Maidae eTR 9

Today I eTR’d Maidae for the 9th time and selected Colors of the Queen for the 3rd time. Here are her before and after pictures.

Before                                                                       After

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P.S. I just realised Maidae hasn’t reincarnated in almost 2 years, the previous being a TR in December 2015


Thaz eTR 10 part 2

Here are some screenshots from Thaz’s epic reincarnation.

Thaz went to the reincarnation grove and clicked on the sphere

Then she chose to epic reincarnate
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Thaz eTR 10

Yesteday I eTR’d Thaz for the 10th time, got the 3rd Brace past life, and also sun domain. Here are Thaz’s before and after pictures (even though she looks almost the same).

Before                                                                         After

I will add some more pictures from Thaz’s reincarnation in the next post.

Thaz eTR 9

Today I epic reincarnated Thazara for the 9th time. Past life chosen: Brace. I mostly used the build plan for Thazara 1.5, but I took spot instead of perform, I took UMD at every level except 19 and I chose Follower of the Blood of Vol. I like this deity as it gives you a feat that for about 2.5 min gives you +4 Constitution, 100% Fortification, +10 to Fortitude Saves, and PRR and MRR equal to the number of Religious Lore feats you have, which is very nice.

Here are Thaz’s before and after pictures:

Before                                                                      After

I am going to do a new build plan for Thaz where I focus slightly more on spell crits than on dcs. That one will be posted soon.

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Cerge eTR 11

Yesterday I ran the dailies once eH to cap Cerge, and then right away eTR’d for the 11th time. I’m not getting any closer to epic completionist, though, as I’m doing Primal for Doubleshot (this is the 5th past life in Primal). Anyway, I eTR’d and then right away colored his hair scarlet, lol. Here are the before and after pictures.


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Cerge eTR 8

Today, after finishing up my epic 3bc saga and then flagging for The Mark of Death, I eTR’d Cerge. Here are his before and after pictures.

Before                                                                  After

Since he is a wolfie, you won’t really be seeing much of his blond hair.. but there you have it.

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Thaz eTR 7

As I wasn’t done with the build plan for Cerge’s TR, I decided to eTR Thaz instead. This time I’m doing Martial sphere, and she got the pl called “Fortification”

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Cerge capped

It’s been a a good few weeks since I was able to play several hours on a Sunday. This week/ today I was and I took the opportunity to xp Cerge. He was at a bit over 6 mil (had just taken level 28) when I started and the goal was to cap. I decided to start with eH Wheloon, and I had Godscraft with me to get him some ED xp at the same time. Doobrey joined, and after we finished Wheloon, I let him suggest quests and chains for us to run. We did Two-toed Tobias, Von4, Druid’s chain, Gianthold and then VON3 and Wiz-king on eH, and Cerge was capped. I think it took  about 5h and we weren’t really speed running as I was dualing and we had a few first timers join that needed to be guided to the quests.

The idea was to cap and TR, but since I haven’t finished the build plan for his next life, TR’ing will have to wait a little.

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Cerge eTR 6

Cerge was the first on my characters to get the armour he wanted from the U29 raids. After that I wasn’t too keen on running him in them, I’d only run him if the other two were on timer. Anyway, after a good long while at cap, I finally got around to eTR’ing. The 6th eTR gave Cerge his 3rd Doublestrike feat. Here are his before and after pictures.
Before                                                                  After

🙂 he didn’t change much now did he? lol. He lost his fake tan and now his hair and eyebrows are dark brown instead of orange.

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Reincarnation mapping

Here’s something little I’ve been working on. As some of you know, I enjoy looking at the history of my toons, and remembering what I’ve done. I also keep dates and screenshots in my blog through blog posts. Now I’ve made a spreadsheet of all the reincarnations my characters have done. I have made the spreadsheet publicly viewable, click on the image below to open the sheet in a new tab.

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