Farming Memoirs

I recently heard of the +2 reaper helm that gives a +2 bonus to all ability stats. With the +10 loot bonus last weekend I bought some treasure bonus pots and headed into memoirs to do some loot farming (I wanted a circlet with the +2 bonus). I started out running Thazara on R1 and after ransacking her, I switched to Cerge and ran R2. The first 2-3 runs I logged the pikers (alts) off inside the quest, but then I just parked them outside and entered to loot.

After the first two runs I started bringing a hireling to heal me during the boss fights. It was a lot less stressful when I could stand there attacking the boss with the hireling throwing heals at me, rather than me having to constantly keep myself healed. Thazara’s aura was not enough when the boss would hit me for ~200 per hit. Have a look at some of the screenshots.

One of the champion chests ended up in the ground, and I just couldn’t loot it.
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The Anniversary Event 2019

Last Sunday after doing my raids blog, I spent some time farming the anniversary dungeon on Cerge, most of the time with 2 or 3 piker accounts with me. I picked Cerge since I figured he’d be able to kill the optional bosses the quickest. I will do another run later to get a recording, but here are some screenshots from my runs. The screenshots are in room order, but not in run order. I was running at CR34 since I was told that +4 levels over your own would award you the same amount of party favors as +5. Yesterday I learned that Lichabel is bugged (from Cordovan during the live stream) and does not actually add to your party favors and can therefor be skipped.

I always started with Steelstar. He and his dog were rather easy for me.
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Running the TRs

As I have said before, the game keeps changing. I keep changing as a player. I have goals and wants (like past lives) but I don’t enjoy leveling. When I first leveled Thaz I hated zergers, or disliked them strongly. I wanted ppl to not leave me behind. I don’t mind a good pace, as long as the party doesn’t leave me behind. Well, things have changed. I have become the TR zerger. If I lfm, I solo a quest, and let others tag along and help if they want, if it is a quest I know well. Spawn of Whisperdoom I for example didn’t know at all, so I let my party lead, and I just followed. Was a smooth run anyway.

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My weekend after the down time

I was going nuts with the server down time. It had been planned for Wednesday, so I planned to not play then.. and then ended up not playing wed-fri, which is the longest break I’ve had from the game without other plans. I did keep myself busy, though.

When the game finally got back on on Saturday, I invited TorGrimorde to help me farm for the base for the spell storing ring. The plan was that she’d kill the opt for my bank toons, so I’d get more loot chances. The most irritating bit of it, was that the rare didn’t even show up half of the time, so took us a lot more than 8 runs to ransack the chest. The ring did not drop.

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GH Tor revisited

At some point I decided I wanted the blue dragonscale robe for Thazara, and in April I was farming for it (see Dragonscales farming). I must have run it at least 10 times, and only managed to collect a few scales, the rest I traded for or was given (I was running on normal as elite was very hard). A couple of days ago I was told that the drop rate in Tor has changed, that now, if you run elite, every player pulls 2-3 scales per dragon. And that named items drop better as well. This was proven tonight as I made 14 white, 14 blue and 14 black in 5 runs. I also picked up a bunch of named items and 3 dragon blood.

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DDO marathon

Note: marathon, means marathon. This is going to be long. lol

Friday was a night off from DDO for me, due to work xmas party (yes, kind of early, I know). Saturday I did a bit of household chores, then logged on to DDO at 7pm, which is a lot earlier than I usually play on Saturdays. Plan was to play til early Sunday morning. 🙂

Early evening
So, I logged on and checked the lfm. Nothing good on. Alright, so I was missing some mats (four) for the gs scimitar I was going to make for Thaz, and they all drop in Let the sleeping dust lie, so headed over there to do a quick normal. On the way there I saw an lfm for The Chronoscope epic elite, and sent the leader a tell, that if they need a healer I’ll join once they have a bit more ppl, that I’ll run vale for mats until then. I got a reply a while later asking me how long, and I replied that I’ll drop the quest and join.

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Saturday raids marathon

Brace urself, this is going to be long. 🙂

Last Saturday I didn’t play at all, and this week I ran mabar mon-tues, wed I ran an elite shroud on Maidae, thurs Cleazy helped me elite flag Cerge for DD and friday the Cannith group ran Wiz king elite. Last week I think I also only ran one time with Cleazy, so this sat I had decided to run raids with him all night (night for me anyway). Here’s the run down on Thazara’s Saturday night.

ADQ 1-2 eNorm & eHard

I was a bit late to log on, I usually try to get on 3 h before my weekly shroud, but this time I wasn’t on til about 1.5h before. I saw an lfm up for ADQ, but it disappeared before I could hit it. Put up an lfm for ToD instead and Cleazy logged on and joined. We had no joiners in a few min so I suggested we hit the new ADQ lfm that had come up instead. Joined the preraid just as they were finishing up the rooms. 🙂 I sort of like doing that, because then someone else has already done all the work, lol!

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