Market bug

Yesterday during raids I decided to switch char, so gave the leader star to Haleyh and switched. When I returned I tried to ask for the star back while I was on my guild ship, but I was unable to send Halyeh tells, and he was unable to send me tells or pass me star. The star was passed to Klorox who was able to pass me the star. Trying to get to market from my guild ship, twice I got stuck in loading, and after restarting my client for the second time, I decided to go to the harbor and enter market that way, which seemed to work.

Later when IronMaw was trying to join the party he was unable to join by clicking the lfm. Hamster tried as well and couldn’t either. We were unable to send Iron tells and I could not invite him. I moved to harbor and tried again and this time I was able to invite him. Then when entering the raid, the only one who managed to get into the raid was Iron.. who apparently entered from Market instance 1. Everyone else who were in market 2 got stuck in loading. After me an a few others had restarted the client a few times, we figured out that we needed to be in market 1 to be able to enter the raid.

So, my guess is that there was something wrong with marketplace instance 2?

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Glitched hezrou?

Last week as I was running Bastion of Power I ran into this guy.

He looked like a normal hezrou, except he had no hp bar over his head, and I couldn’t damage him. He kept trying to hit me, though, of which I was dodging most of it.

Efter trying to fight him without success, I decided to… well, run away.

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Graphics glitch in Fall of Truth

This is bug that happens once in a while. I don’t exactly know what triggers it. I thought it happened if someone was dead when the raid finished, or maybe if someone had the boom virus when the raid finished. It looks like the boom virus/ cloud, but it does no damage. Check out my video below.

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Bugged out in Prove your Worth

While running Prove your Worth EE today, I managed to run into a glitch that completely hindered my game play. I died running through the hallway with spinning blades… and while searching my way forward, as I reached the shrine, the 10 second timer was up, and I should have teleported back to my soul stone. Except instead of getting back to my soul stone, I got an error saying that teleport had failed, and my screen (except for hotbars and chats) was pitch black. I could not even move my mouse while in camera lock mode.

My party claimed they could not see my on the screen, while a moment later they said they could (the blue dot that is, my ghost was gone). I decided to relog, but the game refused to log me out, the log bar never showed up. Instead I started my Task manager and killed the client, to restart it. The problem was, that re-entering the game, I still seemed to be inside the quest, except now the quest name and objectives were gone as well. Tying /loc in chat told me that I was at instance 0. Basically I’m guessing that my character ended up in some weird inbetween place, that was outside the game instances.

I put in a ticket for in game help, but was unsure when support would be available (this was at 9.20 am EST, while at 3.20 pm in Sweden). Talking to players in the titan channel, I learned that one way to solve this problem would be to log another character, to kill this character’s instance, and then log back on this character. I decided to wait til 10 am EST before trying the log different character thing, and after about 30 minutes of waiting, my client died. My guess is that a in game support had seen my ticket and booted me from the faulty instance. Trying to log in, the first time the client just turned off during logon, while the second time I managed to get in, and found my character’s ghost inside the quest.

Sadly I forgot to take a screenshot of my game during the bug, but it wasn’t much to see, just all black.

Weird bug indeed.

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Oh, what a big crown

When U26 was released, some of us noticed some funny effects in Gianthold. The symbols above mobs’ heads would scale with size. This is what I saw in Gianthold Tor today.

This bug was discussed in this thread on the ddo forums.

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Hireling bug

I have experienced this before, just not mid questing without logging off in between. Yesterday when me, Schoan and Valdaynie were running Harbinger of Madness chain, the hireling suddenly bugged. When we exited Sinister Storage, instead of the hirelings leaving the party on exit as they’re supposed to, they stayed in party. The hirelings were not actually there, we could not see them, control them or kick them, but they took up their assigned party slots, and as we entered Fear Factory we could not re-summon them as the game told us they were already there. Check out the recording below.

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