Cerge capped

It’s been a a good few weeks since I was able to play several hours on a Sunday. This week/ today I was and I took the opportunity to xp Cerge. He was at a bit over 6 mil (had just taken level 28) when I started and the goal was to cap. I decided to start with eH Wheloon, and I had Godscraft with me to get him some ED xp at the same time. Doobrey joined, and after we finished Wheloon, I let him suggest quests and chains for us to run. We did Two-toed Tobias, Von4, Druid’s chain, Gianthold and then VON3 and Wiz-king on eH, and Cerge was capped. I think it took  about 5h and we weren’t really speed running as I was dualing and we had a few first timers join that needed to be guided to the quests.

The idea was to cap and TR, but since I haven’t finished the build plan for his next life, TR’ing will have to wait a little.

That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by

Maidae eTR 2

I may have said this before, but I’ve been playing 4 epic toons of late (+ my baby druid with sis). 3 of the epic toons I had eTR’d.. and was levelling back to 28. Thaz I capped the other day, Cerge is close to cap and Maidae I decided to finish sagas on. Since eTR I have been running ee sagas on Maidae, up to Wheloon. But Storms Horns I decided to solo on eH instead. This meant that I would not get true elitist reward on 2 of the eStar sagas.

I was weighing it back and forth, wait for ppl to join my lfm for eE Storms Horns… or just solo eH? I chose the second. Tuesday I ran Tracker’s Trap, Lines of Supply, Breaking the Ranks and A Break in the Ice, after which I joined a Deathwyrm run to help a friend out. The quests took 20 min, 20 min, 12 and 16. I could have done Breaking the Ranks faster, but one of the gnolls was hiding and it took me a few min to realize it.

Wednesday I finished the chain with What Goes Up… which took 50 min and earned me 230k xp. I still needed either Don’t Drink the Water or In the Belly of the Beast on ee to finish one saga, and I decided to do Don’t Drink the Water, which capped me. I felt ready to eTR, but realise I had forgotten to do ee Tor, so lfm’d for it as well, while I adjusted my gear for 28. This was the first time I’ve run ee Tor on this build, and I thought she did pretty well.

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Cerge does EE’s

It’s been a while since I ran EE’s, and even longer since I ran them with pug. I did some EE’s when I was capping Cerge last life, but then I ran with my guildie and his friends, so not exactly the same. Last weekend I ran EE ADQ2, EE Choronocope and EE VON5-6 on Cerge at lvl 21-23, and I was supriced at how well he was doing. So this week (yesterday) I decided to see if I could solo EE Impossible Demands (at lvl 23). Not only was he able to solo, but he did it faster than when I ran it on Thaz… most likely because I was less careful. I decided to lfm for the other CiTW flagging quests and I got a full party for most quests. We did chain 1 and 2, and the quests were far from flawless (it was often me that died), but we got through.

Today I wanted to finish flagging for CitW, so I lfm’d for EE Demonweb and again got a full party. Since the group felt strong and things were going well, I suggested we continue with the FoT flagging quests on EE. Cerge was lvl 24 at this point. The difference in difficulty was very noticeable. From having done semi well in the demonweb, suddenly I felt semi useless. The mobs were evading, and evading a lot. Once in a while I’d get a nice crit, and especially if the mobs were rendered unable to move by one of the other players. So, I wasn’t completely useless, but I was buring mana like crazy and I was very dependent on the others.

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Epic Three Barrel Cove – Spoiler warning

For a good while now, I’ve been running “new” content with Osi first, just because I think he’s awesome, and he’s got this calm confidence that spreads to me. 🙂 What I mean is that I feel like we can take on the world together, and we’ll succeed. So, of course I wanted to run the new epics with Osi first. On Friday we ran Ghost of a Chance, Legend of Two-Toed Tobias, Old Grey Garl (Epic) ee (Osi always runs new content ee), and attempted Prove Your Worth. The thing is, in the last one, where the old version had ladders you had to climb, now there is 3 elevators with two platforms between. The platforms are trapped, with 3 blade traps popping up, one random safe spot. The problem is that if you hit the trap, you’ll most likely die before the trap even becomes visible, so sacrificing yourself to show the traps to other party members doesn’t work. Also, if you die there you’re stuck, there is an invisible wall preventing you from jumping down to the shrine, or hopping on the elevator to be raised. You are also blocked from being raised, the only way to get you out of there, is for a party member to grab your stone. Me and Osi also noticed that if you stay on the platform too long, it can cause your client to crash, and to get back in the game you need to open your command prompt (cmd.exe) and empty your dns cache by typing /ipconfig dnsflush.

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Cerge (bardcher) update

Cerge has been doing really well. Saturday last week me and Osi did our raid marathon as per usual, and I was running Cerge for xp. We did eN CitW, eH/ eH VON, eH/ eE ADQ, elite ToD and ee Chrono… after which I hopped on Item’s Abbot runs and stayed on for two runs. On Sunday I flagged him for FoT and Cleazy joined me for that run. I felt Cerge was taking more damage than I’m used to, but he managed ok anyway. After Cleazy logged off I took level 25 and decided to see if I could manage to flag for Thunderholme raids by myself. Thunderholme wilderness is level 29, I’m a lvl 25 bardcher. Cerge did really well, I invised past most of the trash, and ran into another rare before the first flagging rare.. and killed him with a few manyshots. I found the emissary and started running around shooting at her with my bow, using manyshot. Getting crowded by trash I ran back towards the shrine to kill them off, only to realise she follows you. So some more kiting. On on my 3rd manyshot she went down and I could get my loot. It took me a while to find the other rare, but his attacks didn’t bother me much. I was able to just stand in place with blur + displacement and hit a cocoon once in a while.. and he went down.

I was pretty proud on myself for not only daring to take a lvl 25 bard into a lvl 29 wilderness, but for managing to kill the rare that I’ve been told is tough. 🙂 Cerge can do. This week I joined Luri for some ee questing and ended up back in Thunderholme wilderness. While the others were flagging, I ran into another rare that I decided to take out.

I need to figure out how to gear Cerge to get the most out of him, and his numbers are still pretty low. But he’s doing ok. I’m going to finish capping all his ED’s, level him to 28, cap his Karma again and keep him as my raider for a bit. I have not yet decided if I am going to start eTR’ing Thaz first, or TR Cerge.

That’s all from me for now. Ty for stopping by and have a great rest of the day. Cheers.

Epic crafting and 80th ADQ

As I was running Cerge to Sschindylryn a friend of mine put up an eVON raid, and I decided to join. I was telling them how I’m missing the seal for epic sword of shadows… and what happened, the seal dropped in the end chest of VON 5. The person who got it put it for roll, and I was the only one to roll, so I got my seal. After the raid was done, I asked Cleazy about how to do epic crafting, then headed over to the twelve to do my very first epic crafting (this was on Maidae). I’ve been meaning to TR Maidae into a fighter, and I believe I will do an eSOS life next, lol.

Later in the day I also did my 80th ADQ run on Thaz, and here is her reward list:

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Running the druids

As you know, I split my game time between 5 toons. One night I run with the static group on Cannith, one night with my sister, weekends I mostly focus on raids and epics, and the rest I spend levelling my TRs. Last week I didn’t run with sis, this friday we instead ran a bit more. Osi wants us guildies (we’re currently only 5 active accounts, 4 with an epic toon) to run saga for renown to push the guild to 100, so I suggested me and sis join them in Web of Chaos chain and gianthold. Of course, the runs were mostly Osi zerging and the rest of us tagging along at our own speed. I tried to make sure sis didn’t get left behind to fight mobs on her own (sis druid is lvl 21, mine is 22), but still keeping a good pace.

After Web of Chaos, I saw an lfm up for elite shroud, and asked sis if she wants to continue questing with Osi & co, or run shroud. She told me to decide, and I decided shroud, and that we could join Osi & co after. The group was far from uber. Most of the toons were 22, sis 21, some 24, 25 and one 28. People didn’t have breakers, and things took a bit longer than I prefer in p4 and 5, but we made it through and got our loot. I died in p4 round two or three from getting sliced up by blades after some fireballs to the face. My sis is premium and does not have ED’s, while I do, so cocoon saved me a lot of sp. I would tell my wolf to melee, while I used offensive spells and mass regenerate. Oh, and before we started, while we were waiting for everyone to get in, I suddenly thought of recording the run. I have cut out a bunch of waiting, but kept all of the fighting. Enjoy.

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Thazara & Osiride in ee Tor

I wanted to make another Thaz solo’s ee’s video, but I was tired after my first day back at work after my vacation. I tried Lines of Supply a few times, only to decide that it was too much work and then gave ee Tor a try. After dying once, I gave up and asked Osi to come help me. We ran main part + black and white dragon as a duo in ~80 minutes, after which I lfm’d for help for the blue dragon.

After watching my footage, I felt that the dragon fights were rather boring, so I left them out of the video. I was tired and unfocused and was playing poorly, as you may notice (if not, then u may notice me complaining about it, lol). I haven’t run ee Tor since U19 was out, and never as a caster so I 1. didn’t know that black giant has a shield against lvl 4 and lower spells, so I can’t do the shiradi thing (spam low level spells), and 2. white giant can’t insta kill you if you’re wearing death block (I was kiting more than spamming spells, because last time I ran this he killed me).

Osi is a completionist with 3x cleric, 3x wizard, 3x sorc and 3x fvs past lives (if I read his forums right). He has solo’d ee Tor before, but since it does take a bit longer than running it on hard, he doesn’t do ee runs that often anymore. Thazara is still a first life, with no past lives of any kind. Osi is a dc caster, Thaz is shiradi.

Enjoy the video.

P.S. Osi has a fascination for Egyptian gods. “Osiride” is the Italian version of “Osiris”, the god of the afterlife and underworld.

Sunday; a lot of questing

As I was writing my weekend post, starting with Saturday raid night, I noticed it was getting pretty long, and decided to split it into two. Another post for Sunday. I went to bed at 4 am, and was wide awake at 10 am. Probably because of the 4 cups of coffee I had on Saturday evening/ night. So, I moseyed myself up after a while, made more coffee and logged on Cerge. The plan was to run VON quests for xp. I posted for VON 1 (Tharashk Arena) 2xeH, 1xeN, and had just started running the first run when Cleazy posted for VON raid. His guildie joined my group only to tell me to come join Cleazy’s raid, lol. I told him Cerge was on timer and I wanted to xp. Before the quest was over I had a full party that stayed on for the 2nd run. I decided to skip the normal run since the quest wasn’t giving me much xp, and switched to VON 2 (the Prisoner). I had a full party for the first run, lost some, lfm’d got new ppl, etc. After the 2 eH runs, I wanted to do a norm run, and left were only me and a lvl 20 cleric. I started solo, and before the end of the quest had a full group again.

After a normal run of VON 2 I switched to VON 3 (Jungle of Kyber). VON 3 was giving me awesome xp, so I ended up doing it 2xeH, then 3xeN, and was getting over 40k xp with -80% xp penalty. Some ppl switched to alts, some left and were replaced, but I never had any problems getting joiners. And after all of that I still decided to do VON 4 (Haywire foundry). The cleric stayed with me until the first run of VON 4 and then had to go. I started the last run of VON 4 as 2 man, and was having a lot of problems soloing one side on my crappy caster, worked a lot better when I got a monk to come help. And again, before the run was over I had a full party. In total I did VON1 x 2 (eH, eH), VON2 x3 (eH, eH, eN), VON3 x5 (eH, eH, eN, eN, eN) and VON4 x2 (eH, eH). Cerge got shiradi to a bit into lvl 4, and he got lvl 27, which I took. He’s only missing ~1.1 mil for lvl 28. If I get the CoV and Karma before I start itching for TR, I’ll do ER + TR.

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U20 is here (warning spoilers)

It’s been a busy and stressful week for me, on Monday I did a little bit of xp farm on Maidae and ran 2 raids with Matrix, and on Tuesday U20 was out. After getting home from work I updated and logged on Maidae to check her, before I had to leave for swim practice. Getting home again, I logged on Thaz, and barely got into the game before I got a party invite from Osi, and him telling me he was gonna do the new quests ee. I dropped what ever minor plans I had, to tag along. We started with Brothers of the Forge. A new lvl 28 quest in House Cannith, which makes it the highest level quest currently in game.

Aramania and Vilapy was also invited to run, and we 4 manned the quest. Everyone else in the group was multiple TR’s (Osi and Vilapy completionists), and me, on my 1st life shiradi cleric. Safe to say, in a lvl 30 quest, I was doing the least amount of damage of the party, but I’m pleased to say, 1. I didn’t die, 2. I managed to get 7 kills, and 3. I managed to get the killing blow on a red named scorpion. \o/

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