One by one they leave

Thazara has been in a total of 5 guilds during her existence. Hopefully Phoenix Clan is the last. The funny thing is that if I look at the guilds on DDO Oracle Wayback machine, there is no mention of Legends of Orien, where she was before she met Cleazy. I first started playing DDO with a colleague of mine, and he told me to join the guild he was in. I’m guessing that was Demon Knights, mentioned on Wayback. The guild died out pretty quickly, no one maintained it, no one logged on, and eventually the ship buffs expired. I left and joined Legends of Orien, where I was until some time in the late 2012 when I joined Disorderly Conduct.

Summer of 2013 I joined Gimpfest with all of my toons, which only lasted about 6 weeks. I was guildless for a while, even created my own, before joining Osi’s guild Gli Egypt. I really enjoyed Gli, it was a small guild with mostly European members, most of them online during my hours, and even though we did’t play much together, it was nice to have someone to talk to. Then Osi quit and I got the lead of the guild. We decided to rename the guild to Phoenix Clan. Osi came back a year later, got lead back, then left again. In Osi’s absence I have been trying to keep the guild active, been trying to recruit more members, and even offered to host guild raids.

Some members only stayed for a short amount of time, others longer. Of the people I invited, or brought in, Miri was the first one to leave in October 2015. He was one of the officers. Then Kottil, the longest time member after Osi left some months back, and dropped us a whole level. Osi came back for the third time and brought with him a friend, so the guild is not quite dead yet.. and we do have a few newer recruits that still play actively. Yesterday Jedli left to join a friend of his in another guild. Urgan is taking a short break from the game due to rl stuff.

Anyway, one by one they leave. I feel like, if people don’t want to help me recruit the kind of people they want to run with, then there really isn’t anything I can do. I don’t have time to host guild activities, especially if people are doing their own thing anyway. I do the EEraids, and of course anyone is welcome to join, guildies and non. I don’t really care anymore about what guild we’re in, as I don’t do guild runs anyway. I did do a titan raid with just guildies and that was fun, but I tried to make it a regular thing and that didn’t happen.

Phoenix Clan is my guild and I’m gonna stay, even if everyone else leaves. Hopefully I can recruit a few more people in my timezone, though.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Ty for stopping by.



The guild thing October 2016

I’m determined to not let my guild die out. We’re still an active guild, but we are very few in numbers. Osiride, the founder, left the game for the second time and handed me the lead, and I intend to stick with it until I myself stop playing. I joined the guild 3 years ago, when I was struggling to find my place in the game. I had left Cleazy’s guild because I was lonely and frustrated, and later I was booted from the next guild I joined for sticking up for myself and calling one of the officers an a-hole for trying to boss me around.  I am sure I could have handled it better, I’m sure I could have avoided confrontation by keeping quiet, but I didn’t like said person’s attitude towards me… so I doubt I would have lasted long in the guild even if I had kept quiet.

Anyway, Osi took me in, and I’ve found a home in the guild. We’re friendly and helpful, there’s no drama, no fighting. We talk to each other in guild chat when we’re not busy running stuff and I try to listen to what the guildies want when it comes to the guild. I try to take my role as leader seriously, even though I’m far from as good at it as Osi was.

Anyway, the guildies want more members to run with and would like us to do more guild runs.. so that is my plan right now. To try and recruit more members and to put an effort into doing more together with the guildies. Last night I for the first time in a long time lfm’d for level 10 f2p quests,and was joined but a few 1st life wizards. I was on a wizard too, so it was a wizard party! I had intended to look for recruits, but as these were all 1st lifers I became unsure about their dedication to the game and didn’t ask if they were looking to switch guilds. Oh, well, better luck next time.

Before I go, here’s the picture I took of Thaz dancing on the guild ship the day I joined September 29, 2013. We have since then changed the name from Gli Egypt to Phoenix Clan.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

P.S. If you’re on Orien, an active player and are looking to switch guilds, look me up.

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We lost Miri today

Miri, that is Miriath, left my guild Phoenix Clan today. Miri has been in Phoenix (previously Gli Egypt) for about a year and a half and he was the first person I asked Osi to invite since I joined. My reason? I said I needed someone to TR with. I didn’t really run with Miri much, I play very mixed.. some days I run a TR, some days eTR, other days raids, so I find it hard to TR together with others. It really only works if they are playing multiple toons too, so they can leave one for me. Miri has more than one toon, but he really only plays one, so we ran some epics together and some raids, but very little heroics.

Me and Miri running EE Druid’s chain back in June.

I don’t exactly know why Miri decided to leave, he said something about wanting to try something different, and then removed his toons from the guild. I’m sad to see him go, and a little disappointed that he didn’t give us a chance to try and convince him to stay. I wish him all the best in his adventures and hope he decides to come back at some point

Good luck, Miri.

P.S. As I may have mentioned, my guild is like my family in ddo, so it does make me sad when ppl leave. Osi did come back recently, though.

Guild name?

We are having some problems coming up with a fitting new name for the guild. Urgan suggested we post a server wide competition where the winner gets a prize. I will support him in that if he wants to arrange it, but I don’t have the energy right now to do it myself. I will though post this here on my blog… anyone want to throw out some suggestions?

We’re a small friendly guild of active, a bit goofy players. Most of us are 30+, but Urgan’s son plays sometimes too.. not sure how old he is. We don’t want anything that resembles our current name (Gli Egypt), I want something fun but still something I’d feel proud of to wear on top of my head. Nothing fuzzy.

So.. any suggestions?

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We have the Kraken!

I got home late last night from my trip, and spent the rest of the time before I went to bed sorting my photos and writing a short blog about the trip. Today I logged on to ddo for the first time in 16 days… and was surprised to learn that my guild now has the Daedalean Kraken. 🙂 After the changes to the guild airships and the release of the new ones, Osi and I were talking about getting the Kraken, as it is the biggest ship and it does not have a minimum level, unlike the old ships.

I’ve been selling some stuff on the auction house trying to earn a bit of shards for the guild, and Osi has been farming for named loot to sell. We are a small guild, with only a few active members, and Osi does not like to ask for help from the guildies for things like astral shards.  So, it took us a bit longer than some of the more active larger guilds, but we finally got the Kraken!

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My guild, my home

When it comes to joining a guild, you’d need to know what kind of player you are, and what you’re looking for in a guild. I used to want the raiding guild, that’s what I was longing for, that’s what I wanted. The at the time raiding guilds did not want me, and I joined Osiride’s guild. I remember him saying “don’t be sad girl and join my guild”. Osi’s guild was very small, it had only 6 accounts, of which one was his alt. When I joined he removed the extra account. I quickly found a home in this guild, the guildies are nice and helpful and very loving.

Some time ago I ran into someone I quested with for a bit when I was levelling Maidae on her 2nd life, and noticed that he had changed guilds. I sent him a tell asking about it, and then asked if he’d not be interested in joining my guild instead. He was, but Osi on the other hand was very hesitant to let someone he doesn’t know join the guild. After some convincing, he gave in and invited Miriath into the guild. I would not have suggested we take Miri, if it wasn’t for the fact that I thought his personality would fit well in the guild. At the moment Miri seems to have made himself well at home and is xp’ing with the other guildies.

This week I noticed that another person that used to run with me regularly a while back, had changed guilds. I jumped on it, told him I want him. lol. 🙂 I asked Osi what he thought and he ok’d me to invite Jedli into the guild (when Gli Egypt hit 100, Osi made several of us officer). I am very excited to have Jedli, he might not be fluent in English, but he’s a good (and patient) player and he likes to raid, so yay!

Today I ran some heroic Gianthold quests with Osi and Kottil (guildie), then switched to Thaz and posted another Deathwyrm run. I had told Jedli when he logged that I would do so, so he joined me. 🙂 Running raids with guildies is something I’ve really missed. I do enjoy running with the ppl from the channel too, but it’s not quite the same anyway. Guildies are like family.

Currently we’re 8 active accounts, 0 inactive, 0 recent departures, a lvl 100 guild. We hit the level because of all the saga farming Osi was doing with 2 other guildies. I ran saga only once or twice for renown. I think Osi is awesome and I’m really happy to be a part of this guild.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Ty for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S. Today’s eN Deathwyrm run took 78 min, with several 1st timers in the group, and my 2nd time doing puzzles. I’m somewhat pleased with the run.

Congratulations to the guild known as Gli Egypt! They have attained Guild Level 100!

Finally it happened. Gli Egypt reached the max guild level of 100. You can read the story about the guild on Osi’s forums here. I have not been in the guild that long, I joined September 29, 2013 (see New guild, new home), when the guild was level 91. I have mostly been playing, picking renown as quest rewards, etc, without any real renown farming. Osi on the other hand has been running sagas for renown with a couple of the other guildies. I felt like we levelled very fast. The guild has only 6 active members, and 1 inactive. During the time I have been in the guild we have only recruited one member, and that was because I felt said member would be an excellent fit, and he had just left his previous guild.

I was going to show you the guild panel, but I think I will instead show you a picture of our proud leader. 🙂 He has worked hard to get the guild to where it is today.

Congratulations Osi and the other guildies.

Edit: Here is Osi’s forum post with the pictures I didn’t get.

New guild, new home

So.. I noticed I very often start my blogs with “So”, lol. Anyway. When I got turned down by Matrix, some weeks ago, I was told that U19 might change things (if u’re not getting anything I’m saying right now, check out my blog That same old guild thing). So I figured, I’d ask them one last time if I could join, before completely giving up on that idea. I spoke to the same officer as before, and was told that he had asked the guildies about me 2 days earlier and nothing had changed, they still don’t want me in the guild. Their loss, right? I’m just sad because I really wanted to join, I think I would have been an asset, and I think I could have learned a lot from them.

Well, I guess it’s just not meant to be. The 3 guilds that I know of that run raids on my hours are Matrix, Over Raided and Gimpfest. All 3 a no go for me. I know, I know, I can raid even if not in a raid guild, it’s just so much easier to get a good run when u know most of the ppl in the group, and know that they know what they’re doing.

Anywho, to get to the point. I may have mentioned that Osiride from Gli Egypt has asked me to join his guild on multiple occasions. He’s also a skilled multiple TR guy, and leader of his own, currently lvl 91 guild. Guild is only 6 accounts. Of the guilds I’ve been considering, his guild has for a while been at the top of my list, just because I like Osi and he’s one of the few ppl I talk to almost every day. My friend from Matrix is another, but as you know, Matrix was a bust. So, when I got the news that there has been no change, Matrix doesn’t want me, I sent Osi a tell, that I’d like to join, that he can invite me. 🙂 He was very happy.

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That same old guild thing

My guild Divine Council just reached level 20 this Monday. I created the guild shortly after getting kicked from Gimpfest, as a bank guild for my bank toons. Before Gimpfest, my bank toons were always homeless, now they have a home and even a very ugly ship without anything but a captain that drives it, lol. Right away after I created it, I added my bank toons, my bladeforged and my alt account into the guild, then the guild just stood there at level 1 with no renown. 

This summer I got Primal Avatar tree form on Thazara and started farming epic elites. I got to know several very good players, including one from the guild Matrix, that joined me over and over. I believe it was one time when we were running ADQ together that he casually said “You should join Matrix”. I can’t remember if I replied, or what I said if I did, but I was at the time a happy member of Gimpfest. Then I got kicked out of Gimpfest and decided to try and get into Matrix. I sent their leader and one of the officers a message and I made the effort to raid with them as often as I could. I also ended up sort of arguing with one of the members after he told me I was being too bossy, etc. He might not have understood it, he might even have mocked me for it, but I took it very hard that he was telling me I was doing wrong, and even worse, he couldn’t in any way tell me how to fix it. Turns out his words had no merit, I got all worked up over nothing.

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Cannith night

Yesterday was Cannith and clonk night again. I finally decided to buy the base version of MotU, since I do want to run epic destinies when they’re out. So base back meant 1 learning tome per server and an xp boost pot and spidey companion per toon. I named the spidey “Arraetrikos“. Not very original and I’m sure there are many Arraetrikos’isis running around Stormreach, but he’s the single most fought boss in ddo, so he deserves to have a tiny spider named after him, lol. Or maybe I just wanted the spider to seem more fierce than he actually is? 😀 Other options I considered were Aragog, Baby (from Dirty Dancing), Tiny (Huge creatures have a tendency be called Tiny) and Milou (Original name of Tintin’s dog Snowy).

I ran a pug Swiped Signet elite and that was just crazy. I was trying to help fight with my eternal wands, but people were rushing and I was having troubles keeping everyone healed. First try was a wipe, second try we had a bunch of deaths, but were victorious. With just the level 2 cures, I just couldn’t heal with spells, but was wand healing. I had several wands of repair (benefit of sorc dilly, I can repair), but apparently only one wand of cure serious, so I ran out close to the end. Party did give me a few pots, though, and I healed them up with mana before the last mobs.

Then I went in solo to The sacred helm elite, and was joined half way through by a couple of friends (went a lot easier after that, but we did have at least one death). I realized, though, that especially when soloing, Keronna, even though she has dumpted str, in fire stance + bull’s str I get her str to 14 and with the monk strikes she does more damage meleing than with the eternal wands. Eternal wands do damage of about 10, while I saw her punch a 20, and she hits faster than she can use the wands. Wands are still great for bigger foes and bosses, though. Sound burst + unarmed fighting, even when not built for melee, works pretty good at this level.

We then ran Depts elite (me, 2 guildies = wiz and rogue) and I got Ker to lvl 6. At lvl 6 I got her one of my fav hires: Storm (WF fvs), and we ran Irestone Inlet elite. Inlet has a tendency to make u dead, but I was surprised at how well we did, even though we duo’d the first half with hires, me and the rogue. Storm was as good as I remembered him. 🙂 He’s basically a thf melee that can heal, so he does a good job at protecting the casters. In Inlet I had a big problem with getting hit with feeblemind, though. One hit and I couldn’t melee anymore, 2 hits and my backpack got so heavy that I got helpless (unable to do anything but move around).

🙂 I’m actually pretty pleased with how this toon’s turning out. I am planning to do a feat swap at some point, though, and swap extend for empower. Ker’s still very undergeared, since this is my first toon on this server and I have nothing saved. She’s also pretty poor, so basically she can barely afford one wand of cure serious per a few quests. 🙂 But At lvl 6 she’s at about 107 hp (toughness feat and 2 enhancements) and 350+ sp in water stance, with +25 sp and +2 wis item.

Ty guys for a fun night and see you next time.

TC, Keronna