So long, and thanks for all the fish…

is what I wrote as the guild message in Destiny before I logged off and sent in the transfer ticket yesterday. The auto response said that it could take up to 10 days for my errand to be handled. Still, a friend of mine transferred one of his toons a year ago or so, and it was supposed to take 3 days, but took 1. I was hoping that it would take only one for me too, and I could not wait to get home from work and check if she had been transferred.

Yay! She had. Her name read Keronna-1, but when I logged in I found myself guildless (with the text ‘you guild has been disbanded’ in guild chat), and her name was Keronna, without the 1.

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And then there were two

I made a toon on Cannith back in May 2012 (see Starting over on a new server),  to join Shin’s guild that he had made for myddo writers (mostly). I quickly joined up with Nessana and Domfig (Noob…something was his toon), and we were later joined by Keava and Rilosa. Domfig left us because of irl stuff.. and Keava jumped ship after some disagreements about how to run quests. So left were me, Nessana and Rilosa. We were one time joined by Godscraft and Komrax, but they only ran with the group once and never came back (the toons are still in the guild). Catonrocks joined us after we were a bit into our TR and he stayed with us up until this week, when he announced that he’s not coming back. Nessana left us some weeks ago, because he had gotten tired of ddo and was quitting it all together.

We hit 20 not too long ago, we’ve flagged for CitW and last and this week we ran epic 3bc… even though they were a bit tough for us. My toon hit 23 last week, the others are/ were still 22.  I have been thinking of bringing my toon to Orien, but at the same time it’s fun to see how the other servers are doing.. it feels different. I’m not sure if I’m ready to quit on Cannith yet.

Some pics from this week:

The trio in Prove your worth

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Keronna my pm henshin, finally hit 20

We TR’d September 3rd and tonight my wizard monk finally hit 20 on her 2nd life. The reason it’s taken this long, is because I’ve run her at the most one night a week, and only for a couple of hours at a time. I must admit I have been getting more excited with the levels, as she’s been dying less and doing more damage. 🙂 I redid her enhancements tonight, I can’t say if this is the ideal way to do it, but I’m gonna see how I feel with these and adjust if needed. Keronna is not wearing any epic gear yet.

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Not one shadowsight, but two

Tonight we (the static group) were running Mirror Darkly heroic elite on Cannith. I was leading us through the way I usually run it to get it done without too much extra fighting. Anyway, we decided to do the beholder optional and lo and behold, the shadowsight dropped for Cat and he passed it to me, since I guess I was the 1st to ask for it. As I was already wearing wisdom goggles, I equipped them asap.

And then, as we’re looting the end chest, the goggles drop again, and this time for me. I pass them to Ness without thinking about it, and later I find out that Rilosa would have wanted them too. Meh, sorry.

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Static Cannith night

Cat (our sorc) has been very busy lately, so last night me (Keronna), Rilosa and Nessana decided to run some stuff anyway. Last week the whole group was present and we were running Wheloon (we did all except Mirror Darkly), tonight we decided to run some Inspired Quarter. The group is currently lvl 18 2nd lives.. still with pretty poor gear (Cat is 1st life). Anywho, we started with Finding the path, which is a level 18 quest, so 20 on elite… and we got through that one no problem at all. On to the next one… and meh. We decided to give up in the 2nd room as there was just too many mobs and we didn’t have the dps to take them out fast enough.

I again can’t say exactly what the others are playing, Rilosa is a healer paladin?  while Ness just LR’d into a melee ranger.. that’s about what I know, lol. Things are easier when the sorc is present, I think we’ve been getting spoiled. Anyway, I decided to record some of our questing tonight and since only Finding the Path gave me good footage, here it is. 🙂 I cut out some in the start, and the clip starts just after I’ve spoken to the dude for the second time.

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When did this happen?

I remember not seeing Osi the other day, and someone else was also looking strange, but I thought it was some kind of undead form. Today I cast invisibility on my vampire and this is the result:

Is this a bug or intentional? Someone claimed it has been changed for pvp? But but, our weapons, ioun stones and my vampire eyes are still showing…

That’s all for now. tc.

Questing Cannith

Finally, my palemaster henshin mystic got her 7th level of wizard (or I took) and with it she got death aura and negative energy burst. She now heals a lot better than she used to. When I created this build, eldritch knight did not exist, so today I decided to redo Keronna’s enhancements so I could put points in that tree as well. Her ap’s so far I spread across Palemaster, Henshin Mysic, Eldritch Knight and Thief-Acrobat. Palemaster for heals, henshin and acrobat for quarterstaff damage and melee speed, and eldritch for more dps. So far I like it. The only big negative is the light damage she takes from casters.

I did a short video of Keronna practicing on the dummy:

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Cannith, Cannith, Cannith

As you all probably know, I don’t level fast. On Cannith we level even slower, since we only run together for a few h/ week. I TR’d September 3rd, and this Monday we took lvl 9. I can’t say about the others builds or their plans, but I am still pretty excited about my zombie. Yes, she’s a zombie. With level 9, she got her 3rd level of monk, and I noticed an increase in dps. She’s currently 2 rogue/ 3 monk/ 4 wizard. The next 2 levels will be wizard, before the next lvl of monk, and she will be getting vampire form at lvl 11.

I also noticed an increase in speed with the monk lvl, and she hits really fast now if I hop out of zombie form (and much faster than a normal zombie). 🙂 Oh, and if you didn’t know, she’s a quarterstaff melee (and I get nice over 100 p sneak attacks too). I’ve taken the quarterstaff enhancements in both monk and rogue enhancement tree, she’s a henshin mystic and a thief acrobat. 🙂 And a zombie! 😀 But even with 180% fortification, she still takes damage like crazy if the mobs are swinging at her, so I’ve had to jump around a bit.

Speaking of, like Ness said about my speed, “by the time you get vampire, you’ll be a normal zombie”. 😀 lol!

Some pics from our runs on Monday:

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Cannith again, zombie update

Last time I posted, I may have said that I was using zombie form mostly cause it looked silly. This time on our static Cannith night, I stayed in form almost constantly (well, cause it looked silly too), because the benefits definitely beats the negatives. Zombie form gives +2 str, +2 con, +100% fortification and you’re considered undead, so u’re immune to certain spells, and you don’t need underwater action. The cons are -20% attack speed (which is counter acted by my speed bracers and monk speed), -2 int, -4 cha and you take double damage from light spells. The light spells thing got me once, I dropped in like one hit, while other than that having 100% fortification and immunities to some spells made questing very easy. She doesn’t hit quite as hard as I’d like, but with a better weapon she’ll hit harder.  At lvl 7 she has 29 str with gear, evasion and saves around 14. She was evading stuff. 🙂

Our trio ran Tangleroot lvl 4’s, finished the Sharn Syndicate, Proof is in the poison, Depts and  Rest for the restless (unless I’m forgetting something) before taking lvl 7. Here’s some pics from the runs. OnMouseOver for pic info.

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Cannith night – zombies!

Due to one party member’s change of schedule, we moved Cannith night from Friday to Monday. As you who’ve been reading my blog know, me (Keronna), Nessana and Rilosa just TR’d and our static group got two new members. The new members haven’t been that active, and Rilosa was away, so we haven’t been making so much progress. Today me, Ness and Rilosa got together and ran The Seal of Shan-To-Kor, Irestone Inlet, Freshen the air and the first four The Sharn Syndicate chain, before I wanted to log onto Orien to see if Matrix was raiding. I never really run STK, so I felt a bit lost in there. We decided to take lvl 6 after the first chain, and I took my 3rd level of wizard and got zombie form. For the rest of the quests I was using form and lesser death aura. Mostly cause I’ve never played a palemaster before and it just felt funny. At the current level I would say it’s about the same if I use form or not. I do a little bit more damage and take less damage in form, while out of form I hit faster. But in form I’ll have to depend on death aura for heals (although, if I get some harm pots I’ll be grand). It was a lot of fun trying out form for the first time, though. And a zombie monk is pretty awesome. Here are some pictures from the runs.

Rilosa and Keronna (zombie) meleing while Ness is using ranged weapon.

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