questing.


P.S. tl;dr – I’ve got nothing. Just look at the pictures, lol. πŸ˜€

Saturday gaming

Finally it was Saturday and Thazara’s game time. It’s been almost a week. I had planned to finally do some favor clean up, but oh, those epic tokens (well fragments) are so attractive. On the lfm I see epic normal Partycrashers. I join only to realize I thought they were doing Snitch, silly me. But no worries, and hard’s fine. We had no cc, but a rogue, pally, fighter, arti and monk. We ended up doing the Snitch and Big Top as well, went more or less smoothy (for big top we got a clonk instead of one of the melees), except for the fact that me and the rogue hit a bad spot in the big top and both’s clients crashed. Oh, well, party waited and end fight went smoothly. Epic hard is definitely easier than the old epics. Last time I did Big top was before the update and we wiped twice πŸ˜€

Then yes, there’s an lfm for a hard Shroud. πŸ™‚ Thazara wants her weekly shroud completion. Party has one arti, an fvs and Thaz as healers, two bards, sorc, rangers, monk… I’m forgetting the rest. In part two we have to do it 3 times because of missed timing, but otherwise everything’s smooth until part 4. I mess up. Yes, me. When we’re killing the first two waves of trash and you’re supposed to save a devil until the blades are gone – this will keep any more trash from spawning when you’re fighting Harry. What do I do? I throw implosion. And you know the thing about implosion? It’s active for a whole 10 seconds, and it cannot be turned off. Which means, I of course wiped the floor with any mob who came within range. So, no devil saved, and a bunch of trash while we’re fighting Harry, which also meant, melees were spread out in the room. Bards drop, ranger drops, someone else drops. Healers are still standing. In the second round we manage to save a devil, and do not have to worry about trash. I’m actively offensive casting while I’m healing. I even get Harry aggro a few times. But here’s the sorta funny. I’m doing stacked divine punishment, hitting for, I don’t know 500-900? I am not aware of what the fvs is doing. When the melees jump out to avoid the blades, I throw a destruction and one more dp and watch how Harry’s hp bar keeps getting smaller. Will the dp be enough? People are preparing for his fireballs, but nope, they never come, because Harry is dead (well of course he’s not really dead since he returns in part 5)!

Now we have was it 4-5 people to raise, of which one has computer problem and does not get raised. In part 5 one of the bards dies twice. I raise both times. I also keep DoT’ing, and do chug a pot close to the end, to be able to keep going. But we are victorious. πŸ™‚ And afterwards the fvs, who was leader tells me “thank you for joining, you did good”. Yeah, maybe he was just being polite, who knows, but I’m always proud of myself when I manage to do my part, and we don’t wipe.

After this I see both Abbot and Reaver’s fate on the lfm, I pick Abbot just because I haven’t done it much (well not Reaver’s either, but Reaver’s is kinda dull). Let’s see, what’s worst? The fact that we wait forever to fill, or that there was a miscommunication from the scouts and everything went sideways? Second try I’m guessing it went better, but we failed on inferno, no one with a wand was fast enough to get us safe, and party more or less wiped. Third try I dc’d before we could start and when I get back the party has left and tells me that they left because they just kept dying. Well that was it for me anyway, too much waiting and me being pretty bored with it. One thing I learned though, is that there is only one item in DDO that protects wisdom spell casters (clerics, paladins, rangers) from being hit with Quells’ intercession, and that is Atonement. Quells’ intercession has not bothered me much in the past, since I can still burst and melee when it hits me, but this time in Abbot is was really causing me problems. I kept getting hit over and over and was unable to raise people. After the first run I got to borrow an Atonement sword from another player. I need to get my hands on a sword of my own if I plan to do any more Abbots.

I noticed someone I know a little having an lfm for King’s Forest much earlier, and he was still running when I left Abbot, so joined. Managed to collect 3 cleric commendations before he left and I was left party leader. Since someone had just joined before this, I didn’t want to leave, but put the lfm back up for more people. Party fills, and we’ve just gone back in when I get a tell from a guildie “eVON hard (raid), need healer”. And I’m like “but I have a pug for King’s Forest”. He replies “But it’s eVON! A chance to get SoS”. I feel silly for preferring collecting commendations to running eVON, so I decide to join. My first epic raid, as the second healer (we were only two, the other an fvs).

Everything goes pretty smoothly in VON5, and I get just over 70k xp πŸ™‚ pretty sweet. The only thing that annoyed me a little was that there was a wizard who was burning mana like crazy, had used up both shrines before we were heading up center, and then asks if I have divine vitality for her. I’m like really? Even if I had dv, what the heck are you gonna do with maybe 100 sp or less (if I had dv I would only have dv1 which gives you 3d4+10 sp per turn undead – and I would not give a person all my turns since I use them for heals)? When you were burning through over 2000 just cleaning trash? Running epic raids and asking for dv? Really? Really?

In VON6 I am told I’m on second healer duty, that when the fvs is down to 500 sp, I’m suppose to step up. I’m not used to this kind of arrangement (I know it’s typical for eRaids), but I take my place behind the rock, block and keep aura going. I throw bursts at anyone joining me behind the rock. I believe the fvs is a bit in trouble, but I don’t respond until the leader says “Thazara, you’re gonna have to step in”. So I do, I throw a mass cure, then raise one-two people, bursts, heal and raise. When everyone’s back up, I start healing actively, not seeing how much hp the dragon has left, and am expecting to have to drink a pot. Nope, I still have like 400 sp left when the dragon’s beat and won. Yay! My first epic raid πŸ™‚

Note: We were a full party, a few people left before I took the picture

I stayed on in the party ’til last, just because I wanted to hear what the leader and a few others were talking about – they were talking about the fvs. Apparently the fvs was someone’s guildie and that’s why he had been allowed (or asked) to join. That he wasn’t really healing at first, that he’s probably new to the game and new to playing a healer. That he’s still learning. My guildie writes in the chat “but Thazara stepped up nicely”. πŸ™‚ Well, I’m happy that we were successful and that I didn’t do anything foolish in my first epic Raid. I am also pretty proud of my efforts, and that everyone was standing when the dragon dropped. But, I must say, I am pretty spoiled with the bursts. They are my self target mass that I use all the time. They are what keeps me from dropping, when I otherwise would, because I have them hot key’d to the scroll button on the mouse. I don’t have to think, I just press it when I start taking damage. πŸ™‚

Alright, that’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.
Peace out.

P.S. Tonight’s gaming gave me two ranks in my ED and the 3 AP’s I had to spend I used on Spark of life (deathblock) and Block energy 3 (While blocking, absorb 30% acid, cold, electric, fire, force, light and sonic damage.)

Have I become elitist?

This is the blog I was going to write on Saturday, but was unable to because of the broken blog.

Someone told me a while back that there’s in his opinion too much elitism on the higher levels. So I’m wondering, have I become one of them?

I leveled Thazara to 21 and did my first lfm for Shroud on Saturday. And hard. I wrote on the lfm “hard shroud, pref min 400 hp”. I was told by someone joining that I should have asked for DR breakers, and when the third ranger joined the same person told me “no more rangers”. Well I wasn’t too worried, since everyone joining did have min 400 hp, and I got a second healer (Hey, I’m a caster, what do I know about dr breakers?). Party was mostly melee, with only one caster, a sorcerer. Part 1 went fine, but in part two we had to do it 3 times because someone killed one of the reds too fast 2 times. And the same person sending me tells earlier was like “organize them” to me. Fine. So I started yelling out orders. πŸ™‚ Do not kill, only prep, and pull all the reds here. Then when someone the third time killed one before the kill order, they were all more or less prepped anyway, so I just said “ok, kill” πŸ™‚

Part 3 went really well, and in part 4, even though I said to not kill the last devil, someone still took him out (I sorta saw it happening, but wasn’t sure if it was the last one). But no big, Harry dropped in two rounds and only one death, the bard. I got to do the raise for the first time (I haven’t wanted to do it before). Part 5 taking out the reds and the rogue parking the ellie also went fine, but when Harry arrived the sorc and the bard both dropped in one hit. I was like “seriously?” over voice. Someone told me to not raise, but after a while I raised them anyway. The sorc moved next to me and was getting aura heals. One hit from Harry and they both drop again. At this point I considered it a waste of mana to raise them, so I just let them be dead until the fight was over. Was that elitist of me?

Well actually, in my opinion it was the most logical option. πŸ™‚

After Shroud Thazara headed over to King’s Forest with her hireling Albus the fvs. And who doesn’t she meet but the green dragon Veraxiena πŸ™‚ Thazara doesn’t have any of the skills intimidate, bluff or diplomacy, at least not at any level that counts. She tries to use diplomacy, but Vera get’s angry, and attacks who? Albus! Muahaha! Thazara is standing at a more or less safe distance, blocking and throwing divine punishment with metas at Vera.

Check out the pics here:

Vera’s throwing poison at Thaz, but she just shakes it off. Albus on the other hand is constantly knocked on his behind πŸ™‚ And when Vera tries to attack, for some reason she get’s her head stuck in the dirt, lol. But when she’s down to maybe 1/5, she suddenly disappears, and I realize that she’s up in the air. Still within casting range, though. So a short while later we’ve beaten her. Too bad she didn’t drop down afterwards.

Thazara is about to continue through the forest, when she sees something. Vera’s treasure! Two treasure chests and loads of gold. She does a victory dance.

Victory dance

πŸ™‚ Here are Thazara’s current stats with Legends of Oriens ship buffs, own mass buffs (I buffed the hire as well) and barkskin. But no heroism or rage, and no minos:

Thazara stats July

The fortification’s showing as 40%, but it’s actually 140% πŸ™‚

Current tomes eaten: str+2, dex+1, con+2, int+3, wis+1, cha+2. A +2 wis tome would now make her wis even (I took wis +1 as epic feat), and I would love ToD +4 tomes πŸ™‚ Some day, some day maybe.

That’s all from Thazara for tonight.
Take care and see you in game.

P.S. Thazara stumbled into Underdark as well, and met earth and air elementals, but also driders and ooh, salamanders! πŸ™‚ I’m too tired to post any more pictures at the moment, though. Next time.