Cerge eTR 12

Today I eTr’d Cerge to get his 3rd stack of doubleshot. Here are his before and after pictures:

Before                                                                          After

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Maidae eTR 9

Today I eTR’d Maidae for the 9th time and selected Colors of the Queen for the 3rd time. Here are her before and after pictures.

Before                                                                       After

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P.S. I just realised Maidae hasn’t reincarnated in almost 2 years, the previous being a TR in December 2015

Thaz eTR 8

After yesterday’s LE Shroud, I started thinking about how to get more PRR on Thaz… and I realised that each divine epic past life gives a passive +3 PRR. So.. I decided to eTR to get more PRR. Here’s the before and after of Thaz’s 8th eTR.

Before                                                                  After

Usually I don’t like to have a different background, but I had already logged off and didn’t want to log back in… so there they are.

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Cerge eTR9

This time I decided I was going to do this a bit differently. Of course I want to add the before and after pictures, but then I also wanted to show you how I eTR. Have a look at the pictures.

Before                                                                  After

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Thaz eTR 7

As I wasn’t done with the build plan for Cerge’s TR, I decided to eTR Thaz instead. This time I’m doing Martial sphere, and she got the pl called “Fortification”

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Cerge capped

It’s been a a good few weeks since I was able to play several hours on a Sunday. This week/ today I was and I took the opportunity to xp Cerge. He was at a bit over 6 mil (had just taken level 28) when I started and the goal was to cap. I decided to start with eH Wheloon, and I had Godscraft with me to get him some ED xp at the same time. Doobrey joined, and after we finished Wheloon, I let him suggest quests and chains for us to run. We did Two-toed Tobias, Von4, Druid’s chain, Gianthold and then VON3 and Wiz-king on eH, and Cerge was capped. I think it took  about 5h and we weren’t really speed running as I was dualing and we had a few first timers join that needed to be guided to the quests.

The idea was to cap and TR, but since I haven’t finished the build plan for his next life, TR’ing will have to wait a little.

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Cerge eTR 7

I did one quick von 3 run and capped Cerge tonight, after which I eTRd. As per usual, I’m posting this to record dates etc of reincarnations. This time I eTr’d the divine sphere. Here are Cerge’s before and after pictures:
Before                                                                 After

Cerge actually has long red hair this time around, but due to the bunny hat that he wears, you can’t really see it. Anyway, that’s all for this time. Tc.

The missing blog; Cerge eTR 4

I started mapping my toons reincarnations and I could not find a blog about Cerge’s 4th eTR. I was looking through my blogs, and I knew he had 5 epic past lives: 1 x colors of the queen, 2 x power over life and death and 2 x double strike. I knew he took colors of the queen when he TR’d into barcher, first power over life and death when he TR’d into fvs and the other during fvs life. I knew his 5th eTR was during his cleric life.. and I thought his 4th was too, but I could just not find any documentation.

But then I remembered… I usually take a few screenshots during eTR, if not the before and after, I take pics of the xp received from picking up sagas. I found his before and after picture in the pic library. He eTRd January 31, 2015. Here are his before and after pics.

🙂 that’s all folks. I just wanted to add Cerge’s 4th eTR to the blog

Thaz eTR 4

After months of being at cap, I had another toon I felt could to the EEraids, so it was time to eTR Thaz. The goal is to do all epic past lives on her… and I have not been progressing the project at all. I did 3x Power over Life and Death and then I was just enjoying staying at cap. But to eventually get where I want to go, I need to start doing the reincarnations.

I considered giving Thaz green hair because it looked cool, but last time I tried to make her different I hated it, so decided to go with the classic Thaz look. Same hair style, blond hair, blue eyes, a mild lip gloss and some light jewellery. Normally I go with the nose ring, but this time I picked earrings. Thaz has to look like Thaz. I forgot to do before and after pics, but since I really didn’t change her much, I didn’t think it was needed.

Thaz at the creation screen

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P.S. I picked Colors of the Queen this time

P.P.S I eTRd Tuesday July 7.